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  1. shockysparks liked a post in a topic by Krauserlols in quick new player DO'S and DON'TS for planetside   
    I just got back to Planetside 2 and for all new players i recomend playing either Combat Medic or Engineer cause they earn Cert points passively and rather fast if you know where to plant yourself, allowing you to get Cert Points while you focus on learning weapon recoil, map and all that.
    Just go to a high traffic area and if your an Engi toss an ammo pack in a cluster of friendlies who are constantly shoting and be on the lookout for things to repair, as a medic stay behind cover and look for wounded players to heal.
  2. RavenKitsune liked a post in a topic by Krauserlols in Thoughts on Jhin   
    The comparison RavenKitsune of Lux and Morgana is a valid one cause they are pretty similar, they are both Utility mages that can be pretty powefull full mage or very annoing Support mages. Thing is they offert differnt things to each other. I would say Lux has more constant CC and her ult is perfect to pick off weak champions or to scare off squishy carries, late game its damage is scare while Morgana has stronger CC but less frecuent and her Shield IS stronger than Lux's but only covers one champion and only covers from magi damage and CC while Lux shield is team oriented.
    They are similar but in practice offer two differt sides of a Gameplay.
    The Problem here is not that Jhin is basically an Upgraded Jhin. The thing is that he IS an improved Cait. I have said time and time again after his Kit was revealed that but i think the problem is not that Jhin is much better is that Cait is not up to standard. I like Cait like anyone else but i always felt they didnt really exploided her Sniper theme properly. What they need to do is to look  onto Cait's theme and rework her kit acordingly, like what they did with Graves, you know actually giving him a shotgun that works like a shotgun.
    They could take the Lux/Morgana route where Jhin and Cait will both be Snipers and both will be good on taking lone targets from long range but Cait should work differently enough so they are similar but not superior to one another.
  3. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by Krauserlols in [Help] Why should i buy Destiny? (PS3)   
    Hello Angry Army! men is being long since i was here. Anyways i got a little problem here and i though that who better to help me than the Angry Army right?
    Anyways here is the thing: I am craving for an imaginative space shooter since Warframe is REAAAAAAALLY pissing me off (That Limbo Quest men.... all that is wrong with the game intensifies) and i have heard alot of great things about Destiny, alot of shitty things too (that Dark Below "expansion" doesnt seem so "Expansive" is it?) so im in kind of a middle ground.
    I got a friend that so far is loving destiny, every time i log into my PS3 hes playing Destiny in one way or the other. And im pretty sure he havent slept in three days because of it but anyways i have being nagging him to see if i can come by and play Destiny on his PS3 and see if i would like Destiny but yeah he doesnt want to drop it right now.
    What i want yoou guys to do is telling me two things: The good and the bad of the game. i know Joe already Reviewed it but the Review itself left me curious to try it.
    I dont mind the grind that much since Destiny cant be worst than Warframe (Seriously if you wanna try that Limbo quest bring friends, lots of them) and while not a "Veteran" of MMOs i have played plenty of MMOs with grind so that is not really an issue (unless it gets bullshit annoying). ALso while i currently despise CoD i will admit i had alot of fun during my time on Modern Warfare 2 adn Black Ops 2 until it got repetitive (Seriously there are other modes than Search and Destroy you know) and Destiny PvP seems to have that free flow and creative arpoach to matches. If the "Story" (if you can call it that) gets annoying i can always get me some sweet PvP.
    So to all who play Destiny what should i expect? why should i buy it and maybe even the Expansion? maybe the Next one, the dark below doesnt seem to be worth it.
  4. Krauserlols liked a post in a topic by larrismells in Why Superman isnt in the game yet   
    the truth is that the guys at turbine are smart enough not to introduce a character that would completely BREAK the game before actual release. remember every single moment you cursed under your breath about how that prick insta-picked an OP hero and wiped the floor with your team by himself.
    because that is basically what superman is. all of those moments in one blue and red ball of death and justice.
  5. Osprent liked a post in a topic by Krauserlols in What Characters are to be added?   
    Lobo is a must, seriously we need that guy into the game, maybe Captain Zoom if they manage to make him diferent from Flash (maybe an AD carry or however you wanna call it), Lex luthor, Brainiac, Doctor Dstiny maybe, Bizzarro, Sinestro, Ares, SOlomon Grundy (love the guy), Blue Beetle there are so many to choose from.
    But yeah as much as i would love to see Mr.Freeze and yell "say cool" we need more villains, and less Batman at that. Maybe giving chance to the "Obscure" ones
