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  1. I could be the only one but I really think it's about time we had a Van Helsing game. If done in the right way the game could easily be what The Order wishes it was. I mean it's like literally gift packed; you have the lore, you have a ton of different characters to work with and with all the boss battles, the level design would practically write itself. You will have different targets and you have to do certain tasks in different areas to face off the final targets. Anyone feeling my vibe here? PS Did anyone play the van Helsing game that came out on ps2? Was it good or bad and why?
  2. Cool. I must warn you though; if you have played heavy rain then this one might be a dissapointment. And if you havent played Heavy Rain, then i strongly suggest you to play heavy rain ( i get a feel that you are my kind of gamer; one who likes narrative or story driven games )
  3. Thanks a lot. I cant belive you are actually spending your time on this. Thanks a million!!!
  4. Couldnt agree more. It felt like i was playing a patched version of the previous versions but i felt that it wouldnt be fair if i review it as a franchise. Thanks!!!
  5. Cool. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/18658-beyond-two-souls-ps3-my-review/ http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/16932-call-of-duty-ghosts-single-player-ps3-my-review/ http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/13193-the-last-of-us-my-review-ps3/ http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/4264-assassins-creed-4-black-flag-my-review/ Gotta tell you, these are quite old so i am sorry if they aint upto the mark; i tried my best. Thanks a lot for your time! and feedback is always welcome.
  6. Thanks a lot. Frankly i am a big fan of the game so it was quite hard for me to be un biased. Good to know that i was.
  7. Thanks a lot. I have a bunch of other reviews ( the last of us, beyond two souls, AC4, COD: Ghosts ) so if u r interested then let me know. Maybe i can send you the links or something? And once again, thanks a lot.
  8. Game: Watch_Dogs Age Rating: 18+ Genre: Open World Action-Adventure, Third Person Developer: Ubisoft Montreal Publisher: Ubisoft Game Director: Jonathan Morin Lead story writer: Kevin Shortt Played on: Playstation 3 Overview Watch Dogs is another open world game developed by Ubisoft Montreal, set in the near future of Chicago. The player dons the role of Aiden Pearce, a very talented hacker, who lives dangerously in a city where everything technology related is controlled by a single AI system called the ctOS. A simple job goes wrong which leads to a series of events that ends in the death of his niece, Lena Pearce. Aiden sets out to find the man responsible and with the help from a few ‘friends’ Aiden gains access into the ctOS. With the whole of Chicago now under his control, how far will Aiden go in the name of revenge? How far will you go? STORYLINE AND CHARACTERIZATION The story follows Aiden’s path of revenge as he tries to track the man responsible for the death of his niece, Lena Pearce. It takes the player on a journey through the shady world of Chicago where no one is what they seem. With the city being filled with philanthropists involved in human trafficking, gangs controlling illegal trades, corrupt cops and fixers who are willing to trade their morals for mullah, there’s bound to be bullets flying and batons clashing. With Aiden having full control over the city, the story is fast paced but yet it somehow fails to keep the player engaged with the ever so distracting Chicago brimming with tons of interesting and surprisingly detailed side content. THE GOOD The idea of hacking in an open world game was an innovative one and Ubisoft did a wonderful job of implementing it in the game. Ubisoft took a whole new approach to the open world genre, by trying to make Chicago more lively and realistic than any other in-game city. With the unique NPC profiling system, where every NPC has a unique persona, the city feels very much alive and humane. Not only that, but Ubisoft were clever enough to use hacking not only as a game play element but also as a central background theme to the narrative. Its almost a requirement for video games nowadays to perfectly balance storytelling with game play and Ubisoft made sure they did just that; the concept of hacking is beautifully integrated into both the game play and the