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  1. Seriously. fanboy troll posts, constant repeat posts (seriously, we need 4-8 threads for one game?) that aren't getting locked down. And, the general community culture has degraded in a matter of a week to basically being gamefaqs with a prettier layout and avatars. It's like a public park where parents just dropped off their shit head kids and drove off.
  2. It was no trouble. It was as simple as scrolling down the forum page and utilizing those balls in my head to interpret the words. Also, it's a public forum, sir. You own nothing here.
  3. No idea. Luckily, the system comes with one. I'm personally not a fan of the $200 headsets. I had a turtle beach wireless headset that had the dolby 7.1. It sounded great, except it always had a hiss in the background. I returned for another one, same problem. I just went back to standard TB headset.
  4. I'm buying the Xbox One because I don't buy into the dumbass hive-mind mentality of a bunch of barely functioning teenage pot heads. Also, I'm not poor nor rely on my parents for money so the extra $100 means nothing to me. Sorry to sound salty, but I'm just tired of all these idiot fanboys.
  5. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/282-ryse-son-of-rome/ http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/5717-ryse-son-of-rome-looks-tedious/ http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/1694-ryse-son-of-rome/ Congratulations, you're the third repeat Ryse thread!
  6. Nope. Why would it?
  7. Yeah, I'm ready. But, I don't feel a need to brag about what I've purchased.
  8. I'll probably use it, as it has a couple useful functions, like code scanning and voice commands. But, I have little hope or interest in it as a gaming apparatus.
  9. Yes, getting the day 1 edition (ooh, a sticker!) I already own COD: Ghosts and NBA 2K14, as well as controller with the play & charge kit. On the 22nd, I'm picking up Ryse and Dead Rising 3 that day as well. Should be more than enough.
  10. Reviews are a reflection of a person's opinion. Comparing review scores is moronic, the games are reviewed by different people. It isn't a reflection of one person's opinion across the board. Hate IGN if you like, it's your right. But, I would recommend you examine how you go about reaching your decisions. It's obviously mis-informed.
  11. My personal favorite is State of Decay on the Xbox Live Arcade. The only thing it's missing is multiplayer, IMHO. But, I don't really PC game, so I haven't played DayZ.
  12. I'm interested to see what it is. Too little information to really speculate though. But, I may have been one of the few who had a lot of fun with Fuse, as well as their PS3 offerings.
  13. It will probably fall somewhere in between. Nothing revolutionary, but certainly not a generic shooter either.
  14. thanks for the post. This will become a useful resource when the information begins to pour out.
  15. Hardest decision was easily- Do I save Ashley or Kaiden?