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    united kingdom
  1. Watchdogs looks amazing.
  2. PSN ozy018 games: AC4, fifa 14 and Knack
  3. Hi, I have recently made a switch from xbox 360 to PS4. Now none of my local friends have bought one, mainly due to lack of funds. So I need to new online friends and i thought who better than the angry army! If anyone wants to be friends just look me up - ozy018- and let me know that you are from AJSA. Current games I have are Assassins creed 4, fifa 14 and knack. Have fun gaming guys! p.s I am from the u.k so it will be good to have friends from this time zone but i am not too fussy.
  4. Anyone is free to add me - ozy018 - I have AC 4, fifa 14 and knack
  5. I currently have AC 4, Fifa 14 and Knack. Feel free to add me anyone.
  6. Anyone please feel free to add me - ozy018 - I currently have Assassins creed 4, Fifa 14 and Knack
  7. Yeah, I don't get as much time to play either. Busy at Uni all day. Only chance is a few hours in the evening if i'm lucky. Add me anyone - - ozy018
  8. I got mine on 30th November in the UK. Had problems with the playstation store on the first day. It wouldn't load. But no problems now
  9. I have seen some gameplay for Watchdogs. Looks awesome
  10. I'm glad to say I am a contributor to that figure.
  11. I don't think I will get. Not entirely sure why I need it
  12. Work it Joe!
  13. I have just recently started playing DC online universe and was wondering if any of the angry army are also playing. I am quite new at it and at a paltry level 6. My in game character is called elemental022 if anyone wants to add me and give me some much needed help. Its the first MMO I am playing but not much multiplayer is going on! EDIT - playing on PC
  14. Hi, I am ozy018 from England reporting for duty. First I heard of Angry Joe was via Youtube and was a fan ever since. I mainly play on PC but also have a XBOX 360. Recently started playing DC universe online if any one wants to add me. Character called elemental022. What else can I say except for lets have a barrel of laughs!!! I
  15. I have it on the XBOX 360 - I love this game