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  1. doy ou have it on ps4? can i add you please? I DID NOT UNERSTAND A THING that you said hehehe... i am usually not a shallow rader but i still was not able to get in depth with your words.
  2. MAN I AM GOING TO EXPLODE WHY DO I STILL ONLY GET 178 GEAR? please please please please please someone help me! shertheperv = psn ps4 handle . nima naghibi on facebook
  3. I agree to that... but 1080 p should it be impossible now? for all games? i guess the effects and graphical effects would suffer and it would not look next gen if they chose resolution over effects( what am i trying to say.. what are they called=?) I am happy that they did not go for resolution in games such as destiny and chose to make it look more next gen and the 30 p was is not horrible but is it impossible somehow that in the future games can be 180 AND have the Grp Quality ?
  4. i do not care what you gus say 180 p was the standard of the xbox360 and ps3 we all sat patiently and hoped for next gen consoles , atlas they are getting the effects and other detailed graphical things right , alms a ps3 , 5.
  5. please come and help me ia m not kiding if you see al my gear that i have collected are 178 ish .. no matter what i collect i tried some couple of patrol missions with same problem
  6. i havev upgraded almost fully 3 of my weapons and they have blue colour
  7. ps4
  8. how many vanguards must i do to be granted access i have done many boring missions over and over vanguard and i still can not buy things
  9. PSN = PLAYSTATION NETOWRK PLEASE HELP i am lvl 20 and 24 light i only find 178 lvl gear. no matter wha ti do...
  10. well my name on pen is shervtheperv level 16? why do i always get 178 damage in all lvl 20 or even higher missions? its so turning me off this game.
  11. i am stuck with 178 weapons .. that is all i loot and find can someone please help me? i am at lvl 23 how do i get better items? i have tried all modes besides pvp which i am doing now.
  12. There are SO many people including me who do no really care about graphics but 1080 p IS NOT NEW get with the time I AM NOT ASKIN full graphics for consoles i never did .. but 60fps is important because games are meant to be played at great speed its not a matter of subjective preference ... there are standards you either reach them or you dont .. its either good or its not so good not so good is less then good .. its not great like pc is .. its just good 60 fps.
  13. no its not... there is a lot of problems with the resolution and fps and everyone has been upset because of the irregularity of quality. ALSO many are now angry because of the parity or whatever its called where they make games dumbed down to play the same on both consoles favouring or disfavouring another console this is painful. I wonder how they could miss like this with the hardware my almost 5 year old pc runs all of these games on full or close to full in HD 180p i must say i am disappointed that the current gen consoles can not even do half of that.
  14. I did not understand your post , so much. I want to make destiny my example when i say that it was working GREAT 30fps and it looks AMAZING on 900p BUT , here comes the problems, IF you go and sitt in front to your tv or display you will notice that the game becomes ugly but i did not find any problem with the 30 fps framerate but what i think is interesting is that people are saying it impacts game play significantly(am i wrong about this part?) so this would maybe be non negotiable factor for games yet to come. Personally, i am not yet that accustomed to what fps does so much as i know what resolutions do but i think we should NOT sacrifice game play over graphics AND if we DO we just might as well make emulators that play the games on best graphics but is choppy 10 fps .. I am sorry to say i DONT THINK the cloud will save anything not this time around.
  15. personally , i think that 900p 30hz is not looking bad when you sit afar but pc players sift with their heads up the screen so they can see a difference or anyone can see a difference if you sift close to your tv therefore i think that 900p 30hz right now is fine for me IF THE GAME IS FUN which destiny barely is. in the long run though , they are all messed up! unless they find a way to increase the power for low end hardware with software which would maybe be revolutionary on its own in some respects. I doubt anyone can use software to kind of make the two consoles play 180p let alone 4k. sorry i always meant to say FPS but i was thinking the HZ .. i a not sure if they are related , i did not study anything for this comment.