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  1. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Qnz917 in Halo: The Master Chief Collection Terminal Trailer   
  2. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Raido in I am leaving Nintendo behind as my focus.   
    Those people never play Nintendo games, so they can't judge how much different they are from one another. There is 1 Mario Kart game per console. There is 1 Smash Bros. game per console. There is one main Mario title (64, Sunshine, Galaxy, 3D World) per console, with Galaxy 2 being the exception, because they had so many ideas for the game, too much for 1 game. And then you look at Uncharted, which had 3 games on the PS3. And people can't wait to see the forth one. Or Halo, God of War, etc... The only difference is, that Nintendo franchises are much older, so they have more installments, but they get released less frequently. 
  3. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in I just hate PC Gamer's and the Master Race.   
    True gamers only ever game on cappuccino makers so they don't have to get up for their caffeine fix.
  4. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Null in Mario Kart 8 is goddamn Beautiful   
    This may be the greatest thing to come out of Mario Kart 8.

  5. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by AquilaVega in Nintendo Has Done It   
    What do you mean? you can play Wii games on your Wii U?? Oh man, in that case, that would definitely convince me to get a Wii U 2. I completely missed the Wii train and I want to play Zelda Skyward Sword. The Wii U games now just look stunningly beautifull.
    Also the Xenoblade Chronicles has peeked my interest. Apart of this title, of course I'll get the Smash & Mario Kart  & Monster Hunter, never played this game before aswell. Oh and I'm also mega curious about the crossover game of Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei. Yep lots of reasons now to get a Wii U (more then a PS4 actually o_O )
  6. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Bethesda Cancels Fallout 4 in Favor of MMO   
    It's a troll website and before this whole thread goes out of control, I will lock it.
    We all enjoy a good joke, lol mate, but this will only bring rage for some.
  7. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Sigma081 in Activision tried to buy Valve?   
    It's how I found out I was gay...
  8. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Dogfish in Good games with a bad ending   
    While it isn't a good game with a bad ending but a mediocre game with an abysmal  ending I nominate Fable 2 for the biggest anticlimax in modern gaming.
  9. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Sigma081 in Can piracy be a answer to overhyped AAA games?   
    Not everyone shares your opinion. "Right" and "wrong" are just abstract concepts that have little meaning if you are unwilling or unable to force your will on to others and make them conform to your wishes.
  10. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by SirSeaBiscuit in Nintendo Has Done It   
    It feels like the perfect time to get one imo, lots of games already out, TONS of awesome games coming soon, and I can get into the handful of good wii games.
  11. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Winnum in Watch_Dogs original graphics found in game files (PC)   
    I wont. The division looks stupid.
  12. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in Bayonetta And Bayonetta 2 Wii U   
    Family Friendly Fun!
  13. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Variloh in Nintendo biased?   
    Hi guys
    First off, im a huge fan of the show and have done my part for the community by doing the pre/post shows for the last dota 2 tourny, so keep in mind this forum is NOT a personal attack but a constructive form of critisism of a fan.
    Something that has been bothering for a long time is joes lack of coverage anything nintendo. I understand he doesnt like the system, which is fine, but, specially in this E3, it has become obvious how he ignores it completely, as in cant even acknowledge when they do something excellent. In his E3 "winner of E3" blog, he gives nintendo the win and talks about them for a wooping 2 mins. He couldnt even give them the overwhelming win (which the internet agrees they had) and even slamming criticism against them (comments made on the amibo) in those short 2 mins. 
    The reason why i see joe as superior to big companies with an agenda is because of how neutral and fair he theoretically is, he actually plays the whole game he reviews and  even when he was mostly an xbox guy he could point out the good the bad and the ugly of said console, all this is great, but his attitude towards nintendo, IMO, isint that of a neutral reviewer, and it worries me, as clearly, xbox and ps4 are inferior as of right now, regarding there game library, and the assumption that nintendos is repetitive and empty of new content is just not true. I think it should be brought to our attention that the only games that are being as good as the hype says they are, are nintendo games, Titanfall and watchdogs fall short to there hype, mario kart 8, super mario 3d world do, thats just a fact. I know il get a lot of hate for saying all this as some people dont understand "constructive criticism" and as well hate nintendo to the point that anyone suggesting they do ANYTHING better at a specific time usually leads to fanboy eplilectic attacks.
    Thanks for listening guys
    I have a twitch channel where i do a show called "Gamer Mind" every thursday and talk about the things that i believe arent talked about enough in todays video game landscape (an example is the sometimes mindless hate towards nintento, the commitment to "the hype" etc) on www.twitch.tv/variloh
  14. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Null in Nintendo biased?   
    As a Vita owner I agree that the Vita is superior hardware, but has weaker software by a wide margin.  Though I'm not sure the point you're making about being behind the times.  The sub-functions of the consoles, the actual raw power, or the software, because I'll grant credence to the first two, but Nintendo software is proven to have a strong market.  The market hasn't shifted in a single year from when the 3DS sales took off like a rocket.
    Edit:  Well, this got off-topic, so to bring it to a point.  Yes, I do think Joe has an obvious, all-be-it, unintentional bias.  Though the strength of Nintendo software at least forced Joe to acknowledge it and that is a step in the right direction.  I hope that the Wii U ends up pulling another rabbit out of the hat like the 3DS did.
  15. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Ysnar in Kingston and PNY caught bait-and-switching cheaper components after good reviews   
    If you're building a PC and considering buying a Kingston SSD... please read this article before you do... as you're giving money to a company that's been caught doing this and has the audacity to not apologize for their behavior: http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/184253-ssd-shadiness-kingston-and-pny-caught-bait-and-switching-cheaper-components-after-good-reviews
    There's more explanation here: http://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/comments/284k11/kingston_and_pny_have_been_caught_in_a_bait_and/
  16. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Galestriker in YOUR HARDEST CHOICE MADE IN A GAME   
    @ draguno you beat me to that lol
    another hard choice was at the end of mass effect 3 cuz which ever choice i pick im gonna get the same disappointed ending :/
  17. Ysnar liked a post in a topic by Recoveryanonymous in GOG Galaxy gaming platform/client announced!   
    It's all totally optional and the only thing that doesn't work when the internet goes out is multiplayer which makes sense. Your games will never require an activation or need to phone home. Galaxy is supposed to improve the community aspect of GOG and it will also install and patch games for you sort of like the installer or Steam. If Galaxy supports party chat, I think it will be a great addition.
  18. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by BlackFelyne in E3 conferences : who was the best?   
    I thought it was funny, because it shows that they do hear what games ARE saying about them, and they had a good attitude about it.
    I liked Nintendo's conference the most anyway.
  19. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Emphase in (Game) The Comment wars   
    What the fuck are you using? Care to share?
  20. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Carrioner in Lara Croft - Pencil Drawing   
    Hey guys !
    Here is another drawing I made a while back.
    Since There gonna be a new Tomb Raider game, I thought some of you might like it

