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    First-Person Shooters
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    Playtimes: I don't play a lot during the week since I'm still in High School, but on week-ends & vacations, I play a lot.
  1. From the album Game Screenshots - MotorStorm™ Apocalypse

    © MotorStorm™ Apocalypse

  2. GOOD HERB 'Bridge To Nowhere'

    From the album Game Screenshots - MotorStorm™ Apocalypse

    © MotorStorm™ Apocalypse

  3. Tsukuba Circuit - Evo X

    From the album Game Screenshots - Gran Turismo 5

    © Gran Turismo 5

  4. Kyoto, Shoren In - Evo X RM

    From the album Game Screenshots - Gran Turismo 5

    © Gran Turismo 5

  5. Kart Space - �Evo X RM

    From the album Game Screenshots - Gran Turismo 5

    © Gran Turismo 5

  6. Just for shots & googles, let's see how fast you can click that LMB button for 10 seconds, go to this site http://www.urban75.com/Mag/java7.html and follow the instructions. You are allowed to zoom in so that you have a bigger space to click the buttonYou can use your two hands (To have an extra grip)You can click that LMB anyway you want (Hold mouse with left hand and click with right hand or both with right hand, ect)Don't use mods, legit score please!You have infinite triesSubmit your best score in comments and (optional) a screenshot of your score I got 106
  7. Driveclub (Been a racing fan for YEARS) Infamous: Second Sun Watch Dogs Tom Clancy's: The Division (Big fan of Tom Clancy's) The Crew (Again, racing fan, especially when it's MMO)
  8. Dubstep, Electronic, Dance, House, EDM, Metal & Rock. Pretty big list .
  9. 1) Metal Gear Solid 2) Uncharted 3) The Legend Of Zelda
  10. What do you think guys? Leave a comment! For my opinion, it depends on the content. Example: A modded M4A1 (in any game) that you pay real money is either more powerful, slighty more powerful or just has a sight than a normal M4A1 that you buy with the in-game money. For me, if it's something temporary, like a 7-day weapon, I don't think it's worth it. If you play the game continuously, it's fine, but I'm not a real fan at "renting" stuff. It also mainly depends on player skill, you may have a powerful item, but if you can't use the maximum out of it if you can't play the game.
  11. Realised there wasn't any headwear in the merch! Either put the logo or AJSA on the front and Angry Joe Show Army text on the back. For the Bandana, make a vector art of the AJSA. What do you think guys?