    OH OH you know who should be added? Nekron from the Black Lanterns, maybe some of the Red lanterns as well.Those guys never get enough screen time.
  6. Krauserlols liked a post in a topic by Tons0fun in Tons0fun incoming!   
    Hey AJSA soldiers!
    I am Tons0fun, you may remember me from the primordial age of the Angry Joe Show. I have been here from the beginning but life has required I take a back seat for a while. I've always had a blast working on the show and I'm really looking forward to seeing where we can take this!
    I've been a gamer for damn near as long as I can remember. I've owned a Turbo Graphix 16, NES, SuperNES, Sega Genesis, Dreamcast, and Playstation 1. Then my passions switched over to PC gaming thanks to the likes of Dune 2 and Red Alert. Loved me some RTSs back in the day.
    I've worked in the video game industry for 4 years. Working stints at NCSoft, Zynga, and Portalarium giving me contacts all over the industry. I'll be using these contacts in our favor seeing what I can get for us in the AJSA.
    I'll be dabbling in just about all of the official games and bring a new concept to the channel centered around Kickstarter, stay tuned!
    Call your friends to rank and lets make this the best gaming community ever!
  7. Kaz32 liked a post in a topic by Krauserlols in Injustice Gods among us mobile review: It can be a good game   
    GOOOOOOD i hate when a good mobile game is ruined by clunky gameplay.
    Joe already covered most good and bad things about the console vertion of it, so i will talk about just the Mobile vertion and how it compares to the original. Asuming you already saw his review or played the game.
    So lets talk about the good bits first right? remember when Joe said that one of the downsides was that the game was only one on one? well here its always 3 vs 3 tag team fights unless your fighting a boss wich is 3 vs 1 but that 1 is ridicusly stronger. <Another interresting idea is hat characters from diferent sides have diferent powers so the Normal Green Lantern may have a turbine engine as his lv 1 super attack while the new 52 vertion will have diferent supers or even moves.
    Oh and if you log in whit your WB (warner bros) account doing things on the mobile vertion unlocks stuff on the console vertion, mostly skins, while doiing things on the console unlock characters or money on the moblie. Its a very good idea that i feel many game could benefit, if done right.
    While it has the typical energy system i didnt find any proble whit it, if you have more than one character you can always swich em or use the many energy regen you get for free after completing battles.
    All this good but then comes the problems:
    - You start whit 3 random bronze lv heroes/villains, yup this is whit tiers and lv like it it was a card came, each time you win a game said characters get xp and you get
    - You can merge identical cards in order to "promote" said card and increase its power sort of equivalent to a higher tier vertion, still not as strong but quite close whit just one.
    - You can repead battles to get EXP and Coins!
    - The combat has been simplified so instead of buttons on the screen like other mobile games, instead it works like this: both characers are forced to be up close all the time, you tap to do normal attacks and slide to do heavy attacks, been attacked or attacking flls your super meter but instead of the full meter your character starts whit only one bar that only allows for a singe super attack and this super have controls on their own mayeb tapping the right time or tapping repeatly Mario Party style. and Press whit two fingers on the screen, behind your character, to block.
    - You dont really need to pay in order to get higher, you can always repeat easier battles to farm Coins and get stronger cards, like i am doing.
    now this brings various problems:
    - To unlock character cards you need money, to get money you need to fight and to fight you need to do the "missions" that are nothing but doing a serie of fights like classic mode on the console vertion, unlike the console though you cant do the same mission and get money, if you complete it you can do it again but whit no reward what so ever, forcing you to the higher once wich most likely will kick your ass cause you dont have enough money for the dam silver or gold tier character you want. and that can be frustrating.
    - Your character power and hp depends on the lv and the tier, now the bronze tier you will see character whit like 400 hp or damage and only getting like 30+ each lv dpending on their role, tank characters get more hp than damage and bla bla bla, while the Silver tier tent to be like 4 times stronger, this shows once, say, you got a hard worked Bronze lv 15 Solomon grundy whit around 1100 HP and 750 damage while suddenly a Silver lv 7 Harley Quinn pops up and has 1100 Hp and 1300 Damage or so, And that isnt a boss, And dont get me started whit the gold tier or the misterious Orange (God) Tier some bossess have whit like 2000 ho and 3000 damage or so its ridiculous. This could be meaningless if you could move around, duck and dodge their moves whit fast character like flash but nop. Lets talk bout that.