narrative. And hence the story feels a bit more interesting than your average revenge story. The characters in the game are carefully constructed with their very own detailed personalities and the voice acting is pretty good although it could have been a lot better. Aiden, who knows humans as well as he knows computers, is a man with many flaws which makes him seem more human and less clichéd. Its a relief that Ubisoft didnt stereotype the whole ‘hacker’ dimension and modelled characters in a unique way. To sum it up, the storyline is ambitious and the characterization is pretty solid with every side character being able to hold his/her own ground. THE BAD When there is a huge amount of side content in a game, there is a risk that it might over shadow the main story missions and that is exactly what has happened in Watch Dogs. The main story isn’t strong enough to compete with the interesting and defined side content that is in the game. It fails to hold the attention of the gamer for more than a mission or two. Also, the story is not enjoyable if it isn’t played on a continuous run; take too long a break from the main story missions and you’ll have no idea what is happening in the game. Although, Ubisoft did a good job of integrating hacking into the storyline, sometimes it feels rather forced and unnecessary. There are whole chunks of the story which the game could have done without. The storyline tends to stray away from the main purpose way too often; most of the time you forget that your niece has been killed and you are doing these missions to find the man responsible. In an attempt to cover a wide ground Ubisoft ended up stretching the story to such a point where the story feels ‘too much work’ for the gamer. GAMEPLAY An open world game, by definition, has a lot of game play aspects and endless possibilities. Add to that the ability to hack any electronic device in the game; the thought itself is orgasmic. But does it live up to the expectations? THE GOOD The first thing you will notice when you start playing this game is the high number of points of interest that are on the map of Chicago. The amount of content in this game is mind boggling. The side missions are very detailed and unique. With digital trips that cause weird yet graphically amazing hallucinations to AR games to fixer contracts, the world of Watch Dogs is filled with a variety of game play content. Add to these mini games like chess and drinking; side content in a game has never felt better. Also the ctOS’s crime detection system, which systemically predicts crimes that are going to happen, gives the gamers a chance to be the vigilante they have always wanted to be. The gamer gets a chance to stop a crime before its even happened ( yea, you finally get to live your dream of being Tom Cruise ) and the fact that its systemic ( completely random ) makes it even more fun. And it never gets too repetitive as the victim and the perpetrator are always different people with different personas and the chase with the perp always adapts itself to its surroundings. Also, the shady world of Chicago is filled with criminal gangs that need a lesson to be taught and criminal convoys that need to be stopped and although these might sound repetitive, they are fun as there is a lot of game play freedom and each situation can be handled differently; you can go in by hacking the cameras, jumping off one camera to another, locating the target and taking him out by overloading a fuse box, or you could go in stealthily taking out each and everyone out till the target is the only one left with no idea that his whole gang is down. And if everything else fails, there is the always the option to go in guns blazing. Chicago is filled with gun shops and pawn brokers and there is no shortage of money as you can always hack into the bank accounts of the unsuspecting citizens of Chicago who always seem like they have something to hide. The profiler app in your in-game mobile helps the gamer get info on any citizen which makes the game feel more realistic and human. But to gain access to this info, the gamer first needs to unlock the ctOS towers which are similar to the outposts in Far Cry 3. Taking over these towers are fun as they can be approached in multiple ways but it’s a pity that there are only 6 towers and the fun ends before it even begins. No review of Watch Dogs is ever going to be complete without the mention of its awesome hacking mechanism. Hacking is