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  1. I played a ton of the PC version but some of my friends play on Xbox one. I wanted to do ana ccount merge so I wouldn't have to start over, but I have a question about it. After you do the merge, does the content from PC get COPIED or TRANSFERRED? Will it still be present on PC and also on Xbox One? Or will it all be gone from PC and moved to Xbox One instead? It might seem like a dumb question but I can't find an aswer anywhere.
  2. Still a strong supporter for having the Castlevania series involved somehow, especially since there was a new game for 3ds. I also wouldve preferred Blaziken to replace one of the two. Greninja doesnt even mega.
  3. Nintendo has a level of polish other companies simply dont have. Theyve been making games a long time, and even though they have trouble keeping up with the changing console market, the changing game market has never and will never stopped them. They nailed the transition to 3D, they were the first out of the three to do motion control and they outperformed both competitors in that area. Even when handheld gaming came around, they blew away competition and they still do.
  4. Its funny when the sonic fanbase defends this stuff
  5. If youre familiar with smash bros, you know the little vignettes a new character gets when they are announced that say "[new character] joins the battle!" Does anyone know how to make these for meme purposes? Is there any sort of creator or video tutorial?
  6. You're looking at this too objectively. The game is fucking fun. The first Goldeneye is still considered a masterpiece and that game is shitty compared to today, but its only because people have good memories with it. Titanfall is awesome, its just downright fun. Its more fun than COD and Battlefield in my opinion. Theres no other words for it. Also, 5 titans*
  7. So i heard that if you deposit slurpuff in GTS aksing for Yveltal, chances are you'll get one. I found the concept rediculous but my friend happened to have a friend safari with Swirlix so I gave it a go. I evolved the Swirlix with some help and, much to my surprise, got a Yveltal for Slurpuff. Is he really that rare? I mean, I know he's X exclusive, but so is Pinsir and i can't trade him for Yveltal. Even if the Yveltal was duplicated....it Slurpuff really that valuable?
  8. Nintendo did announce they are working on two new IP's. Also, Nintendo is a COMPANY. People forget this a lot. If you were at the head of Nintendo, already having money troubles with Wii U, would you... A. Make a new game of a series no one remembers, no one is interested in, or isn't as popular, or B. Make a game of a series that is guaranteed to sell well and make you money?
  9. I saw this exact quote as an example in the dictionary for the word "exaggeration."
  10. It takes a long time to charge up. And Notice Bowsers health in the video. Also, the video is sped up as the KO bar is charging. Im really excited for him though.
  11. I totally want it. Dk's platforming delivers something that Mario never could.
  12. Im all for giving her a personality and backstory, but Other M did make her whiny when she should have been...I don't know....cool. Yeah, i guess that's the younger side of me talking, but that's what Nintendo is supposed to do. Although Samus's story can be considered darker or more serious than other franchises, I don't like the idea of a love story. The closest Nintendo has come to a real love story is sidequests in Legend of Zelda and maybe Link and Zelda in Skyward Sword. Samus is a hardened bounty hunter, and... 1. I can't see her falling in love with someone. Especially not just any guy. I imagine its hard to earn such trust from her, and 2. I think it will further tarnish her reputation. The bold step Other M took already made people pissed. I'm afraid it won't be done right.
  13. For those of you who don't know what a bodybag match is, it's a match where the victor wins 6-0 or 5-0 if they let one of their pokemon die for a switch advantage. My first bodybag happened in X/Y when i was getting into competitive battling (and back into pokemon in general.) It was against my friend Alex. To be honest, he's sort of a noob when it comes to battling. He sometimes doesn't switch his pokemon out when he has a type disadvantage just because he thinks theyre THAT strong (he didn't switch out his "beloved" venusaur when i sent in choice band darmanitan, or swampert when i sent in Rotom-C). He also will reply "fuck that" if you ask him if he does IV/EV's, boosting moves like Calm Mind, or items other than leftovers. Still, he's very cocky and 6-0ing him was like defeating Gary in real life. What was your first bodybag experience? Was it extremely satisfying?
  14. I would but its more convenient and easier to use a modpack via technic launcher so i can play with friends
  15. I've been browsing modpacks for the technic launcher for minecraft and i'm wondering if there is a modpack featuring Pixelmon that isn't centered around it? I'm interested in playing the mod as well as others but all the modpacks i've found with it are centered around it and feature little to no other mods. Does anyone know a modpack like this?