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    guitar, architecture, chemistry and physics, aircraft flight systems and all things unexplained
  1. i would love for this to happen, i got beta access about 2 weeks ago and i think that if we could get a small community of hearthstone players going here, that would be pretty neat
  2. i view it on a case by case basis, but mostly i just don't care, it lets people pay for what they want (in theory) and ignore what they don't, its only when they try to sell you 10000 mini items (looking at you saints row 3) on top of the buying price
  3. hello. just figured i would just jump right in and try to be an active member of this community. anyway to the point, just wondering how many people here are in the hearthstone beta, i got access about 2 weeks ago and since then the game's been consuming most of my time and no-one i know is in the beta or interested and while i respect that, i just want to talk about it so much with someone else who knows what i'm going on about. so if you guys have any devious decks or master strokes in strategy you are particularly proud of (not sure why i'm using so much alliteration) lets hear about them. who knows if there are enough people we could hold mini tournaments
  4. dark souls, i love having a game that (on my first play-through at least) kept me ever vigilant, also the jolly cooperation