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  1. I can't wait for the best MK character ever, Jason Voorhees, to appear again.
  2. Everybody in that cesspool seems to have done something dark. And yes. Not speaking out against it earlier is also still a negative. Kudos that they did it now, but it is a bit late. Nobody can defend this, even though people tried. Once big money and e-fame get involved, everything is permitted it seems.
  3. There are also people who praise dictators etc. Whatever positive they might have done will never undo the negative. Ever. Sure. It could be that people did that not as a sign of loyalty/mourning for a dead content producer that they liked but also for suicide awareness etc. Yet this just shows, that one should never blindly disregard everything negative about said dead person. When people said that Jewwario wasn't anything but a good guy, his fans/fans of people who made tribute videos about him went crazy. Many e-celebs have a dark side with them. This just proves it yet again. One should always remember, that you only know these people through videos they produce. One has no personal relationship to them most of the time. Somebody can be an angel on-camera, but the biggest demon off-camera. Channel Awesome is a bigger wretched hive of scum and villainy than Mos Eisley. I hope they all get their just desserts.
  4. I want everyone who had a Jewwario hat on their profile picture when he died to really think long and hard about all of this. Back then there was outrage over people saying that he was not all sunshine and roses since the dead can do no wrong. Well it doesn't work that way. Think long and hard about this people. Channel Awesome is burning to the ground. They cannot recover from all this. Never.
  5. "Hello I'm the Nostalgia Critic I ruin my reputation so you don't have to."
  6. This is why being a blind fanboy is never worth it. Every e-celeb seems to have a vile dark side. You Either Die A Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain
  7. Great. Time to get ripped off under new old leadership!
  8. youtube haters, content

    Dude can do what he wants. It's his channel. It would still be wise to listen to "fan"-feedback tho since.....that is basically what keeps his channel (and thereby his living) running. Back when I was still subscribed to him, I only watched his Angry Reviews and ignored all the other stuff. That's the beautiful thing about Youtube. You can choose what to watch (me for example I always tried to get away from everything Delrith). One has to understand that many of the folks commenting under Joe's videos with stuff like: "Leetstreet u fat fuck mur angry reviews now" are trolls. Simple. There was no real need for his rant about people only wanting Angry reviews. Disabling comments and likes were not the wisest choice either, cause if he enables them again the trolls will flock to his channel again in greater mass cause, hell, they got a reaction out of him the first time, so why not again? I think Shagger said it best. Joe can handle it himself and people running for his defense will either accomplish nothing or make it worse. We all know some people would do it because, let us be honest, the AJSA has nothing to do with AJ only on paper. I think majority joined cuz of Joe so they would want to defend him till the end. Just don't. It ain't worth it and dude has got to deal with it himself. P.S. MONEY!!! Greetings, Corporate Agent .
  9. Gamers love zombie-games! How about micro-transactions so you can pay 15$ for the crocodile hat! It was good we fired Kojima! HE WOULD HAVE RUINED OUR PLANS! Konami will milk Metal Gear like there is no tomorrow and you know it. I mean, there is even a MGS pachinko machine.
  10. Europe? Don't need it!
  11. Well.....People have their gas-operated gear. So I think it's in either modern times or alternate 19th century. And wasn't it basically confirmed that titans only eat humans because they want to get titan-shifter powers or something?
  12. Saxon - Lionheart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdXrllfTshU
  13. He always complains about our good value games. Leave him there! Without EA at his side, he will crumble in mere seconds!
  14. I really like "The Division". Sure it gets repetetive sometimes but...hey. What game doesn't get repetetive at times?
  15. Other Joe is fine but Delrith? Say what you want about him, but I already don't really like him when he's in Joe's videos. Would I like to watch Other Joe do a review on his own? Sure. He's funny.