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Everything posted by Recoveryanonymous

  1. I expect backlash for this decision from the general public. It's probably just Target caving to the demands of the 40 or so thousand who signed the petition then.
  2. I was just reminiscing on this show earlier today and was watching the movie. For those who watched the show to its conclusion can attest to how odd it seeing this and comparing it to the later episodes. It makes me a little nostalgic. Arbiter actually developed into a well written character during the final two seasons. He was a lost soul looking for meaning in his life; it's a little odd to say that in context of the movie which is really silly, and even more so considering they're just action figures. But can I say? The two became sort of endearing to me over the years and throughout the story. Anyways I was just wanting to start a topic on this since I don't see any around and if there are any people on the forum who are fans of the show.
  3. I think a more aware and discerning consumer makes for a better industry in the long run. It ensures that the quality is high. For those who don't care for the critique? Well the critique isn't for you, it's for the product and company making the product. Don't take it personally.
  4. I don't read those too much anymore.
  5. I recommend the Witcher Novels. They haven't all been translated into English, but the ones that have are excellent.
  6. If one hated DA2, is Inquisition worth picking up?
  7. You can even use the Wii remote and Gamecube controller (provided you buy the adapter).
  8. I might get it eventually if it wasn't for Origin.
  9. Well I have both systems and I play the Wii U far more often. It's strange, I thought I'd be playing Master Chief Collection non-stop for two weeks. It lasted maybe 4 days and without matchmaking I went back to my PC and Wii U.
  10. Well I have Unity and Black Flag on my Xbone because they were bundled with it. I still haven't gotten around to playing them. I probably won't even bother with Unity. I'm not really boycotting Ubisoft in that I have those two new games; I am boycotting them in the sense that I'm not going to buy any of their future games. I won't reinstall U-play and if I do play one of their games it'll be a friend's copy.
  11. Remove "political agenda" from that sentence and you'll see the mindset. Disagreement equals harassment now.
  12. I guess I'm on that block list too.
  13. Apparently just following Milo or Mike Cernovich on twitter is enough to be labelled a harasser.
  14. http://techraptor.net/content/igda-names-10000-people-worst-offenders-online-harassment
  15. This thread's probably going to be locked since the AJSA decided GamerGate is political and not gaming related.
  16. I did as well.
  17. I think they're the publishers too. At least on PC, the console ports have WB as a publisher.
  18. In regards to the list though, yeah. They're all thoroughly bad. I can't really pick which is the worst amongst them all. EA has won worst company in America two years running though.
  19. I think CD Projekt RED is pretty good actually with their no DRM policy and how they run their storefront. I've yet to be burned by them, I should say.
  20. I can't wait for this game.
  21. I'd say get the console where your friends are and the one that has the exclusives you enjoy. Personally I think the Wii U is the best value right now, but that's also down to my personal preferences because I'm more drawn to Nintendo's franchises.
  22. Playing Origins reminded me so much of KOTOR. It was such a great game. A lengthy story with tons of dlc that didn't feel like they were just ripped out and sold afterwards. Then DA2 came around... Hopefully the new one can get back to the series' roots. I'll probably play it on the console though because I'm not installing Origin.
  23. Matchmaking is king.
  24. Oh good.