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    Anime, Manga, Video Games, Anything interesting and fun that catches my interest
  1. even with leaked? videos, I won't believe them until they are officially announced by Sony, which should not be long since they said they will talk about a new Playtation Model and the rumored Neo in the Sony Press Conference on September.
  2. I forgot to reply before the old AJSA Room was overhauled, my PSN ID is xHAYATOx
  3. PSN: xHAYATOx Unite
  4. Bare-Knuckle the Invulnerable....lol
  5. PS4 Destiny xHAYATOx
  6. Im in
  7. I started from 3 FES, and got hooked on the series, never bothered trying Persona 1 and 2 though, but Ive played the rest of Persona 3 FES, 4, 4 Golden, and Arena. Will be getting the upcoming Vita one, 3DS one, 5, and Arena 2
  8. we will probably see some more people online when the heist is up...I hope, still waiting for that High life update though
  9. hmmm that will be a little difficult since there's hardly anyone from the crew online, when I'm on. Probably only like 4-1 people are on when I do see someone online
  10. whats the requirement to get a promotion in the crew?
  11. Requesting PS3 Social Club xHAYATOx PSN: xHAYATOx
  12. I think its a neat idea, but it will all come down to price
  13. I see a lot of people when going through the servers maybe unless all of them are doing job creator
  14. I cant seem to join quick jobs anymore. Every time I choose one of the quick jobs instead of joining someone elses job, I am the one hosting, anyone know how to fix this? Or is this happening after the patch update
  15. Used to play it up to Runcescape 2, but that was the last, that game is just too time comsuming, you have to lvl skill by skill which takes very long and I just dont have that kind of patience anymore, I did try out Runescape 3 but I dont think I will want to play it again