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  1. thaneofbane liked a post in a topic by Raburn in A tale of the Angry Army   
    There they stood, the riders of the Angry Army, steadfast, deadly, efficient. Their armor sleek, and ready for the stains of blood to adorn them. They listened to their Lord Commander give his rally speech with the lust for battle already upon them. Their eyes aglow like the sun, revealing the fury about to sweep upon Cyrodiil. Their enemies rallied to meet them, with fear in their eyes and a cold sweat on their foreheads as they waited for their impending doom. The Lord Commander, known by one name to rule them all, Joe, ordered the charge. They swept upon the land line locusts upon crops, hungry and willing to destroy all that stood between them and their goal. The enemy hid in their walls, praying to the Eight Divines that they would be spared, but the Gods did not hear their pleas that day, for their allegiance was with the Angry Army. They dared not rise up against them, for fear of the wrathful Joe reaching up to the heavens and striking them down as if they were mere skeevers. The walls did not stop the Angry Army, for nothing could stop their rampage. They destroyed the walls and took the keeps, giving no quarter, and taking all that the enemy had to cling to. That day was a black day for the Ebonheart Pact and the Daggerfall Covenant, but the sun could not have shone brighter on the Aldmeri Dominion. It was a pinnacle in its history, but it was not the last time the Angry Army would be deployed in honor of the Queen. The Angry Army, the guardians of Cyrodiil, stand an ever-vigilant watch over Cyrodiil, waiting for its enemies to rise up, only to put them back in their place, beneath the Lord Commanders boot.