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Everything posted by Recoveryanonymous

  1. Yeah, silent protagonists don't translate as well onto film with other characters who speak.
  2. http://techraptor.net/content/netflix-making-live-action-zelda-series So I've seen this story popping up in a few different places. I guess the Wall Street Journal is claiming that Netflix is looking for writers for the show. They have an anonymous source and Nintendo and Netflix haven't confirmed anything so it's in the air if this is true or not. Would you like to see a live action Zelda series? I think it could be good, but it could also be really dumb.
  3. Tone would definitely a difficult thing to capture. Go too campy with bad child actors and it won't turn out well. Go too serious, then it's just another "gritty" dark fantasy movie and Lord knows we have too many of those these days.
  4. It's deplorable. Abusing the Youtube system to false flag is disgusting and those who engage in it should be ashamed of themselves.
  5. They didn't like being called pro-GG so they resorted to false flagging.
  6. They're a group that did some developer interviews a while back and said they weren't pro-GG but were "anti anti-GG" I guess they didn't like being portrayed as pro-GG so they're being copyright trolls. I'm in GamerGate because I oppose that sort of behavior.
  7. Projekt RED is a developer others should take note of to do well. As for modding, it's possible since Witcher 2 had the RED kit for people to play around with and such. I'm glad they're not only being so liberal with free dlc, but they also release games DRM-free.
  8. I heard this game is going to be free to play.
  9. I'm glad CD Projekt Red is around. I look forward to eventually getting this game on GOG. Glad to see they're taking their time with it.
  10. I'm actually hoping they take a long time to fix it. They said they were going to include ODST in an update because MCC is so botched. Maybe if it takes a long time to fix, Microsoft will throw in Firefight too. I miss that mode and I don't care for Halo 5 in the slightest.
  11. I'd wait for reviews. Who knows if it'll be a good port? I'm not going to take that risk.
  12. Gopher does really in-depth tutorials and serious let's plays with Skyrim. The first thing you should install is SKSE; it's a script extender that a lot of really taxing mods require to function.
  13. Oh snap!
  14. It's a bur........................
  15. Forward Unto Dawn was actually pretty good; I've heard this new show isn't very good. I guess I'll see when I get around to watching it.
  16. Agreed
  17. yep. Phil the TF2 officer I believe. And that was used as ammo for why the thread was bad; it made people angry. And those people trolled even if they were officers.
  18. We were. The thread had around 40 pages. But it was locked and discussion forbidden because an officer trolled us and because the mods didn't like how many reports they received from it. A headache for them I guess.
  19. It was locked some time ago.
  20. Well so far it looks cool. I like the idea of the horse being smart enough to not run into trees; I'm surprised I haven't thought about that before.
  21. I think a line that's telling is "What is too much for a videogame?" To that I say, What is too much for a book? Or a film? Or any other medium? I gather the impression that they really don't understand that games as an art form can and have tackled mature themes. They appear to assume a lot about the medium and it makes them seem very ignorant of it in my opinion.
  22. I don't think stores should ban video games. I believe that's censorship. Or at the very least, so similar to it to be indistinguishable.
  23. Ze?
  24. If you're talking about on the website here, anyone can add anyone. If you'd like, you can change your profile settings so that instead of being instantly added when people request it, you receive a friend request to accept or decline. As for the Xbox Live/PSN/ if his contact info isn't listed, then it's probably a no-go.