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Everything posted by ElvenBlossom

  1. Hey everyone, I made a video where I talk where I talk about the offer Zenimax made to console gamers after the first delay of Elder Scrolls Online, and due to the lack of information or warnings provided, depending on which server you chose to play on, you could be screwed over with your transfer to console! Would you please take the time to watch my video, share it, and give me your feedback. Please and thankyou. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzEqWS868Yk
  2. Well the thing is support doesn't seem to know anything, I've just received an email asking where I get my information because they didn't know that info had been released. But from the updated knowledge base, and the person who said they are going to fix the issue the servers are going to be region locked. Now this is getting confusing because you have support saying you'll have the choice, and the team saying you don't which is why the transfer thing was an issue, an issue they are now trying to find a work around for.
  3. Hello everyone, I made a video "Screwed over by Zenimax" now I've been posting the video and the info everywhere I could think of including their official forums and I now have a response. They are going to fix it!
  4. Personally it's a yes for me, I found the Multiplayer to be more like Bad Company, I also liked what I played of the story via EA access. So I got it for my birthday
  5. I cancelled my sub yesterday when I found out what they are doing with console, and the lack of information make their "offer" for some console gamers after the first delay useless. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzEqWS868Yk
  6. I do apologise I couldn't find the screenshot to add it to the video but I do have it here now, could someone please tell me how I add an image from my files to a post? EDIT: I think I figured it out, hopefully you should be able to see it, taken from their own site.
  7. ComradeMacGyver, that's why I chose the NA server. There was barely anyone on there that I could actually understand. Then again, I don't think any of them could understand each other either. I just think it's stupid what they are doing.
  8. Yes it means if you are in North America, then you will be locked to the NA Console Server, If you are in the EU then you are locked to the EU console Server. :/ It just splits everyone up, it's not the way to do a game. I mean it's meant to be this "Skyrim with friends" but if you can't play with your friends, what is the point of bringing it to the console? You might aswell just port over Skyrim >.< That and the fact there was no warning that if I played on the NA server whilst I live in the UK I wouldn't be able to transfer my character, has made my blood boil. The amount of money and time people put into these games for it all to be for nothing is a joke.
  9. Hello everyone, I've just downloaded Daylight. I started it up but it's started in Oculus Rift mode or something? I've tried the steam forums but people just said there might be an option to disable it but I can't find one anywhere, has anyone else had this issue or knows how to fix it as I can't play it with the screen split into two haha.
  10. Yeah I agree, but thankyou again for your help. I would have just been sitting here getting more and more frustrated with it XD
  11. OMG it worked!!! I wish I could hug you right now! haha! XD thankyou!!!!!
  12. Ok just tried what you said and it's created a new one but once again the RealID setting is still set at 0 and the game is still stuck in RealID mode lol this is driving me mad XD
  13. Already gone into the GameUserSettings file and it's actually already set to 0 even though it's in RealID mode
  14. Hey everyone! I thought it'd be interesting to do a post to ask you all what your Worst games are. So what are your bad games, What are the games you regret buying and or playing? Two of mine would have to be The Walking Dead Survival Instincts and Ride to Hell Retribution.
  15. Would love to join @aconsolecouple ~Sent, Bast50~
  16. Hey guys a little random and it's probably going to make me sound very stupid but how do I put something I my signature. I mean I know where to go and everything but I want to put the picture you get after you run a speedtest like I've seen on others posts, so if it's no trouble could someone please take the time to explain it to me? haha Please and thankyou!
  17. So when opening the launcher and selecting the NA server I keep getting an Error 209 I've tried everything on the ESO website and nothing helps, it just tried to update the game, then repair it then download the whole game again. It then lets me get to the log in screen and I get Error 301 which then starts the whole process off again. Downloading the update went fine for the EU server but I still get the Error 301 message, I have to launch the .exe file in admin repeatedly for it to let me on. The NA server is the one I want to play on and has the character I want on it but I just can't get on it, support from the ESO site hasn't been that helpful cause I just get emails telling me to do the same things I have already done, and when I say I've already done this I just get another support message from a different person with the same message. Is anyone else having these problems? I only got my PC a few days ago so I'm noob to the whole PC gaming thing and just thought I'd ask here seeing as a fair few people here play it.
  18. It's fine, thankyou for trying though, I really appreciate it. Just a bit annoyed, I got my PC on friday and I've managed to onl;y play a few hours of eso cause the rest has been downloading, updating, downloading again so i can change servers, play then this. lol So I haven't had much play time within the free tirial haha
  19. I've tried that many things I have lost count lol There was a huge list eso support told me to do.. then what i found in the eso forums.. then random things from others.. and nothing has helped
  20. Ok now the 209 is back the other way isnt working now.. >.> looks like I may have to wait for the eso team to fix whatever they broke
  21. well the firewall isn't causing anything, and Ive only been getting it since yesterday when the servers came back up
  22. The router has only just been installed ( internet just got upgraded ) and the problem was on the old router aswell. I can still give it a try but I don't think it's going to work :/
  23. Ok well that seemed to stop the repairing / redownloaed thing and the 209 but when I get to the log in screen I'm still getting the 301
  24. you too *hugs*
  25. omg thankyou so much lol it's been driving me mad trying to figure out how to do it lol