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  • Birthday 02/25/1995

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    John Robinson
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    The United States of America
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    PC gaming...
    I mostly play Elder Scrolls Games such as Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind.

    But I also play Planetside 2, Dota 2, Warframe, Path of Exile, Guild wars 2, Archeage, Age of empires, chivalry, starbound, terreria, Borderlands, Civilization, mount and blade and many other RPG's, FPS's, and RTS's
  1. damn how are you guys so fast at least my build does not suck any more finally got the passive nodes i needed
  2. what are the top ajsa players levels in the race
  3. I wont be able to play as much because of work but i should be able to make 80 within the next week or so
  4. i am eastern and yes at 1pm my time
  5. also willing might do a marauder or scion tank
  6. i was thinking arc witch,scion aura support or a ranged phys dps
  7. you guys still playing I might be willing to rejoin now that it is B2P
  8. I am interested do we need to announce our build or does it matter. Cant wait for act4
  9. I would be more than happy to play some strategy games, I am really hoping that Gray Goo's success will perhaps bring back strategy games back into the spotlight.
  10. Second favorite build is an all out Breton mage specializing in frost and lightning destruction magic. Secondly restoration magic to quickly heal wounds as well deal with undead. Lastly conjuration magic to summon daedra to tank for you as wearing cloth provides 0 armor. I prefer to summon daedra lords and storm atronachs. As for what I wear is usually the archemage robes or a master set of robes along with enchanted boots, gloves and jewelry as well as a dragon priest mask. I don't really use alteration or illusion that much as they are more utility and many of the illusion skills don't really work late game.
  11. My favorite skyrim class setup is the so-called Imperial Spellsword or Battlemage. Wielding a good one handed weapon preferably a sword or mace for the extra critical or armor punch through. Since your a Battlemage/Spellsword your going to want to use magic. I personally like to use a combination of flame destruction magic as well as switching to restoration magic for quick heals, I don't always use alteration but when I remember I use skills like ironflesh to increase my tankiness. For armor normally use heavy armor for the raw tankability. I occasionally use a combination of cloth armor for the extra magika. Overall this build allows me to deal with most threats quite easily just basically by out healing threats mid fight and being able to tank most enemies through the combined heavy armor and alteration defensive spells. I only really run into problems when dealing with fucking dragons as you don't have a shield and its hard to spam lots of spells whenyour not a dedicated mage. Also its hard to choose where to dedicate your perk and attribute points early game.
  12. eh I dont know I think we all saw how well ESO did I really wouldn't want to see a repeat. I am just not sure if you can mix the mmo genre with the single player experience such as Fallout or TES.
  13. damn how much I wish I joined the AJSA guild instead of what I did by joining the daggerwolves/wolves of Athena I might just have to start playing this game again on the right side! =) Looks like you guys had way more fun =(
  14. Could you please invite Thaneofbane. Also faction are we?
  15. @mcslayer55 Thanks ##SENT