the most important game play element in this game and Ubisoft have nailed that part. With the ability to hack any kind of electronic device from things like a pace maker of a heart patient to traffic lights, draw bridges and the ever famous L train, at any moment in the game, a whole new dimension is added to the game play freedom. There are missions which can be completed by standing in a single place by hacking and jumping off from one camera to another; the number of possibilities is amazing and the credit goes to the meticulous level designing. It was good thinking on Ubi’s side to not include the ability to shoot while driving as it would have made the point of hacking traffic lights and draw bridges or blockers etc while driving moot. The online one on one hacking is a whole new experience; its like nothing you have ever seen before. The aspect of someone seamlessly ( without any loading screen ) hacking into your game is a bit un settling and fun. Inspired from the multiplayer of the AC series, the online experience is a must for every gamer as it gives each and every gamer their own unique experience to share. THE BAD Although the side content is fun, the main story missions fall short on variety. Many of the missions feel repetitive. The driving mechanism is below par and is sometimes a bother given that a significant portion of the game play is based on bringing down target vehicles. Also the lack of realistic car damage spoils the pleasure of cinematically taking down a target vehicle. Its disappointing that weapon customization is totally absent from the game. Granted that the game depends on hacking and stealth but still, the lack of customization is a real let down for the trigger happy gamer. Its surprising that there is no option to replay the story missions. Ubisoft should have included it and the lack of this option further reduces the already minute replay value. Watch Dogs has a morale system that judges you based on your actions in free roam rather than the story based choices and hence it fails to make its presence known. Given that there are a lot of hacking options in the game, a bit more of variety in hacking was expected given the hype that the game was given and the reputation that the developer holds. To wrap it up, a bit more of variety in game play could have made this game a lot more fun. GRAPHICS AND ENVIRONMENT Almost every gamer who paid even the slightest attention to Watch Dogs pre release publicity must be familiar with the whole ‘graphics downgrade’ fiasco. But keeping all the false promises and misleads aside, the game looks decent; decent but not good. There are moments where it feels like the graphics could have been better. The interiors are better than the outdoors although there aren’t too many interiors and the textures vary from place to place. All in all, the graphics were good for what they were but could have been a whole lot better given all the time the devs took and all the promises they made. The environments are well detailed and the ever so humane NPC’s make Chicago even livelier. Gamers couldn’t have asked for a better Chicago and the absence of loading screens makes it even more enjoyable. MUSIC The music is different and matches the tone of the game. There is a touch of techno in the background scores which fits in perfectly with the theme of the game. Apart from the soundtrack, there are a wide range of songs available on your phone and in the in-game radio, which are easy on the ears but none of the songs seem to fit the game mood. The selection of songs is un-satisfactory to say the least and one would rather keep the radio permanently off in this game. FINAL VERDICT Watch Dogs is an ambitious game and almost manages to pull it off. Its got its flaws, but the game has to be appreciated for its ambition, its innovative idea and implementation. For a new IP, this game has done tremendously well and is recommended to all open world enthusiasts and hackers alike. At first notice Watch Dogs looks like an average 7, but with the amount of content thats in this game, it easily deserves a 8. People might argue that it has a low replay value but when the game boasts a game play length of about a 100 hrs ( including the side missions ) who needs a replay value? My Score: 8.4/10
  9. The game might have had a few bugs when it was released. I played this game long after it was released hence fortunately i didnt stumble upon any glitches...........
