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  1. I was a console gamer for most of my life and while I have been playing on PC for quite some time only now I'm delving more into the whole "PC Master race" thing. You know getting to know my PC specs, tinkering with option menus and if I lived in a decent country I may even build my own rig. Something that has been bugging me recently is what causes a game to run poorly. In my noob knowledge I know it depends on Graphics and particles, it also depends on things like the engine of the game and how well it run in different graphic cards and the scope of the game. However two games have messed with these ideas for me recently: Overwatch and Dead by daylight, two games that I wanted to play but for some reason don't run on my Laptop even at the lowest settings. From my research these two games require a graphics card that is a few points higher than mine however what troubles me is why does this happen? My laptop can run big games, some heavy stuff. My best example being Planetside 2, I have taken part of big wars there, from Zerg rushes on BIO labs to all out bridge warfare and base invasion, these battles take part with hundred to literally thousands of players at the same time, players with different, customized loadouts and all of them shooting from foot, ground and air vehicles. Sure i play in medium and it may chug a bit but its smooth enough for me to shoot at long range (despite my horrible aim), drive around with some buddies or stand in the back repairing maxes/vehicles and dropping ammo for allies while getting shot with artillery, other players and grenades. The rest of the time in smaller skirmishes or when driving around on my ANT runs even better. And Planetside 2 isn't a bad looker either, even at medium it's pretty colorful, vibrant and looks really cool. Now Overwatch looks good, really good but no matter how many options I turned down Overwatch kept crashing on me, i looking all through the internet, tried many fixes and even went on a live chat with technical support but it was all due to my graphics card not being up to standard. On the other side of the spectrum we got Dead by daylight, I won't take anything away from that game cause it looks really good, its creepy, disturbing, unsettling, all the right things you want in a good horror game but I don't understand why my laptop can run it when I have ran what I think are more demanding games. Anyways my question is what does these games have that tanks the graphic card harder that should demand more from the PC. If you're wondering these are my specs: Processor: Intel Core i5-3337U CPU @ 1.80 GHz RAM: 6,00 GB Operative System: Windows 7 (64 bits) Graphics card: Intel HD Graphics 4000 Games I have ran no problem: Warframe (Med settings), Planetside 2 (Med settings), Dota 2 (Mid to high settings), Guild Wars 2 (Mid to high), League of legends (Med settings), Ghost in the shell Stand alone Complex first assault (that's 3 words too long... also High settings), Team Fortress 2 (high), Heroes of the Storm (Med settings), Star Wars the old republic (Med settings). Games i had trouble with no matter the setting: Overwatch, Wildstar, Dead by daylight. Hope you guys can help me and if you can give me some reliable sources to read about this subject that would be great, mu knowledge comes mostly from watching people like Totalbiscuit, ReviewTechUSA and other tech savy people in Youtube. Thanks in advance!
  2. how to

    I just got back to Planetside 2 and for all new players i recomend playing either Combat Medic or Engineer cause they earn Cert points passively and rather fast if you know where to plant yourself, allowing you to get Cert Points while you focus on learning weapon recoil, map and all that. Just go to a high traffic area and if your an Engi toss an ammo pack in a cluster of friendlies who are constantly shoting and be on the lookout for things to repair, as a medic stay behind cover and look for wounded players to heal.
