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    Tampa Florida
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    Ice hockey, baseball, airbrushing, illustration, video games, computer sims, movies, tv.
  1. PSN name ARFF1Tampa. Games Diablo 3, Evolve, COD Ghosts, NHL 15, Destiny, War Thunder, Dragon Age Inq, Shadow of Mordor, Battlefield 4. Put AJSA in request (if possible) so I know it's someone from here. Thx.
  2. Sorry. I'm not in the leagues you mentioned under that name (Arfflord). Playing Rampage league. Characters for standard league is Arffinia (witch) and Arffarious (Templar).
  3. In game character name Arfflord. Thank you.
  4. Of course now I find out that Verizon is purposely restricting bandwidth on certain sites (Amazon, others) so that might have something to do with it. Nice, pay for 70mbps, and they give you 15.
  5. I would love to watch twitch. But it is the slowest loading, constantly stuttering website I have ever seen. I have Verizon fios 55mbps+ and have no problems with any other website , stream, you tube, or anything. But twitch is constantly terrible. On the PC, consoles, whatever medium. Add to that the pixilation and fuzzy picture upon movement in some games. Anyone else experience this. It's not my internet connection as everything else is very fast and my tests get 45mbps +. Of course the commercials come right up though.
  6. Can add me. New to it (trying Engineer). had to wait with PS4 til xmas (opened xbox one early). PSN name is ARFF1Tampa Thx
  7. ARFF1Tampa - ARFF1Tampa PSN currently have BF4, COD Ghosts, and ASS Creed.
  8. Thanks. I bought both so I'll just play the first Witcher for now as I didn't even try to install Witcher 2 yet. Now I know. Also been playing some gog games (Inquisitor) and got the Divinity Original Sin Alpha (but crashes too much) so I got Divinity 2 and am enjoying that. They just patched War Thunder (after I finally got all the controls on my Saitek X52 the way I liked them) and have to re-do them all. Ehhhhh. Thanks again.
  9. I really like the game. I only fly from the cockpit view and with a joystick. Flying with a mouse, that's not air combat. But I can see the need for them (to get a bigger audience).
  10. I put the one from my old xbox 360 on the back of my hockey helmet. I will probably cover that up with the new one from my Xbox One.
  11. PSN name ARFF1Tampa
  12. I was a NY Ranger fan for 30 years then got a brand new team in Tampa and have been a Lightning fan and season ticket holder ever since. I still play every Sunday in a rec league. Well, not able to play now until Feb since I tore my right bicep off the forearm bone in a game 5 weeks ago. Surgery went well to repair it (drilled a hole thru the bone, pulled the tendon thru and anchored it to the other side.
  13. Pledged $40 Ensign for updates, expansion, Beta access and to support the Army. Game looks like it will be great and since yesterday it looks like there has been a big jump to making the goal. Thanks Joe, would have never found it (til prob too late). This and Zpocalypse (Angry Joe figure should be coming soon). Plus I got a PS4 on launch day and an Xbox One from Amazon yesterday morning both without pre-ordering. Yes!
  14. Pledged Ensign $40. Game sounds great. Only thing Kickstarter needs to improve is how to get the word out (and search for topics you might be interested in) as I usually find out about projects I would back after they are done. Joe's show usually is how I find out. Zpocalypse, The Mandate. Pledged the $40 for Beta access, content updates, and first expansion pack. I took a picture of the "Congratulations, you are now an official backer of the Mandate" with my phone but didn't click the share on FB link. Also got a PS4 on release day, and an Xbox One on Amazon yesterday without pre-ordering. Yes!
  15. Thanks. It wasn't too bad. The surgery was worse. Plus now my arm is pins and needles along the top of my forearm from below the wrist to the elbow with nerve damage. They say it could slowly heal after a year or so.