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  1. Dark Templar liked a post in a topic by Pig_Face in Planetside 2 Op night #1: Mossi Swarm   
    Who are theys "Officers and Sergents"? Did you recrute new staff and not ask me join? I thought we wore close.
  2. Pig_Face liked a post in a topic by Ysnar in Mod Spotlight: Star Wars Battlefront Conversion Pack   
    It has the following features:
    Alderaan Bespin: Platforms Bespin: Cloud City Concord Dawn Geonosis: Spire Haruun Kal Kashyyyk: Docks Kashyyyk: Islands Naboo: Plains Ord Ibanna Kamino: Tipoca City Methlyn Naboo: Prototype Rattatak Rhen Var: Citadel Rhen Var: Harbor Tatooine: Dune Sea Yavin IV: Arena Space Bespin Space Endor Space Geonosis Space Rhen Var New Game Modes:
    Deathmatch Team Deathmatch Holocron King of the Hill Classic Conquest New Unit Content:
    Knights of the Old Republic Era: Includes over 20 new hero units and more than 30 infantry units from the games KotOR I and KotOR II. Playable as a third era. Clone legions varying based on the map: Includes Galactic Marines, 41st, 146th, 212th, and 327th legions. Over 30 new heroes for Galactic Civil War and Clone Wars eras. Over 40 new infantry units for Galactic Civil War and Clone Wars eras. Over 30 new vehicles for Galactic Civil War and Clone Wars eras. All the sides from Battlefront 1, to be played in the "Classic Conquest" mode (which includes gameplay like Battlefront 1). Visually enhanced stock sides, as originally featured in the Unofficial 1.2 Patch by RepSharpshooter.  
    TL:DR - it adds all the Battlefront 1 maps, a couple of extra game modes, KOTOR-era units and new units for the clone war and galactic civil war eras... all wrapped up in a convenient auto-installer.
  3. Ysnar liked a post in a topic by Pig_Face in We know what's going to happen in the EF Battlefront 2 campaign...   
    You do know it takes abaut 2minutes to do a 720 whit that pile of scrap metal
  4. Conan liked a post in a topic by Pig_Face in PS2 OP #26 Lightning Reverse!   
    Whit a chanse of 99.99% no
  5. Pig_Face liked a post in a topic by Norman in PS2 OP #26 Lightning Reverse!   
  6. Conan liked a post in a topic by Pig_Face in PS2 OP #26 Lightning Reverse!   
    Whit a chanse of 99.99% no
  7. Pig_Face liked a post in a topic by Angry Joe in The Official AJSA GTA V (Xbox 360 & PS3) Crew   
    The Angry Army [AJSA] has an Official Presence in Grand Theft Auto V Online!

    You can check out our crew by visiting our Social Club Crew Page Here (Xbox 360)
    Or here for the PS3 Version: Social Club Crew Page (PS3)
    Currently the Crews in Grand Theft Auto Online are limited to only 300 members, which is woefully small and inadequate to handle the Angry Army in any true capacity.
    However there is an option that i'd like to put forth,
    I can contact Rockstar themselves and have our Crew be put to "Public" which has no member limit, meaning anyone can join (without approval), using this method we can bring our number to the thousands to rival the other larger crews using this method like Destructoid or IGN. However, in doing this we lose control of the Crew, we no longer can set  custom crew created emblems - We would have to stick with only one, we also do not get to internally promote or demote anyone.
    What do you guys think, Private Crew or Public Crew?
    I am also looking for a qualified Game Commander and 2 Officers for the Xbox 360 Version.

    And an additional 2 Officers for the PS3 Version.

    These new people will help me manage and run these crews to keep them going. We are all waiting for Heists to release and im sure there will be another huge surge of interest in the game when those happen!
     Remember to post your Social Club name if you want to be invited into the crew.
    An Update from Rockstar on the Upcoming DLC for GTA Online as of Nov.4th, 2013 is as follows: