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Everything posted by AJSAZURG

  1. PC ID: BFTyrant BF1 is my 1st BF game so be gentle with me. I'll play mostly support & medic, just don't ask me to fly a plane it won't end well.
  2. BF4 Premium Edition is now $30 on Origin. Before I purchase I'd like to ask if this package includes all the DLC that have been released thus far? link here: https://www.origin.com/en-us/store/buy/battlefield-4/pc-download/base-game/premium-edition#details
  3. Please post a link to this news if available so i can read it. Google brings up nothing concrete.
  4. My 4 toons are in CH I'm already in a small and friendly guild there. I mostly PVE cause I suck at PVP. If you do create AJSA Guild on TR I'll make a priest there to join you.
  5. Haven't played in quite awhile will log in and see what's new in Defiance. (Soon as I remember my username and password LOLz)
  6. I haven't played this in quite awhile since the first beta.
  7. COD is not bad for what it does: being a twitch shooter thats easy to pick up and play. I don't hate it I've just outgrown it I guess, game plays and looks the same to me since COD4:MW (best in the series IMO). As for COD:AW i will not be picking it up.
  8. Resident Evil 5 angered me but was still decent. Resident Evil 6.....just thinking about that game turns my stomach......or is it the burrito i had for lunch......NO IT IS RE 6.....*runs to bathroom*
  9. Battlefield 4 Visual Recoil, it's all in your head!
  10. Evil Demon Bunny Grenade, Pony Samurai Sword....other ridiculous things. Edit: I voted for COD it to be a troll so sorry.
  11. steam: dreamcast87 games: BL2 w/DLC haven't played much because I don't know where the hell to go. L4D2 picked this up it showed up for free haven't played it yet.
  12. Hmm is any other online games you're playing experiencing the same issue or is this unique to PS2? I'd like to eliminate your ISP as the problem because if your other online games run smoothly then that means there is some issue with PS2.
  13. GMite said he is running the game on lowest settings so that already disables all shadows and sets all graphics settings to low or off. GMite can you post the specs of you PC?
  14. Forgot to ask have you disabled shadows & fog shadows in the video options menu? If you haven't do so and see if that helps with the stuttering.
  15. No prob JM. Do you have the same issue with other online games?
  16. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-06-19-ea-addresses-unacceptable-battlefield-4-launch (didn't we hear this all before) This guy does a lot of good videos on BF and bring up very good points watch a couple of them
  17. Would love to join you but i have to wait till the game goes F2P the game cost is much too high for me.
  18. @ OP with that budget you'll have no problem finding/building a PC gaming beast. Do you plan to do a custom build or just buy a gaming pc from retail? If you have never built a pc before I'd suggest YouTube Linus Tech Tips he makes it easy to understand how to do it. If you'd rather retail I never really did look into those. But do some research and read reviews and user comments. Let us know what you decide.
  19. I'd suggest getting a video card that has 4GB of onboard memory. Cheapest i've seen them for is a bit more or less that $250. ATI or Nvidia doesn't make that much of a difference IMO. If you can make due with what you have now i'd say wait until a holiday sale comes around and save up for a really good graphics card, i'm saving for black friday so when i see a good deal i pounce on it.
  20. I don't have mmo experience I can only recommend the very first and only mmo I every played which is Tera: Rising. Combat feels kinda like a 3d fighter. Well give all the games that were suggested a try only way you'll know which you'll like is to play them.
  21. Battlefield: Hardline. Standard Edition $60, Digital Deluxe Edition $90 & Premium Edition $190. Each DLC package sold separately for $50. Plus an in game store. *I'm just pulling these prices out of my ass, but wouldn't be surprising if they did charge it at the above prices, as for the in game store well if it does show up....guess EA is testing the waters to see if they can sell a game at retail prices and put an in game store in there as well....wait a minute Dead Space 3.....so I guess they can get away with it from now on all EA games will contain in game stores.
  22. Psycho Vanu Cultist vs Honorable, Loyal & Proud to be human Terran Republic soldiers? I think we all know the outcome of this fight! Soon as i get back home I'll TS3 and log in game.
  23. I still don't own BF4. Also the mandatory 1ST post.
  24. Just have a question did Dice give a time frame or something of the sort when any of the patches in CTE will make it to the public?
  25. Dark Souls, Tomb Raider & Sleeping Dogs got them on Steam sale so just have them to play incase my internet goes down. Tales of Grace on PS3 don't have the game or console anymore. Mostly any single player game I tend to hold off finishing cause I can come back to it later.