    - You cant move at all, if your nocked down your character will get up and dash to the enemy resuming the fight, therefore if your facing a character that is Silver while your bronze you are force to either face plant their super attacks (that will usually one shot you) or block it wich in higher lv battles, unless your character is in the same tier as theirs, is meaningless, you still gonna get like half your hp down.
    Another detail wich is kinda funny when you think of it is that there are some characters that do some bullshit in order to win. Remeber when it was said that Bane was too powerful? well same shit here. The challenges has he annoying habit of throwing silver banes whit like 3400 HO and 1200 Damage every chance they get wich can be very frustrating adn also, is not just his stats that are bullshit but also he tents to block in imposible moments like when he is in the middle of a combo (wich you cant block) and he blocks the second  he needs it or when getting up he suddenly pops up standing and blocking, not even displaying the up animation.
    The only other character who do this so far is Nightwin who has the abit of using his lv one super every time he gets wich reduces your own super meter by alot and can be pretty annoying.
    So thats it, those are the biggest complains i got for this game, it can be fun but whit the tier limit, not able to repeat the older battles and get rewards and the bullshit AI on Bane and Nightwin can turn off many players.
    My advice is that save all your coins to buy a silver tier char as soon as you can, I recomend someone tanky cause you will need the hp, thrust me, i would say SOlomon Grundy who has a nice passive, or maybe Cybor or Black Adam, someone who has alot of HP. Other than that we have to find a way to tell whoever is developing the mobile vertion to patch this annoyances.
    Recomendations to the developers:
    In order to make this game more enjoyable they should add a true Classic mode like in the console, there you could fight enemies around your lv and still get XP and money.
    Static challenges to complete in order to get XP and Money or even characters would be nice to go along whit the temporal challenges.
    Add a way to dodge or at least take down the dificulty spikes a peg or two cause the lv wallls are all over the freaking place.
    Recomendations to the players
    DONT GIVE UP ON THIS GAME. It has some true potential and the gameplay is quite fun. In order to enjoy it more and make the higer battles more fair this is what you want to do: After beating Green Lantern (your first boss) there is a "especial battle" where you do around 10 fights whit randm opponents whit only bronze cards and they go from 7 to 10 lv, wich is fair for the character you must already own and leveled. Each fight gives from 400 to 600 coins and the last one gives around1500. Farm this battles until you got enough to buy the "special gold pack" wich gives one (posibly two) gold tier characters and a good number of support cards. Sell them if you want but stick to the gold characters. They are the key to beat Sinestro and Advance through chalenges.
    Note: while you do have a powerful Gold Tier remember that enemies tent to surpass their own Tier to ridicuouls lvs so dont thing it will be so easy, its a closer fight but you need to pay attention.
    This is all i got for now but i may add more ideas. If anyone knows if its actually Nether Realms who develop this game or someone else because we need to tell them what is wrong whit it, what they can fix.
    I just want a really good fighting mobile game, it has so much potential that it has to be improved to go up to its fullest. Its not a horrible game by itself but its what it can be. Tell me what yoou guys think.
    After my cellphone finished updating i was looking through the options and in the help menu said you can actually repead battles to get cash, sadly it dont get the energy refills or cards but you still get EXP and Coins!
  8. Krauserlols liked a post in a topic by Herp in What we all think about the Content ID System of youtube...   
  9. AJSA Magicgrass liked a post in a topic by Krauserlols in ZOMBIE FANS you got to play this!   
    No more room in hell.
    "No More Room in Hell is the ultimate ruthless and unforgiving co-operative zombie survival experience on the Source Engine, delivering award winning survival horror gameplay with dozens of weapons and multiple game modes."
    Quoted from its webside: http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/
    like the tittle says its its a pretty hardcore survival game that its pretty entertaining to play. Its in beta so dont really expect really amazing graphics or large customization, but really if your playing a game just for the graphics then slap yourself for me.
    ok the pros:
    - simple-but-entertaining concept. You get on a game and boom its you vs the zombies. GO GET EM.
    - Truly ruthless gameplay. You want to kill zombies? well go and get a weapon? only one magazine on your pistol? oh too bad maybe you should aim at the head next time. Your dying? what you expected regenerrative hp? ha what a joke, now go get some bandages you look like shit. The game treats you like an adult, you want to survive? you work your ass off for it.
