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  1. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Zegers in Gaming monitors?   
    It's honestly mostly preference. I, for instance, would prefer to just have 1080p 144Hz, which I do (ASUS VG248QE). Spending 800 USD on a monitor is pretty ridiculous. So yeah, if I were you I would just stick to 1080p 144Hz, you could get more than one of those for the price of one PG278Q. Hell, if you wanted, you could get the 1080p 144Hz monitor from ASUS, and a G-Sync kit, and install it yourself.
  2. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by DemonsColt in Gaming monitors?   
    Don't really have a preference. My monitor is a Dell E2414H 24". 1080p, 5ms response time, and 60Hz. Does the job fine.
    I never used a multimonitor setup, and the one you placed sounds good, but it's within your budget. I say go for it.
  3. TurboDog liked a post in a topic by Recoveryanonymous in What Games Do You Want Remade?   
    KOTOR 1 and a finished version of KOTOR 2 please.
  4. Null liked a post in a topic by Recoveryanonymous in New Smash Bros Characters.... but:   
    So Chrom is just a final smash for Robin then? I wonder if he will get his chance another day after all. I mean Ike is still here.
  5. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Berserker in Call To AJSA To Insta-Ban Threads About PC vs Consoles.   
    I just want to point out, that I don't believe It should be made a rule, that another specific topic is off limits. It's quite harsh censorship, about a topic that to some extent, remains relevant here.
  6. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by AlShareef114 in The Beauty of Mass Effects Galaxy   
    i just didnt put the youtube code right. I fixd it sry
  7. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Silverfox in I'm going to play Ride to Hell Retribution. Wish me luck. Update: I beat it.   
    Fortune favors the bold.
  8. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in I'm going to play Ride to Hell Retribution. Wish me luck. Update: I beat it.   
    Ok, so I made a bet with Draguno that if Germany lost the World Cup, he'll have to buy Twisted Chi either a pizza, Donner or a game worth €10. And if Germany won, I will play Ride To Hell Retribution as punishment. "Inhale" "exhale". Guess what happens. Damn it Argentina was so close!

    This is just an announcement that i will indeed play this game, and this will be an "apocalypse diary" sort of thread to recount my insanity playing this game. Wish me luck.


  9. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by CookieArcher in Joe interested in WiiU   
    i played MM but canceled after around a hour... i dont like MM.
    btw. for the collectors

  10. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Lightning in What is wrong with Angry Joe now?   
    OP, I also wish Joe made more reviews at a faster pace but, do it like me! Just wait for them and simply dont watch his other content, specially if you have found issue with how you perceive Joe has been acting. All while definitely, not coming here and tossing around that baseless claim like if you need to repeat it a set amount of times for it to become true. 
    I get it trust me, you want more reviews but, try to be less dramatic, have more patience and do it preferably in silence...
  11. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Ghaleon in U-Play needs to be removed from Steam   
    Regardless of if it causes problems or not its needless bloatware and it sucks.
  12. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by ' in U-Play needs to be removed from Steam   
    I don't think the problem was that people feared the "alien" when Uplay repeatedly declined your login attempts and access to games you had bought because it claimed you had no internet connection when you did.
    We are sick of extra invasive DRM on top of the DRM we already have, not afraid of Ubisoft. And Auron you personally might not have had any problems with Uplay, but a LOT of people have, including me. It's incredible what Ubisoft gets away with.
    I would also recommend people to watch this video on Ubisoft's PC failures, that is all, I won't go overboard with this.

  13. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Emphase in What is wrong with Angry Joe now?   
    I have no idea what he's doing or what has happened or hasn't, but he seriously has become one of the more annoying youtubers that are active right now. At least as far as Polaris team events and the like go. Constant screaming and random shenanigans just put me off heavily. Thankfully the reviews, of which there are few and far in between, are still watchable.
    A lot of people will jump me for my statement, but before you do, think if it's worth doing so. Unless you think this is some sort of a Joe's worshiping sect.
  14. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Mr. Lulz in This is how bad my memory is   
    Oh yeah there was this one time where I
    Hey I'm on the Bungie forums! This must be the Flood right? Wait a minute... Oh yeah.... I'm not on Bungie! I'm on the OJSA! (Other Joe Show Army)
  15. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Linkfan3 in I am leaving Nintendo behind as my focus.   
    THANK YOU, Your the only other person I've seen that pointed out Microsoft rehashing Call of Duty
    But I'll always stay by Nintendo's side, even though they do make the same games for the most part they at least improve or experiment other game play aspects in the series that makes them more fun to play, or fails, depending on your perspective of said game
  16. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Null in StarFox Wii U   
    I would like to see the franchise return with a focus on the on-rails shooter with the several levels focusing on all-range mode like Star Fox 64.  There were great concepts that were planned for Star Fox 2 that didn't make it into Star Fox 64 that would be nice to see pop up in the Wii U game.  I am really stoked to play a new Star Fox game that is developed by Nintendo for a mainline console.  Also, like Final Fantasy XIII and the Adventure of Link, I liked Star Fox Adventures for what it was and I won't recoil in disgust if they add some on foot sections.  Just as long as the majority focus is on the Arwing combat I'll be alright with it.
    "Fox, get this guy off me!", "It's too hot!  I can't take it anymore!", and my personal favorite "Aaaaaaaaah!".  Be careful what you wish for or you will invite the seven hells that is Slippy Toad back from the depths from which he came.
  17. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by SgtRoss in Accusations made towards Joe (not by me)   
    My advice from the wise old age of 28 (joking of course), don't read YouTube comments and if you do, go in knowing that there is a high probability you will find nothing but garbage.
    I very rarely read YouTube comments, but when I do I only read the top few comments for entertainment value and I move on to more important things, like playing video games or watching a video about how to play a video game better.
  18. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by CookieArcher in Nintendo lives up to its hype   
    hardware performance count not much when it comes to consoles.
    most important are very good exklusive games.
    already the backwards compatibility to wii is worth a wii u if you ask me - especially for those that do not own a wii.
    wii & wii u & virtual console & gamepad pro & nunchuk & wii u gamepad ... thats all  the wii u.
    nintendo should start to remaster n64 games for the wii u like they did it with wind waker (gamecube).
    the wii u gamepad is pretty awesome when it comes to games that use a huge inventory.
    i play watch dogs on PC with the x360 gamepad but i think the wii u version rocks the house when it comes to inventary and world interaction.
    and  also nice is that nintendo does near not release (mario golf) DLC or SEASON PASS SH*T!
    btw. this image is fanmade and inofficial!

