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  1. Slayer35 liked a post in a topic by Dex500 in Anyone heard of "Pandora - First Contact" ?   
    I was just interested if anyone ever heard of Pandora - First Contact.
    It's a strategy game made by an Indie Developer having similarities with Sid Meyers Alpha Centauri.
    Though that might be worth looking into for some of you guys:
    Here is the link to the trailer (couldn't find an option to embed the video):
    Tell me what you think.
  2. Vacuum liked a post in a topic by Dex500 in Assassin's Creed Black Flag???   
    I actually don't like it.
    A little improvement in Stealth mechanics and a more likable character don't help over the fact that this is NO Assassinc Creed anymore. The main character doesn'T even have to do a lot anymore with the Assasssins and Templars and his sole motivation is Gold.
    Seriously, I think it's a very good pirate game, but they should have just let the Assassins Creed away and make a Pirate Game without Assassins and with a pirate title, or a Pirate game within the AC universe as a Spin Off.
    Assassins Creed should be Assasssins Creed.

    I know people are saying that the whole Assassins vs Templars is getting boring.

    But to be honest:
    1. This is what AC is about
    2. ACIII has delivered it very bad
    3. There are SO MANY WAYS to show the core concepts and philosophies of those groups without repeating yourself in terms of story
    4. Gameplay should be improved, a thing that - aside from the little bit imroved Stealth - didn't evolve at all the last games.
    5. There is no challenge anymore
    6. Some of the side-missions, because they are Asssassin-related and because the main story is not, just seem out of place.
    That's my opinion.
    A good pirate game, but a  terrible Assassins Creed.
    It's only milking the cow and advertising a different game (differenent in theme and not evolving in gameplay) with the Assassins Creed name....
  3. August_Marx liked a post in a topic by Dex500 in Civilization V **[Ineligible, No Guild/Clan Need]**   
    I'm all in guys, as you know
    @Mizgog and ProfessorOaked => I also only have G&K so far. NO worries.
  4. 7thFrost liked a post in a topic by Dex500 in To all you Hitman players out there, challenge each other !!   
    I only wish they would have expanded the Contracts with new Levels/Stages/Maps.
    Some of the story maps are not really sandboxy enough to create in Contracts Mode.
    I also think that the rating system in Absolution was bull (no offense).
    It did rate you in ALL the sections, although you often only had a contract in one of them.
    There could have been a better realization of this, especially how you said, that the missions where so sectioned, I would have rather had it to be one single big sandbox map with multiple entry and escape routes.
  5. Dex500 liked a post in a topic by Gone the Third in Splinter Cell series anyone?   
    I thought Blacklist was okay. A better Splinter Cell than Conviction, but still in need of some of the old school mechanics to really be great. It's a step in the right direction, if nothing else.
    Nothing will ever top Chaos Theory, though.
  6. Dex500 liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Splinter Cell series anyone?   
    I've enjoyed each of the games, Chaos Theory the most for it's online and co-op. Conviction was ok but really missed out on not having the online and the gadgets were all overpowered. Blacklist improved on Convictions gameplay but it looks like they ruined the MP, which seems to be what everyone is a fan of doing lately, by giving the spies weapons and speeding things up
    Yeah, looks that won't happen
  7. ' liked a post in a topic by Dex500 in Have you ever encountered racism in a playerbase?   
    Damn Asians ....
    (I'm just joking here )
    But seriously though....
    I seldomly encountered racism. I mean yeah, once or twice there is this guy who is just there to troll and insult people, but it's mostly not race/ethnicity/nationality-specific.
    At least not in mp games. But I had my cases once or twice in forums and social communities.
    There was this one time where a guy on the SC forums (Ubisoft forums) was just against all of us kind of. He was childisch, threatened everyone that he "calls his friends from anonymus" if we are not nice to him (which was very hard, since he was insulting us often and he was insulted very quickly, even if you just contradicted him or represented the opposite opinion). So yeah, he then started with all that talk "Hey German, how is Hitler ?" and that stuff. Then he called me Hitler. I just had to laugh, since Hitler was actually no German but an Austrian so....
    And then there was this guy on Youtube. I just watched the new trailer for SC:Blacklist and Briggs was in it (you know the afroamerican partner of Sam). Then I read the comments and one guy actually wrote this in the comments "Oh damn, why does there have to be a nigger in this game?" And I was like "WTF? In what time do you live to express yourself like that?"
    Well, those were the major incidents I encountered.
    Bottom line is that there are always jerks and idiots in online communities, you can't avoid that. It's sad but you have to keep in mind most of those people are very close minden and most of then will probably have a much lesser IQ than you...
    EDIT: And this. I understand not wanting to have a person in the game who can't speak your language good enough to be understanable, but if a person can speak good english that is actually a sign for opennness and there is no reason to ban such a person just because he is of another nationality or ethnicity.
  8. Dex500 liked a post in a topic by ' in Have you ever encountered racism in a playerbase?   
    Thinking about it i get why they think I am Chinese, kanji is literally borrowed chinese lettters made different so they look KINDA alike, but it would be difficult for you to tell so i do understand that. I was just wondering about the fact that you want to ban a whatever the person is when they speak perfectly fine english.
  9. Dex500 liked a post in a topic by 7thFrost in To all you Hitman players out there, challenge each other !!   
    Played all,beaten all but my favorite,and most hardcore hitman fans I know,is Blood Money
    I've absolutely tore that game apart in terms of variety in completing missions,you name it,I've probably done it in Blood Money
    have about 1000 hours into that game.
    As for the latest hitman,I liked it,but it had far too many sequences which have no target and your only objective is to escape from the police,that was totally unnecessary and just boring,and not what Hitman games are about at all.
    But when you did have access to those contract missions,it's awesome
  10. Captain Ahab liked a post in a topic by Dex500 in To all you Hitman players out there, challenge each other !!   
    how about a nice topic about the Hitman series?
    We can discuss tactics and methods, talk about our series favorite, share ideas of how the series should continue and cahllenge each other in contracts mode.

  11. Dex500 liked a post in a topic by IcedAjack in What kind of players piss you the hell off?   
    People can dream, can't they?
  12. MegaSonicGeo liked a post in a topic by Dex500 in What kind of players piss you the hell off?   
    The ones who buy Stealth games but can't play stealthy.
  13. shizzel2442 liked a post in a topic by Dex500 in CIV V AJSA Steam Group [Un-official]   
    I'm in.
    I didn't play much mp in Civ V so far but with a real clan/group I'm in.
  14. Dex500 liked a post in a topic by Trisdino in Civilization   
    A series spanning decades, featuring incredible depth, lots of strategy, and the option to live out fascinating alternate reality scenarios. This thread is for discussing all things civ, mods, games, communities, and much more