  3. overwatch

    Or a large bot wiht mortars on its back
  4. overwatch

    Armor is a health type so who says its physical armor? maybe a Omnic that focused on a slow advance. Yeah thats kinda like Reinhardt, but we do need someone to face him, he is like the #1 Tank of Overwatch
  5. overwatch

    well they could balance it out by... i dunno making the character short range oriented or making it a pretty huge target
  6. Hey there! been some time since i was around these forums. I had some questions and wanted to discuss about overwatch but since i dont own the game i cant comment there, meh i understand. This forums are pretty good anyways So i have been studying various aspects of the game in terms of balance and mechanics and something that got my eye is the diferenst types of "Health" that there are. Health and Shields work the same way as various other games have done like Halo or Warframe but Armor is an interresting case. Armor is a Health type that is usually reserved for Tanky heroes like Bastion or D.Va and from what i have gathered (videos and the wiki) it reduces any attack that deals more than 10 damage by 5 and attacks that deal less than 10 are reduced by half, and yes Armor can be healed back up like normal health, this is meant for tanks to have a way to reduce the effectiveness of low damage weapon users such as Tracer or Soldier 76. Thing is that all heroes with armor only have partial armor and then normal health so i was curious for those who play Overwatch how balanced would be a hero with Only Armor for health, not sure if that would be balanced. I think it would offer an interresting gameplay mehcanic as characters like tracer or D.va would struggle to take it down so they need to rely on their higher damage team mates like Phara or Widowmaker. At the same time said armor character could act as a meat shield for the usual victims of said characters. Of course it would require alot of tweaking about numbers and skills so it doesnt become an unstopable killing machine. What you guys think?
  7. Can you point out on my thread where i said i was special, where i said that joe was wrong and i saw right and all that. Cause i dont understand where you getting all that
  8. Nah dont worry you got the point pretty early, i really hope they get it
  9. omg.... Am i missing something? didnt i explained myself well enough? were the quotation marks not odvious enough? thats exactly what im saying! You are jsut repeating what im saying like im attacking Joe or thinking myself as some kind of special snowflake. Here have a direct quote from the post if you didnt read the endire thing: "So the Moral of the story is that, like various Critics have said themselves, don't take someone's review as the one and only opinion that matters. Take it as an opinion, look for other people's reviews or opinions and see if the good things outweigh the bad. Frankly im feeling like buying the game again and give it a second chance, maybe this time i will be able to push all the bad to enjoy its really unique take on magic." Is that clear enough?
  10. Did you read the entire thread? i think i explained my point pretty well Oh that shit pissed me off so baaaaaaaad. I hope people wake up and dont buy it so they are forced to cell it ceparately. Also Evolve Stage 2 is looking good so far, still afraid of what they are agonna do for payment methods but they are doing a good job with it so far, crossing my fingers
  11. Wow this takes me back, recently I saw NC's video about If a movie can be so good is bad and got me thinking about how most people tend to view critics and I used to do as well. Putting them in a sort of pedestal where we though they couldn't be wrong cause that's their job, they are professionals right? That reminded me the time I was "betrayed" by Angry Joe. I was looking for new games for my PS3, I was young and impressionable, well not as young, about 17-18 years old but i was still rather new to youtube, its channels and the internet in general and i remember Angry Joe was the first game reviewer I constantly watched. Then comes the Two Worlds II review and like the silly little guy i was i took his word for granted (cause i was a fan of any game that allows me to be my own guy and play my own way) and bought the game. That night was pretty bad. The controls where floaty and the melee combat was atrocious, and i want to give special mention to the story and voice acting cause back in the day i used to ignore all that for the gameplay part of the game but even before i was subjected to the horribleness of the controls, even back then the graphics, voice acting and story just hit me in the face like a truck. Not helping matters was the broken AI and glitches, the many ways i got stuck, so many times it wasn't funny. Like that time i was attacking some bandits and my badass hero got stuck in a rock, as in a small pebble on the ground. For good things i remember actually licking the fact i could paint my gear and how intriguing the magic system was, all bugged down by the rest of the game, and the bugs. So to cool down i just plugged Lost Planet 2 for the rest of the night. I remember being incredibly angry at Joe for recommending me such a piece of trash game, i even remember writing a long angry comment on the video the next day. Just thinking about it makes me feel really bad, specially cause apparently i was the only one who had a very negative experience. Of course i was blinded by rage and just ignored all that. To write this i decided to look back at Joe's review of the game and others reviews on it to compare and contrast, mainly ProJared, Yatzhee and Gamestop. Making memory of my experiences i think the ones that reflected it better where Jared and Yatzhee, pointing out stuff i did noticed back then and now. However looking at Joe's review again its much fairer that i remember and along with Gamestop's review gave me an interesting look, it made me notice the good stuff on the game along with my new, more experienced view on games. So the Moral of the story is that, like various Critics have said themselves, don't take someone's review as the one and only opinion that matters. Take it as an opinion, look for other people's reviews or opinions and see if the good things outweigh the bad. Frankly im feeling like buying the game again and give it a second chance, maybe this time i will be able to push all the bad to enjoy its really unique take on magic. This is just a little story i wanted to share with you guys and maybe Joe himself and his crew. A look back sort of speak, reflecting on past mistakes. Was there a moment where you feel like your fav reviewer betrayed you by recommending a game that, for you, was awful? Share it on the comments! remember a loss is only a loss if you dont learn from it. Also please dont mention IGN, we all know they got quite the reputation behind them so it would be kinda obvious. In any case hope you guys enjoyed it, also thank you Angry Joe you and your friends are great, keep doing a great job. Anyways take care guys and share your stories.