  10. Game: Beyond: Two Souls Age Rating: 16+ Genre: Interactive Drama, QTE(quick time events) Developer: Quantic Dream Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Game Director: David Cage Lead story writer: David Cage Played on: Playstation 3 Overview Beyond: Two Souls lets you live and experience the story of Jodie Holmes, a girl who has been linked with an entity named Aiden since the very first moment she was born. The game follows her life over a span of 15 years and lets us experience all the choices she made and the consequences she faced. STORYLINE AND CHARACTERIZATION Quantic Dream has created a reputation for itself with games like Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain. And Beyond Two Souls does a 100% job in keeping up with this reputation. Quantic Dream has always aimed at marrying gameplay with cinematic storytelling and with Beyond, it has reached a new peak. Storytelling isn’t about telling a simple story in a complicated way, but rather its the art of narrating a complicated story in a simple, elegant and beautiful way. And David Cage seems to be a master of storytelling. The story of Beyond: Two Souls is unique; its the story of a girl, Jodie Holmes, linked with an entity named Aiden, since her birth. Stories like this always risk getting too un-familiar with gamers but the story is narrated in such a smooth way that you ease into the flow without any hesitation. The storyline takes place over a span of 15 years, showing different phases of Jodie’s life which helps the player get more familiar with the character, understand her and see through her eyes. You watch her grow in front of your eyes, see her make choices and face the consequences. The storyline is vastly branched and hence every choice that you make as Jodie plays a crucial role in deciding the fate of Jodie. With almost 25 different endings, the importance of the choices you make is further amplified. And the amazing performances put forth by the star studded cast which included the likes of Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe help breathe new life into the characters. The performances by the cast are very strong; seeing them flinch and smile, cry and sulk, tear and stutter is simple wonderful. The amazing graphics further help the game to directly connect to the gamer. Coming to the characterization, the characterization in this game is very strong and detailed. Jodi Holmes is just the type of female protagonist the gaming world needed right now; strong, independent and non-stereotypical. Her personality is very defined. Not only Jodie, but each and every character has been designed carefully with a lot of detail and depth which is another plus side of this game; the side characters hold their own and aren’t over-shadowed by the dominating presence of such a strong lead character, which has been seen in many recent games like GTA V and The Last Of Us where gamers failed to appreciate the presence of the side characters due to such towering lead characters. Overall, Beyond delivers a story of a kind in a spectacular manner with characters that live and breath. GAMEPLAY Given the genre, the gameplay options are limited. Beyond: Two Souls is a heavy narrative and hence depends only on the choices that Jodie has to make. Hence the scope of gameplay variety is restricted but Quantic Dream has done a good job in making best out of literally nothing. THE GOOD QTE doesn’t always sound fun but Beyond uses QTE as its basic gameplay element and yet makes it interesting as there is a lot of variety to it. The game has a lot of gameplay than expected and the developers made sure that it doesn’t get too repetitive by allowing the player to play both as Jodie and Aiden. Further, Beyond can be played by two players, each controlling Jodie and Aiden respectively which gives a whole new split screen experience. Also, Quantic Dream found a perfect way of merging fight sequences with QTE in a spectacular and refreshing way. The game is fast paced for most of the time and it keeps you on the edge of your seat, with your fingers hovering over the buttons, waiting for the on-screen prompts to appear. Overall, the gameplay elements are very satisfying and QTE has never been more fun. Another good thing about this game is there is n ‘death’. As in you don’t die and re spawn if you don’t succeed in a mission. Instead not doing something right will affect your storyline and might result in missing whole chunks of the game. As there is no ‘death state’ , the story goes on in one way or another keeping the experience intact and immersive. THE BAD During the night sequences, the lighting doesn’t seem good enough; you can hardly see whats going on. The camera is very restricted which is frustrating at times. Also, character movement seems quite restricted and kind of breaks the immersion. The fight sequences and the slow mo sequences are cleverly designed but are really hard to get a hang of. Another low point was that, Beyond is game which plays