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  1. Hey guys, since Loadout is officially on PS4, I think we should get some games going. Whose ready? PSN: MoonlightDevil24
  2. Hello everybody who are spending great adventures on the lands of Kyrat. If anyone wants to co-op sometime, send me a request. My PSN is MoonlightDevil24. See you guys in game.
  3. I just watched Joe's Epic Fail video about the matter, I did laugh quite hard being a yes "Sony fanboy" but that's only because great games such as Killer Instinct and Tomb Raider have been taken over to the Microsoft darkside. I know Tomb Raider is a timed but damn I was a huge fan of KI and would have loved to been able to play it on my PS4. I hate that for gamers in general that are fans of Street Fighter, but I'm excited regardless.
  4. I'm ready to join up, MoonlightDevil24 reporting for duty.
  5. I understand that this is a first in this new ip so I'm looking forward to seeing how they will improve in the future with this franchise because we know they're going to do more. For the first game, I've enjoyed it tremendously, Ubisoft got a lot of things right and not many things wrong. I do admit, it sucks being invaded just before you're off to do a mission and having to go across the map to stop it like DedSec_NL said.
  6. I'm ready to join the fight! ID: MoonlightDevil24
  7. MoonlightDevil24 on both PS3 and 4 so feel free to add me.
  8. Hey guys I just got myself a Nintendo 2DS. Looking for more friends to play some games. I don't have any of the main 3DS games yet, I downloaded classic games such as The Legend of Zelda, Mega Man 2, and Earthworm Jim. Still I plan to grab some games in the near future. So if you're willing, send on over your friend codes. See you in the games.
  9. Well I tried to figure out Sony's but you might be right so I checked out the website you got yours from. Thanks for the help.
  10. Thanks for saying hello to us SgtRoss. Happy to be apart of the army.
  11. I can't seem to get my signature fixed up with my PSN portable ID. It gives you a html tag to use so if anyone knows how to add via of the tag, let me know. Thanks guys.
  12. MoonlightDevil24 here
  13. Proud owner of a PS4
  14. I can understand if you want to wait till the beginning of next year being when Infamous Second Son, Watchdogs, etc makes its way out. However its not bad now as it is. Yes the 3rd party games such as AC IV is on the PS3 as well but it really makes a huge difference on the PS4, its not like it was a poor port. They took time and consideration for the differences. Resogun is amazing as well, for a small game that is influenced by Defender, its addictive. Contrast you can do without lol.
  15. Hey guys, I have returned to DC Universe since getting the PS4, PS3 users and PS4 users share the same servers so if anyone wants to play, I'm at a level 29 but I can help those who are lower to get through some of the tougher missions if you're a lower level or just starting. Let me know. MoonlightDevil24 on PSN