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  1. Have a great time mate.The franchise holds a special place in my heart.Depending on how much you like it the order i would play them in would be P4,P3 FES, (i think it's the best version personally because i like the 30 hour epilogue added) P4A,(The fighting game that connects P3 and P4) P2IS,P2 EP and don't bother with Persona 1 because it really isn't that great compared to the rest of the series. Have fun
  2. http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2013/11/20/persona-4-vol-2-listed-on-persona-4-voice-actress-rsum The link speaks for itself.Nanakos voice actor,Karen Strassman added Persona 4 Vol.2 to her resume ahead of the end of the Persona teaser site countdown ending.The teaser site was also updated to where if you click on one of the boxes Teddie appears.This means in my opinion that it's more than likely that the teaser site is for a sequel to Persona 4 that will pickup where Persona 4 arena left off with the Persona 3 cast in tow. Here is the updated teaser site for anyone interested: http://p-ch.jp/ Anyway i'd love to get any Persona fans in the communities views on this
  3. Now i know this sort of topic has been done to death on other sites but i would love to get the angry armies opinion.Compare them on: -Characters -Battle system -Aesthetics -Music In my opinion p4 wins on battle system,p3 wins on aesthetic and music and p2 wins on characters but i'd love to see what you guys think.
  4. Im on Xbox and im a pretty decent P4A player (mitsuru and akihiko main),an ass marvel player and a pretty ok soul caliber V player (rapheal main)
  5. Thanks for the welcome guys
  6. Hi guys i'm ninjabunnys or oisin (whichever you prefer) coming at you from ireland.My favourite genres are probably RPGs (japanease or western),fighting games and strategy games.I don't really hate any genres as i like to keep myself open to new things.My favourite thing in games is interactive story telling and boss fights.My favourite games of all time are persona 3,Shadow of the colossus and purely out of nostalgia sly 2:Band of thieves.I hope to have a great time with those here in the community and hopefully help developers with developing better games.All the best for the future of the community,ninjabunnys