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    This will be fun: ponies, video games, occult, fantasy, comics (but only some), music, art and I think those are the major ones that come to mind. Don't judge me I'm just complex like that ;P
  1. Okay, I was really fighting with myself, should I put a link to my YouTube channel or not, but tonight I went through with it. So go and check a casual gamers mediocre playstyle at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClwNtVFoQNq396qi-OI5YyA. PS: Here's a small taste of what you're in for. PPS: Counting on some constructive criticism.
  2. Now the girls are just one step away to being Pony Assassins (I'm looking at "You" Octavia)
  3. OKAY THIS LITTLE GIVEAWAY IS OVER!!! Kizra, ravenkitsune and Eiousx enjoy your game
  4. Okay, I got the Humble Jumbo Bundle 3 recently and have a bit of a problem what to do with the 3 extra copies of Insurgency (since none of my real life buddies want them). So I figure I post the link to redeem them here. For three AJSA Soldiers who are first to use the link below. https://www.humblebundle.com/?gift=7r2aqA2R7hF38dtZ PS. I hope this is allowed:P
  5. I just watched it today, overall a decent homage to the source material. It fixes a lot of what the 1998 f-up did wrong (and there is a looooooong list of that shit).Some parts could be better but I blame American mentality for this (japanese have fascinating brains). 7/10
  6. Banned for living in the country where Justin Bieber lives now.
  7. Chibi future main antagonist.
  8. Okay, I just read some interesting news. It appears that Wolfenstein: The New Order will have a collector version, named the Panzerhund Edition. The package costs 100$ and it will feature: a Panzerhund statue, a Secret File (containing documents, maps, letters, etc.), 14 Postcards, 3 Sew-on badges, 2 Dog tags and a Steelbook but NO GAME. That's right if you want to play the new Wolf, you have to buy it SEPARATELY, this just boggles the mind. To my knowledge its the first time I have heard of such practice (correct me if I'm wrong) still I just wanted to let you know about this little thing and ask your opinions on the subject?
  9. Heh, I can play along too PSN: akinari88
  10. Who died!?!? Was I suppose to know him??? Oh... a religious zealot, than I couldn't care less
  11. 'Sup, good to have you with us ;D