  12. Keyword being solid, is not really going to blow your socks off but it will surprice you how fun it actually is
  13. Man Umbrela Corp looks horrible. I just saw Angry Joe's Review and poor guy the things he has to do... In the Spirit of the poor beaten Resident Evil Franchise i think there is a game you guys should support: Resident Evil Revelations 2. Its a fun Silly little game. It has both an actual Story Campaign with an interresting twist for Coop where there are alwys two characters who have different abilities like Claire and Moira, where Claire is the classic Gun wielding character while Moira is more of a Melee oriented support who can only wield a crowbar and a flashlight to blind enemies, and she is Surprisingly fun to play and my god that Crowbar, dont underestimate it. On the Other Side we got Barry who is taged with a strange little girl (as in like 8-10 years old) who can se enemies through walls and throw briks and with her small size can easily escape pursue and crawl around small places. And the Multiplayer is a sort of simulation where you are a digital avatar who can take the form of various RE characters that you unlock by doing missions, said characters also come with diffferent abilities They are mostly passives like more healing, more AoE on bombs, More ammo and reload speed, harder melee ETC but thrust me they do make a huge difference and do allow you to speciallice on a playstyle. And Yes full on Melee brawler is a posibility, sometiems even encouraged. Its a pretty cool game the story (from hat i have seen) is actually intriuing and the campaign is rather intense and sometimes even scary. Is not RE6 or 5 is a good balance of calm moment with intense monster action an on that note the monsters can be pretty disturbing, some more than others. And the Multiplayer is kinda like Mercenaries but most of the time without a Timer and the best part is that on consoles it has Split Screen Coop on both sides! As soon as i can i wil buy the full game to see how the The First episode is free on PS3, not sure its the same on PS4 or on the XBox side. it gives you access to the first episode campaign and the first episode characters and missions for Multiplayers. Seriously you guys should check it out it definelly deserves more attention. Hope this helps in some way and maybe the ASJA could make it an offitial game if enough people enjoy it.
  14. But most of the jokes feel like they where at the expenses of Joe being a dump fanboy rather than making good points to why he liked the movie. I know, i guss i just wanted to get it out of my sistem somehow. But He did had some good points in Injustice like i said, he wasnt a fanboy there, he was a fan.