along according to the choices you make; hence the curiosity of ‘what would happen if I had done that?’ is always there. But unfortunately, the chapters are quite long and the idea of playing through it all again ( with absolutely no chance of skipping the cutscenes) just to see a different consequence which doesn’t last more than a few minutes is very tiring and not attractive. And although Beyond boasts of a high replay value with almost as many as 25 different endings, it is not practically possible to actually play through all of them. The game is rather long and there are only a few key choices that actually affect the ending in a major way; hence the re runs end up being repetitive and boring except for a few changes here and there. It seemed like a cheap way to force the gamers to spend more time on the game than needed. To sum it up, Beyond does have a high replay value but its not appealing. GRAPHICS AND ENVIRONMENTS Beyond: Two Souls is a masterpiece, when it comes to graphics. The graphics in this game is ‘beyond’ description. The amount of detail in the characters or the environments is mind blowing and is reason enough for buying this game. Each and every freckle, every smile and every muscle twitch is shown in a very realistic, organic and detailed way. The graphics in this game do a really great job of further pushing the power of the narrative. In short words, these graphics are a treat to the eyes. The environments too, have been very carefully designed and are interactive to a very good extent. The game takes place in different locations and each environment has been perfectly designed not only to look natural and organic but also to reflect the mood of the game. MUSIC The music isn’t that great but it is isn’t boring either. You can sit through it without having to stuff you ears with cotton. FINAL VERDICT Beyond: Two Souls is an amazing game with mind blowing graphics and a very appealing and convincing storyline. The chance to decide the fate of the character through the choices we make further increases the importance of the narrative. However, the highly publicized replay value of this game is rather un-feasible which is a very big letdown given the expectations from the game. Also, the small technical inconveniences mentioned, like the cameras and character movement could have been very easily rectified. The game is highly recommended for gamers who like story driven/ narrative based games. Afterall, Beyond is more of a narrative media than a game. It is also a treat for all the ‘high quality graphics’ enthusiasts. But, gamers who enjoy the gameplay aspects of any game might not find it playable. The only reason it is a 7 and not a 9, is bcoz Beyond had a lot of replay value in it, with so many different consequences and different endings, yet it fails to entice the gamer to come back for a re run, given its quite-a-big gameplay length and repetitive gameplay elements. MY SCORE: 7/10
  11. Well, atleast it was 'better' than MW3 ............... i couldnt sit through that shit; it felt like i was playing a re-make of MW2. and the only reason i gave it a 7.8 and not a 5 or 6 was because i kinda liked the story as it came towards the end and i really liked the ending. But, as you said, we all have our opinions, dont we? PS Thanks for being polite tho. dont really find too many people like you on the net. and well, i respect your opinion too
  12. Game: Call of Duty: Ghosts Age Rating: 18+ Genre: First person shooter ( as if you didnt know that ) Played on: Playstation 3 Developer: Infinity Ward Publisher: Activision, Square Enix (Japan) Writer: Stephen Gaghan Now, before you guys start off with the ‘definition of insanity’ jokes, let tell me you guys, this game isn’t a product of the ‘rinse and repeat’ formula that was evidently visible in many of the previous COD games. I aint gonna say that this COD is ground-breaking but I am positive enough to say that this was a COD that the franchise needed. Overlook The game takes place in a world where the oil producing countries form a group called the Federation, amidst economic crisis and quickly conquers Central America and other parts of the world. You play as Logan, a soldier fighting against the Federation, and experience his journey as he goes on to become a part of one of the world’s most feared factions; The Ghosts. STORYLINE (No Spoilers) THE BAD The narrative is very much aimed at imposing a frightening and powerful image of the ghosts in your mind. Unfortunately it fails to do the same in the game. The intro given about the ghosts is exhilarating but it doesn’t really carry on into the game. The story doesn’t connect with you in the beginning and takes its own sweet time to grow on you; which is not always a good thing. The character depth and the connection that we had with the other NPC’s in previous COD games like MW2 is missing. You always have to look at the subtitles to remember what your brother’s name is and the strongest emotional connection that you have