    - true survival gameplay. Melee is your best friend since ammo is scarce and you really have to open your eyes to find it. whit every hit there is a chance you get infected wich slowly reduce your hp and your vision and once you die by it you turn into a zombie. Only pills can save you from infection. Did i mention there is no hud what so ever? you have hp and stamina but you have to rely on sounds and the screen flashing to know if your tired and need to wait to recharge the stamina or go and find bandages and med kits to heal. it truly helps to focus on whats happening in front of you.
    - Rewards exploration of the level. The only way you can survive is by explring and looting every corner of the dam place and not getting eating while at it. Whats the rewards you ask? well what could be holding an office whit just hammers and axes could be mowing down zombies whit rifles and chainsaws. You can have neat weapons but you got to look for them.
    - Push mechanic. something pretty small but truly helpful. you see by pressing the V buttom you can push zombies, it doesnt deal uch damage but can help you get a few seconds to run away, aim at the zombie head or just pushing them away if they grap you.
    -Creepy Atmosphere. the game its pretty dark and you better have a flashlight around to light your way. sure the mall may have lights but what about the forest? the basement? those things are truly scary and zombies really come up out of nowhere cause they may be hidden in the dark, you never know where they will come from.
    After this you may wonder how the game works. its pretty basic, similar to Team Fortress 2, you look for a server, conect to that game and boom your in for a ride in hell.
    At the start of the game you and the survivors have no weapons and you have about 20 or 15 seconds to look around the place, find hammers and planks to barricade, weapons, supplies, heal crates and what not. Another interresting feacture of the game is that in every lv there is always a welding tool, youo use it to force open doors and other things that are blocked by a lock, in those places you can find all sorts of stuff from many heal kits, guns or even a chainsaw. you will need ammor for the guns as well as fuel for the chainsaw.
    Even though is in beta they still managed to add some pretty details that help whit inmertions like barricading, unlike CoD Zombies where the plank misteriously levitates to block the window here you need a hammer and planks and barricade manually and you can see your character placing the volts on the plank, pretty cool, as well as the infection system.
    Give it a shot its pretty fun and Add me in steam if you like so we can play: awesomekrauserchao
  10. Krauserlols liked a post in a topic by Kjolly99 in Call Of Duty Ghosts   
    Call Of Duty...Oh how the great can fall, 
    Call Of Duty:Ghosts...Well the whole Franchise (All released after Cod 5) are just Cash-ins, the games are almost identical. 
    I remember in one of the Simpsons episodes all the little girls were getting excited about A new doll that was exactly the same as the last but with A new coat, and all the little girls were going insane over it...
    That is what Call Of Duty to me is,  
  11. Hawko liked a post in a topic by Krauserlols in A good explanation of F2P vs Subscription based games, it will open your eyes.   
    Very good video made by Corpsealot, Harbinger of Games
    Its pretty good explanation really opened my mind
  12. Hawko liked a post in a topic by Krauserlols in A good explanation of F2P vs Subscription based games, it will open your eyes.   
    Very good video made by Corpsealot, Harbinger of Games
    Its pretty good explanation really opened my mind
  13. Krauserlols liked a post in a topic by ignis in Give DCUO a go?   
    I've been playing DCUO for awhile now and quite frankly I think the game lacks a strong community (despite having a few friendly players). Majority of the time while I was running through PvE missions there were a lack of online players which really saddens me as a fellow player.  I know for a fact that this game, like many other MMOs, would be far better if more players played the game.
    Now I'm not entirely sure why most people quit but I hope past and new players would give this game a go. For those who bagged the game out in the early stages, stating that the game was far too boring and had no interest to them, I say to you that you play for a little longer and grab a mate to play. The game becomes better as you progress through the PvE content. Just take a few moments to actually take in the context of your missions and enjoy the storyline, and also, the voice acting isn't as bad as most people say.
    Graphically, DCUO may be lacking but I found that by applying SweetFX it makes the game more vibrant and enjoyable to explore and just wreck havoc. Furthermore, certain aspects UI is quite disappointing and that's probably why some people quit but the developers are working on a new interface. Game Update 31 was just released and new texture packs and graphical updates have been added to the game. Soon other features and enhancements are sure to be added.
    But yeah...enough rambling. I just hope you guys give this game a go (or another go) if you haven't already. Hopefully, it would be a blast to you guys and don't forget to grab a mate in the meantime
    P.S - I play on PC, not PS3/PS4.
  14. Krauserlols liked a post in a topic by MHDN in Cyberpunk 2077   
    Upcoming game from CD Projekt RED, i just can't wait to play it.

