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  1. I just remebert something. Its the first of april. Is it possible this is just a massive elaborate april fools joke?
  2. Who are theys "Officers and Sergents"? Did you recrute new staff and not ask me join? I thought we wore close.
  3. are we allowed to do what ever heist we wnat for the contest or how dose it work?
  4. Ok Conan when we attack im the one with the rifle you can take the extra ammo
  5. Is this a joke? I hope this is a joke or steam is running out of good games
  6. scout or spy witch ever has room
  7. invite Gustav@pigfac3 pls
  8. You do know it takes abaut 2minutes to do a 720 whit that pile of scrap metal
  9. 50% for the dedicated player huh? I bet i can make it to 60% sorry i forgot TS3: Pig_Face
  10. why are evry one guessing its star wars? it needs to be a multiplayer game and it cant be old rebublic caus its all redy supported and we know its on steam caus conan sed its a steam gift. so if its not battlefront 2 (and i'm pritty sure it isent) theres not meny star wars games it can be
  11. are we geting a new forum page or are we still using the last gen one?
  12. A op for H&G? this is awesome I cant wait... oh its 1 am on monday I gess I cant be there
  13. Why dose it have to be on the same time as the ps2 op? why? well at least it made me happy taht i got promoted to a training sargent
  14. I suggset mad calld TFA International units It adds uniforms, helmets and nation flag insignials. Nations included in this mod are Sweden, Japan, Finland, UK, Austrlia, Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Poland, Denmark, Belgium and Canada. Every nation gets a woodeland and desert cammo helmet and uniform (whit rolled sleeve variant). All so 2 insignials. I thing thsi mod wode fit the server cause who dosent want to be in a military whit out there nations uniform.
  15. well the point of the starting phase (that is at the end for some reason) is to do something stubid and die horribly