  21. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by CookieArcher in Joe interested in WiiU   
    the best game of the last 10 years

  22. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Winnum in Mario Kart 8 is goddamn Beautiful   
    Honestly worth Bying a Wii U for this game. And Smash Bros at the end of the Year and Then Zelda soon after.....
  23. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by EarthwormBen in Nintendo lives up to its hype   
    I think that Nintendo games are hyped enough but they are not in your face as much, every year a new cod is at E3 and your forced to pay for it to keep getting the same multiplayer experience.... Mario Kart 7 lasted nearly 4 years for me, Nintendo are one of them publishers that make games that people will still play in years time.
    How many "hard-core" gamers have actually played Metroid Prime, not too many i reckon and I think the hard-core level on this is near elder scrolls.
  24. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Sigma081 in Where are the reviews?   
    That's the kind of attitude that will kill a business and has been killing this forum for the past several months. What OP is getting at is that Joe seems to be driving his business into the ground by not providing his fans with the type of content that originally attracted them to his channel. Ironically the status of the forum seems to reflect this "no one is making you stay" mindset.
  25. By_zeus_beard liked a post in a topic by Recoveryanonymous in Nintendo lives up to its hype   
    I could not agree more. I've purchased almost all of those Nintendo games (still need to get Mario 3D World) and have enjoyed them so much. I regularly play all of them. I honestly think most of the Wii U's failures can be attributed to its marketing; a lot of casual gamers are unaware the system is even a new console and not a peripheral for their existing Wiis even two years after launch.
    I own a Wii U and play it regularly, but I do wish there was a dedicated party chat system akin to the 360 (best party chat system on last gen in my opinion). As I've grown older, gaming has become more social for me and the party chat system is the most convenient way to stay in touch with a lot of my friends. If Nintendo were to implement a full party chat system, I think it could quickly become the preferred console between all of my friends and I. It would also be a step in the right direction for Nintendo to embrace the internet just a little more. They already have a far more pleasant community with Miiverse (in my experience only of course) than Xbox Live, the PSN or Steam. I think if they added a party chat system, I may possibly get more use out of it than I did the 360 last gen and that was my preferred console. 
    The edge that the other consoles have lies in third party support and better hardware. While the big AAA publishers often fail to innovate with yearly sequels, there's always that hope and potential that the next big one will be worth it. Right now for me it's the Witcher 3. I already have a strong PC so the PS4 and Xbox One don't offer me anything there, but for the console gamers Nintendo doesn't have an answer for it. While I'm always looking forward to Smash Bros and the new Zelda, I also like more mature games at times. To be clear, I'm not knocking Nintendo right now. Majora's Mask is my all-time favorite game. It's just that aside from a few publishers like Ubisoft, there's not much third party support for the Wii U to speak of. To be fair though, the better hardware on the other systems only matters as far as third party titles go. Wind Waker HD is 1080p and 60fps because Nintendo can program for just their own hardware and are comfortable with a cartoony art style.
    I disagree with the notion going around lately that since Nintendo doesn't make new IP, the games from them are stagnant or that they lack creativity and innovation as a result. The rest of the industry is more than content with yearly sequels of Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed. Ubisoft recently said that they have no intention of making a game that can't be made into a franchise. EA rushes developers and pushes games like Dragon Age 2 and Battlefield 4 out the door. With the universal acceptance of regenerating health and two weapon limits in almost all modern shooters and the slow corrosion of games through season passes, day one dlc, and exploitative micro-transactions, I find it difficult to be angry with Nintendo for not creating new IP.
    Each new game in those IPs are well polished. They're complete, full games with no content cut out. The Zelda's all bear that name in the title, but they're unique and independent in their own identities. Majora's Mask may use many of the same assets from Ocarina of Time, but those two games are worlds apart. The same can be said of most of their IPS. Mario Sunshine is not the same as Galaxy and Wind Waker is not the same as Twilight Princess. If I buy a Nintendo game, I can expect it to be money well spent.
    A lot of this quality in the first party games may come from the sort of closed ecosystem Nintendo has fostered by neglecting the third party support, but that's more of a condemnation of the company as a whole and doesn't, or at least shouldn't, reflect the quality of the first party titles Nintendo puts out. I don't think Nintendo can afford to release a buggy dlc ridden mess like many other publishers can year after year and for that I'm somewhat grateful.