  15. Krauserlols liked a post in a topic by God Revan in GREETINGS FROM VENEZUELA!!   
    Bienvenido a los foros de AJSA. Espero que disfruten de su estancia y se convierte en un miembro activo en la comunidad. Todos estamos aquí para ayudarnos unos a otros para lograr la unidad total dentro del AJSA. Estamos todos aquí contribuimos de alguna manera para ayudar a todos a seguir adelante en la comunidad y ayudar a Angry Joe en su lucha contra el malvado, diabólico y nefasto Comandante Corporativo! Si tienes algo que compartir, que todos sean felices a aceptarlo.

    De todas formas tengo algo de información que le ayudará en todo el sitio.

    Estos son las AJSA Normas y Código de Conducta y todo lo que necesitas saber sobre el sistema de alerta y otras cosas importantes. Ruego que les des un vistazo rápido, así que no vas a tener problemas en el futuro.

    Si usted tiene alguna pregunta, busca a estos miembros, que son los mods y administradores. Ellos son de la más alta autoridad y deben ser respetados. Ellos le ayudarán en todo lo posible.

    Official De Juego-

    AJSA Commandante-

    AJSA Consejero-

    Si usted desea hacer alguna contribución monetaria a la comunidad, se puede donar en el sitio para ayudar a mejorar el sitio y mantener los servidores. Usted puede donar la cantidad que desee sin tener una opción mensual. Hay 3 tipos de membresía del club en función del pago mensual que usted elija dentro de la Comunidad AJSA. Todos ellos vienen con diferentes beneficios, cada vez mejor al momento de elegir un mayor Tipo del club que el anterior. Cualquiera que elija, todos le damos las gracias por la ayuda. Es muy apreciada.

    Nota: Haga click en los iconos para ser dirigidos a las páginas de membresía.




    Una vez más, espero que disfrute de su tiempo aqui y se convierte en un miembro activo de nuestra querida comunidad. Disfruta!
  16. LoneWolf liked a post in a topic by Krauserlols in Batman Origin: Whats the point of playing as Deathstroke   
    So you can play as Deathstroke whit the new DLC! ITS JUST LIKE BEEN HIM! Just dont expect using his guns, or his sword... and hope you dont mind that he plays almost exactly like Robin... but other than that iits like Deathstroke! skin.....
    OK i cant keep this up you get the point, this is something that Joe may want to bring up when the0 Arkham Origins Review comes out.
    Seriously whats the point of been able to play as Deathstroke if his moveset is the same as Robin whit Nightwind's Darts? Why is he using a Baton, where is his sword? where are his guns? isnt he suposed to be the Deadliest assassin of DC? WHATS THE POINT OF HAVING AN ASSASSIN IF HE CANT KILL PEOPLE!
    How those explosives are non lethal? god the more i talk about it the more my head hurts... i didnt brought the game for fear that may screw it and if they just keep playing safe like this whats the point?
    I mean come on people this is the Batman world we are talking about, in gotham City where he fight a spychopatic Clown that turns classic jokes into deadly devices, a crazy doctor whit cuestionable morale and a freezing decease, a Mexican drug dealer who created a super powerfull steroid that makes you literally invincible but insane and a woman who somehow has became one whit the plants.
    Why are you trying to sensor this world? to appeal to the kids? in the last game (SPOILER ALERT ARKAM CITY) we saw how Joker slowly died and then you bring assassins to this game but without been able to kill when you play as them, woops.
    You know the posibilities in gameplay that where wasted here? maybe a mission where you have to snipe people without others noticing, Sword fights between the ninjas and Deathstroke, been able to pierce through shields after a sertain number of attack or planting explosives on people to then make them blow up in front of their friends to terrify them. But NOP lets just make him a Robin rip off....
    That was my minnor rant about this fact. What other kind of cuestionable decisions have you guys seen in the game? because i dont think im gonna buy it.