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    Modding, modeling, anime, music ... stuff.
  1. I never knew this fan-made game existed, but it exactly what it sez on the tin. You guide your chapter to glory or ruin. http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Chapter_Master_%28game%29 SCREENSHOTS PICTS: http://i.imgur.com/0FufKr9.png http://i.imgur.com/D45aBwi.png Also, for the lulz: Ladies and gentlemen. I give you the most heavily defended planet in the universe:
  2. THE_TrashMan EU player
  3. I disagree. By what logic doesn't it fit? You got super-human demi gods of war in uber-power armor going around on a super-derelict fighting space monsters. An excellent FPS backdrop.
  4. Playing with the Angry Army was the most fun I ever had in multi. I hope that the devs fix PSD2 soon, so mybe we can have anoter run at it.
  5. Should have read that earlier.. Missed chance.
  6. Friday 0:30 GMT? Early, early Friday morning? Dang. Don't think I can make it. I have work on Friday morning and my gaming machine isn't with me. I do have my laptop with me and it can run PS2 (low settings) but... I doubt I it.
  7. there was another AJA member with me .. mm... kowon18 or something like that. I'm downright terrible at remembering names, sorry man.
  8. Sez no usern named CReplica
  9. We partially failed because we were clustered, thus we were percieved as a big threat. I am thinking more spreading around and just being a nusiance. No more than 3 infiltrators at a single base, just enough to cause a s****storm if we strike at the right time. Something like - if a friendly push is being made into location X, we start hitting all areas AROUND X, so they can't bring in armor/air from there. When a friendly push is being made, a delay in enemy response can go a long way.
  10. So..no one from AJA plays it, or it just isn't officially supported (no clan, etc..)?
  11. Well, even the ships look "heavily insipired" by SC
  12. HM...lots of heavies with multi-purpose lock-ons? If we really want to be a pain the a**, we can all go inflitrator and turn terminals, plant bombs, and camp at veichle bays.
  13. I honestly can't even recall what I did. That night is a blur.
  14. I really like his shirt.