  19. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Variloh in Nintendo lives up to its hype   
    There are many games outside of Nintendo that hype the next installment in there series, GTA V comes to mind. As for inovation, IMO Nintendo seems to be the only one who actually is inovating, people tend to use the argument "uh they dont create new IPs, they are just recylcing etc" which is simply not true btw, but i think its more a testament of how good there games actually are, COD games have been comeing out like baked bread and the quality has stedily come down, while mario kart 8 is said to be the best of the franchise as well as pokemon X and Y.
    The reason your friends own the other consoles is because of the massive amount of hype that has been put around those consoles, they havent proved anything yet, but they are selling like crazy. I think its very provable that between the Wii U, Xbox one and the PS4 the one with the best games right now is the Wii U. Regarding Hype i have posted a topic on http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/19454-are-popular-youtubers-and-twitch-personalitys-adding-to-the-hype-problem/ regarding the role youtubers and twitchers have in the matter. I invite you to come on my show tomorrow to talk about the matter (Gamer Mind: Www.twitch.tv/variloh) 
    Notice the dislike there is towards nintendo that this topic didnt last a day on the general discussion and was quickly hidden away while other topics regarding Xbox one and ps4 remain. 
  20. KoinGaming liked a post in a topic by Recoveryanonymous in I'm Boycott all Ubisoft games, you with me?   
    I get where you're coming from on this point.
    Similarly, I always make it a point to buy a game on GOG over Steam whenever possible. I don't have any fantasies that my single purchase is going to change the face of the PC market either. I'm just one soldier in the DRM-free revolution and I accept that. I also accept that change starts with the individual.
    With that, maybe progress can be made toward friendlier business practices if enough people hold to their boycotts and commitments regarding whatever issues may crop up.
  21. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by slayerarmour in Does anyone play Rust on the AJSA server?   
    I used to play for a little on the server but there were only one or two on so it wasn't fun. Joe needs to promote Rust a little more in his vids.
  22. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by KoinGaming in I'm Boycott all Ubisoft games, you with me?   
    To do that honestly you'd need to raise arguments to hold an argument.
    All you really need to do is say "I only care about playing games that are good, the free market will make at least some good games!", which would be a sad predicament, but oh well.
    And I don't think I answered the "It's not that bad. People aren't dying!" argument. Yes honestly there's bigger world problems around then gaming corporations snatching money away from the consumers. But as a person who's connected to the gaming scene day in and day out, I personally feel affected by it hence I find action is needed to be taken against it. If one's a casual gamer or someone who doesn't bother getting involved with all the drama then yes I guess they wouldn't really give a rats ass about what the publishers do as long as they get to play a game that's remotely good. Like others say, Ignorance is bliss (Which again isn't an insult, but rather a saying I found appropriate.). Or maybe you just can't be bothered (Which is the case most of the time.)? Well sure, but you wouldn't be talking here if you didn't have an opinion on the subject? And that opinion shows that you do care to at least some degree.. Even if the opinion is "It could be worse", which does seem to be your current view on this. And against which I'll say "It will go worse" if people don't make themselves heard, and corporations will take every single anti-consumer step as long as you allow them.. And once it goes over the limit of "What's OK", then they won't take all the anti-consumer steps back, but will just stand on the line of what's acceptable for you, even though the games are 20$ more expensive and a new expansion or iteration comes out each year to replace the old game that was broken and didn't work for you (Totally not BF.) with a game that's completely the same, but works. Give a finger, the corporate will take your hand and legs.
    Though I do have to say that you can't stop 30 million people from buying a game, because those Triple A's are aimed at an audience that in fact doesn't care about the "difficult side" of the game, and play the game to enjoy it (CoD and possibly BF). Sure it doesn't help. It might be worthless, but do you need the game? Aren't there better games to play? Do you want to be in that 30 million or rather do you need to be?
    The question is do you care enough?
    But anyway if you don't wish to continue this discussion then I'm alright with it, because I said what I wanted and those that read my messages will form an opinion of their own, which was the point of my whole thing. Boycotting is not worthless, especially if you talk about the game to others and why you boycotted it.
  23. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by savagejoe444 in The 3 New IPs   
    I want that StarFox!

  24. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Qnz917 in Halo: The Master Chief Collection Terminal Trailer