  15. Here Krauserlols again, this is just something i want to tell Joe before the Batman V Superman review. Dont be a fanboy like you where in Man of Steel review. Here are a few examples 13: 17 - When the Critic mentions that every time Klark's father opens his mouth is just saying how much of a messiah he is. At first Joe has a good point mentioning that part when his father says "Maybe let them die" is good cause truly his father doesn't know how to respond cause its either do it and show the world what his son is or keep his son's secret but let the kids die, even if Joe had trouble to express it. But then at 14:43 the Critic explains his point, that everyone sees to just talk how important he is . Joe's answer to that? "He said it differently though..." and doesn't say why or give a counter argument. 16:05 - Angry Joe tries to defend Lois lane's character Like he says she, at first, is a stronger character, actively looking for answers and has no time for the military's stupidity. Until, like the Critic says, seems like she got hit by the Nolan ray, turning into a cold thing who only talks about how everything around here is SO VERY IMPORTANT GUYS in that distinctive monotone tone. Joe's answer? talk about how life sometimes can be "like that", life can be cruel and mentions the Lobster costume joke. And that's it, he doesn't make a point proving that the Critic was wrong that they aren't like that, just makes a joke about it and move on. 21:20 - Klark's father sacrifices himself for no reason. Again the critic makes a good point, Klark's father sacrifices himself even though Clark could have easily saved the dog without using his power and in the worst case scenario he would be fine. But nooooo he had to let the tornado kill him so teach some sort of lesson to Clark. And once again Joe's answer is dump and empty, he just says that Clark's father think he is right when Critic answers Joe proceeds to just confuse him, not content with that Joe says "that this move is deeper than you think, its raising question", sadly Critic just moves on and doesn't put him on his place. Like what kind of questions? how stupid and self important Clark's father is? 27:50 - Superman is Jesus Once again Joe talks like he is right. When Critic mentions how heavy the symbolism and comparisons to Superman and Jesus are Joe just rambles about how "It's to show how he would be like more god or man? to show hes humble" Except it just doesn't, it's just to show Superman is god and we should bow to him, seriously did he really had to leave the ship in a cross shaped pose? like this is a video game and his model glitches into a T-pose. My Problem with this Review is that Angry Joe talks more like a dump fanboy who think he is right, ignores obvious flaws and when said flaws are shown he tries to distract you from them. The only time Joe is right is at 33:00 the critic admits that the fight scene near the end is amazing, cause yeah it actually is a really cool fight. I wanted the Joe who puts aside his fanboy within if something clearly sucks, points out flaws and recognizes the good things even in the worst of games. Take for example his Review of Injustice where he explain how he likes how he can keep the Super Hero Superman idea intact but he would have respected if they kept with their guns and went with the Evil Superman idea, or points out how the Good Superman at one point blast vehicles with people still in them cause Black Adam is throwing them at him. Or his review of Halo 5: Shut up grown up are talking. The whole review discussing the few good points it has and how sad it is to be bogged down by its flaws like a boring story, stupid AI and the loss of the iconic split screen, CoD: Advanced Warfare, with its flaws, has a functional split screen for online that doesn't mess with the online experience, in my 5 year old Ps3 with a phone connection what's your excuse halo seriously. Or perhaps you want an older review? like his top 10 (32) Reasons Fable III sucks, opening with how torn he was cause despite how much he loves the Fable Series he cant like Fable III for all the flaws it has. That Review was in 2011. I want Joe to respect the words he said during his Halo review, many times. That he is the real fan of it cause he seen the flaws and want to inform them so they can fix them, not just gosh about how awesome and perfect everything is. I dont say he has to be agressive or just say that it sucks. If Joe likes the movie or not i want him to express his points, give counter arguments, give proof of his points. I want Joe to try and convince me to be on his side. As a last example i want to point out the recent crossover of Bennett the Sage and Nostalgia Critic to review Speed Racer the movie. In it they make a good job at establishing that yes Bennett likes the movie, its not perfect and when NC points out flaws that Bennett can't deny, he agrees but when he sees something he likes, he defends it. Bennett even explains in the end why he doesnt hate Speed Racer as much as the rest, cause while it sucks at east you can see the effort that went into making it unlike other movies that are just directives (Dragon Ball Evolution anyone?). In the End all i want to say is that, dont be a fanboy Joe, plz dont be a freaking fanboy. If you like this or not just leave your comments, its just something i wanted to get out of my chest, i would gladly discuss my points though if im wrong.