with a character in the first half of the game is a dog named Riley. Many a time, the story feels sidetracked as if the story was written for that particular mission and not the other way around. All in all, the story tries to impose a powerful depiction of the Ghosts but doesn’t really succeed. THE GOOD Although the story doesn’t catch you immediately, it does a great job of growing on you. The story progression is good, with a decent pace and linear and as you play along, you feel more and more connected to the story than you were in the first half of the game. The characterization of the antagonist, Rorke, was strong and dominating and he is the only guy in the game that can............... well, make you feel something. The story keeps getting better as you go along the game and as the story moves closer to the end, it gives out a final burst of magic dust and ends with a blast. But since I am such a good gamer, i am not gonna spoil anything for those who haven’t played it yet although there is one thing i would like to tell you about the ending; you wont see that one coming!!! GAMEPLAY THE GOOD The last COD game that I played was COD:MW3 and I was very disappointed with it, mainly because of how similar the missions in MW3 were to those in MW2. Fortunately, Ghosts was refreshing to play. A huge amount of variety has been introduced both into the gameplay and the level designs. The missions are more varied and take place in different and exotic and sometimes unexpected yet fun to play places. The amount of clichés has been reduced ( thank god and Infinity Ward for that ) and the game is full of adrenaline filled action sequences that will drop your jaw on the ground and leave you asking for more. The AI was a bit more challenging than the previous versions and they were much cleverer in terms of flanking you or covering your flanking routes. Also, the way the gameplay flows in and out of cutscenes without any loading screens is relieving and helps keep the experience much more enjoyable. THE BAD The Ghosts are given their name mainly for their skill to deliver without even making the sound of a feather falling. But unfortunately, the gameplay fails to make you feel that stealthy for most part of the game. The lack of any kind of good cover system further makes it worse; even though you are crouching behind a rock, you don’t actually feel like you are hiding. And although, I did say that the AI were clever their awareness levels are disappointingly low. One of the things that makes playing stealth fun is the fear that you could be caught. But when the AI awareness is so low, that you hardly have to worry about being caught, it breaks off tension and dissolves the experience. The single player campaign feels short and ends abruptly just when you are beginning to connect with the story and its characters. Oh, I aint done complaining yet. Another thing that was a bother was the checkpoint system. Now, the chapters are filled multiple checkpoints at appropriate points but these checkpoints are only useful if you are gonna die and respawn; they aren’t saved in case of other situations like our very own famous power cuts or crashes or anything like that. Which means that if you haven’t manually saved the game while playing a chapter and the game crashes or you face a power cut, you will have to play the whole chapter again and belive me, its frustrating. I had to play three whole chapters twice ( in different situations ) just bcoz i had a power cut at the end of each chapter. Lucky me, huh? Graphics and Environments As mentioned before, the level designs are fresh and surprisingly detailed for a first person shooter. The graphics were good but i felt that they could have been a tad bit better. The best thing about the COD games is how the gameplay flows into the cutscenes and the graphics do them justice. Overall, the environments are a treat to the eyes as they perfectly depict a war ridden world in its various different forms and the graphics are satisfactory. FINAL VERDICT Overall, this game is worth its time. Although it doesn’t have a good replay value for the single player mode, the multiplayer covers for it. It tries to bring stealth into this ‘go loud’ franchise and although i cant say it succeeds in it, it does a pretty good job trying. The fans of the series will love it and as for those who aren’t you might not love it but you will enjoy it enough to play through it if you are into first person shooter games. The strong point of this game is the way story progresses from ‘what the hell is happening’ to ‘what the hell is gonna happen next?’. This amazing story progression is the only reason why this game that looked like a measly 6 finished with a decent 7.8. My Score : 7.8/10
  13. Uncharted and The last of us might look same but the gameplay mechanics are different. For example we have a crafting system in The last of us and this game heavily depends on stealth so i recommend that you do play this game. you wont be dissapointed.
