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  1. Congrats to all
  2. So i got a beta key for wildstar and i went to download it from the site. From there i downloaded an excecutable file which when i run it pops a window with the terms of agreement , the only problem is they are not there the window is blank and it wont let me push accept....
  3. Exile for life.
  4. I would be glad to join but what region are you guys? am east europe i hope this thing gets a litle more backup then we can start.
  5. East -Europe DrRaijin (smurf acount) Support Unranked Normal acount Silver 1
  6. DrRaijin
  7. Go guys!
  9. Indeed most gamers including m eoften induldge in raging. BUT ITS WORTH IT!
  10. Indeed elitism comes with gear grind , MMO veteransi think are repeled from the lack of it:P
  11. I find the community very pleseant , mainly because the people are rewarded for beeing nice , gaining bonus exp and so on and as a direct result with the add of lck of factions ( alliance and horde) to case hate beetween them the general notion of gw2 is to be helpful because you gain more that way
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DAhZJ3BL9o Not really a soundtrack per say , But till awesome for all the power metal fans out there \m/!
  13. The only thing that bugs me is the ending of thepresentation the always do. i mean...at first it was coming soon, then it became coming soonish (seriously guys) and now it has become coming soonish...er XD. Damn you blizzard , we still love you thought and we would like you to bleed us dry from our money ^^.
  14. Preorder indeed sucks my friend by themon launch after the colonial marines fiasco i personaly will never preorder again, and i recomend you all do so , with the exception of the mega hype factor or kickstarter . You should really throw money in there..