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    Gaming (Stealth & Strategy, a little bit RPG (ME, Deus EX).
    Reading (Tolkien, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Orwell, Tom Clancy)
  1. I actually don't like it. A little improvement in Stealth mechanics and a more likable character don't help over the fact that this is NO Assassinc Creed anymore. The main character doesn'T even have to do a lot anymore with the Assasssins and Templars and his sole motivation is Gold. Seriously, I think it's a very good pirate game, but they should have just let the Assassins Creed away and make a Pirate Game without Assassins and with a pirate title, or a Pirate game within the AC universe as a Spin Off. Assassins Creed should be Assasssins Creed. I know people are saying that the whole Assassins vs Templars is getting boring. But to be honest: 1. This is what AC is about 2. ACIII has delivered it very bad 3. There are SO MANY WAYS to show the core concepts and philosophies of those groups without repeating yourself in terms of story 4. Gameplay should be improved, a thing that - aside from the little bit imroved Stealth - didn't evolve at all the last games. 5. There is no challenge anymore 6. Some of the side-missions, because they are Asssassin-related and because the main story is not, just seem out of place. That's my opinion. A good pirate game, but a terrible Assassins Creed. It's only milking the cow and advertising a different game (differenent in theme and not evolving in gameplay) with the Assassins Creed name....
  2. Hey, I was just interested if anyone ever heard of Pandora - First Contact. It's a strategy game made by an Indie Developer having similarities with Sid Meyers Alpha Centauri. Though that might be worth looking into for some of you guys: Here is the link to the trailer (couldn't find an option to embed the video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kShb7IycKFo Tell me what you think.
  3. I'd say CivV and CivIV both. Civ IV is the most complex game, while Civ V is a little bit simpler, but a well rounded package now with G&K and BNW.
  4. Too old? You kidding me? This game still has a good solid community, and to be honest it is the best CoD game.
  5. Personally I don'T mind playing CoD. The only thing that always bothers me is if other game developers (especially in stealth, RPG or mixed genres) are trying to "copy" the "action" and "explosives" and "linearity" of the CoD series to attract a wider audience. First of because it never works, and secondly because it ruins the game series most of the time. CoD has problems like any other gaming series which has released over 3 games of it's format. It's a pattern people, things get boring, problems earlier on overshadowed by the groundbreaking new form of gameplay or visual presentation are realized by more and more players, improvement is either too fast (in some cases) or not fat enough (in other cases). CoD is a solid shooter and is mainly a Multiplayer game, even if the campaign sometimes has a nice story (example: Black Ops (1)).
  6. Double Agent (4) and Conviction (5) are regarded as the downpoint of the franchise..... Blacklist (6) is not bad really. But if you ever try it, prepare for more action.... Somehow developers seem to think there is action nedded in a stealth game... -.-
  7. Remains only the removal of the numerous scenes that force you down an action path. I'm all about OPTIONAL action, but that's what it has to be, mostly optional. I don't mind 1 or 2 twists and action scenes in the whole game, but they are still too much on the "action&explosions" path to attract casual gamers. Also, the more old features they bring back (without removing new ones of course), the better the game gets in my eyes.
  8. Why not? But if you already add the MW series make sure there is a CoD4 (MW1) community, even if it's small.
  9. I'm all in guys, as you know @Mizgog and ProfessorOaked => I also only have G&K so far. NO worries.
  10. First even? Where? How? I'll check on the steam-group later, I guess I'll see then. Hope I have time to participate. Btw.: You should really make a post in the Game Requests forum and then go to the game polls forum and create a poll. I assume you already thought of that, I just wanted to mention it to get a confirmation you are doing that and just waiting for the right moment.
  11. Well, no matter the playtime, I would be in as a player. We can also look if a private hotseat is possibe. I don't know howexactly that works, never played a hostead before. As far as I understood you take a nation until you can't play anymore, then you go out and the A.I. continues for you or another player goes in in your stead? Or how does that work? Ayway, multiple players for multiple rounds/eras would be an idea. You know, something like: Me = Ancient - Medival, Other player = Medival - Renaissance, Me again = Renaissance - Industrial (changing every X ( 100 - 200 in a marathon game) turns. But I guess that wouldn'T work properly...
  12. Anyway... we need to found a Splinter Cell CT - Blacklist Coop // SvM group. Who is with me?
  13. 1. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory 2. Civilization V 3. Deus Ex Human Revolution 4. Mass Effect (2) 5. Hitman Blood Money 6. Dishonored
  14. Okay.... I'm going to answer on those who I know good enough. Goku vs. Monkey => ... Monkey Sonic vs. Mario => Mario Samus vs. Master Chief => Master Chief Snake vs. Fisher => Fisher
  15. Double Agent? What about Conviction?