  14. Game: The Last Of Us Age Rating: 18+ Genre: Survival................”oh fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck” kind of survival. Developer: Naughty Dog Publisher: Sony Game Directors: Bruce Straley, Neil Druckmann Lead story writer: Neil Druckmann Played on: Playstation 3 Overlook The game is set in an apocalyptic world where a certain fungus has infected human beings and has turned them in into zombie-like creatures. Cities have been quarantined and the government has collapsed resulting in chaos and groups of people, who are willing to do anything, anything to survive, have sprung up which are much worse than hordes of infected. In a world where fighting for your life is an everyday routine, our hero is given a rather talkative package to deliver across the city. STORYLINE AND CHARACTERIZATION (No Spoilers) (4/4) I, as a gamer, believe that video games are a much efficient, effective and beautiful mode of storytelling. And the gaming industry is rapidly realizing the importance of good story telling to make a perfect game. A good story is a very important ingredient to make a good game and the guys at naughty dog seem to understand this very well. The game starts off with such intensity that it will make you stick to the screen and this intensity flows throughout the game. There is never a moment where you feel disconnected or sidelined from the characters or the story. The characterization is amazing and tender. You can feel them living and breathing alongside you. The story motivates you to play the game carefully; it motivates you to keep them alive at every point which is kind of beautiful. Its isn’t about just getting across levels, its about keeping Joel and the amazingly adorable Ellie alive. As I don’t want to spoil much, all I am saying is that this storyline will touch you and its one of the best storylines of 2013. And as far as characterization goes, the protagonist, Joel, is pretty much what you would expect; a rugged ‘almost out of middle age and really tired of the shit thats been going on’ kinda guy. Everything about him, his dressing, movement, dialogue screams it. Coming to the sweet little 14 year old Ellie, well, i have never actually cared for a side character so much since Ghost in COD: MW2. Her characterization is so strong that as you progress along the game, you almost involuntarily start becoming more protective of her. Not only this, but the other characters in the game also done a great job. They all feel important and integrated into the story. You’ll know what I mean when you play the game. So, overall, i am not saying that these are the best characters eve created but they are pretty good and also do a good job of connecting with the player. GAMEPLAY (3/3) I haven’t played any other survival games before this one so I don’t have a milestone to compare this game with but I am gonna say this; Naughty Dog nailed it. They depicted the survival theme in every part of the game play mechanics. The game consists of three simple things; shooting, scavenging and surviving. The game literally wants you to survive its horrifying world. You hardly have any ammunition (which kinda makes sense as you can’t exactly walk into a ‘ammunation’ store in a post apocalyptic world) which forces you to use stealth. Since you are low on bullets, you start looking for other options and thats when the crafting system comes in. Naughty Dog have created a beautiful and sensible crafting system which helps players craft tools which can be used to kill the infected and humans alike. The materials needed for this can be found throughout the levels. And this is the best part. Naughty Dog was clever not to make this a fee roam game because in a free roam game like GTA V, we always feel like there could have been something more in the game. But The Last Of Us has restricted game levels and these levels are completely filled with things to discover. Its like you see a small shelf and think ‘it would be nice if i could open it and find something” and when you do open it, you find something like a letter from a husband to his wife or a comic book left behind by the former residents. The world is filled so many small things that you will always be satisfied by opening doors and drawers. The AI is great and the variety of thugs and the infected are satisfying. The infected aren’t exactly scary but they do a hell of a good job surprising the fuck out of you. The checkpoint system works absolutely fine. So, overall, Naughty Dog nailed the whole survival theme. This game will force you to be patient, it will force you to be stealthy and you will love it for it. Its like bondage; you know its gonna hurt but you also know that you’re gonna love it. GRAPHICS AND ENVIRONMENT (2/2) Nothing much to say on this. We all know the quality of the graphics Naughty Dog produces (Look up Uncharted here). Its amazing and mesmerizing. The environments have been designed beautifully and exceptionally well detailed. They perfectly capture the whole “this world is fucked up but maybe there is still some hope” vibe. You have everything from dark scary basements to beautiful sunsets and eerily calm snowy mountains. You’ll love it. MUSIC (1/1) Probably the best original score I have heard in a videogame in 2013. The music is simple, uncomplicated and amazingly touch. It captures the whole desperation and irony of the storyline. So, on the whole, this game was a beautifully crafted masterpiece. If you haven’t bought it, then buy it now. If you haven’t thought of buying it, well, buy it now. If don’t know anything about this game, then, again, buy it now. This is the kind of game that will please any kind of gamer. My Score: 10/10
  15. Wow!!! Its reviews like these that encouraged me to start writing reviews of my own. So well written and beautiful and knowledgeable!! Thank you very much for this!!!