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    Im here that should be obvious.
  1. does anyone know how to use the ps vita to play commander mode we cant seem to figure it out. any help would be awesome
  2. (SLAP)
  3. ok guys BF4 is up and running (FINALLY) if i dont have you on my friends list im srry i must have missed you just add me and well get started. we will need to find what people are all good at and what they can do. if you can be on tomorrow try to and invite you guys to a party and find out what time zone your in. Lets start the takeover of BF4 for the AJSA
  4. good hard to find good pilots
  5. hey if anyone here wants to join a survival project world i am needing more hands because production has slowed as more jobs are needed just keep in mind if you do join you do need to be respectful of all the progress that has been made because i have had some people join a game take everything they could and leave so we couldnt use it so if ur interested in joining our minecraft community messege me here or online via gamertag. there are a couple of major roles that need filling. mainly a luberjack, librarian and hunter. the librarian is alot better then it sounds you make potions you farm a spider spawner for xp for enchanting and you go to the nether. its just all in the library. you do need to earn your keep so u cant get diamond everything right off the bat. most jobs you WONT be doing it 24/7 so you wont get bored.
  6. glad to have you
  7. all the best to your team. we will control all the systems and dominate every one of them. remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER!
  8. ok iv sent u all friend requests it should come with an AJSA message to let you know its me
  9. so far all iv had any luck with is TDM and i didnt buy BF4 to play cod
  10. NO , no killzone bad idea. wait for a price drop
  11. ac4 for your first game definitely. BF4 dosent work, Killzone SF singleplayer sucks. Really killzone iv seen this kind of shit from halo 1. NFS is just a NFS and iv been spoiled by forza so if ur a huge car guy DO NOT GET NFS. wait for killzone to drop in price then go to multiplayer and wait for bf4 to work so ya definitely AC4. if you dont like assassin creed games your ok ur not much of an assassin in this one the main focus is pirates and they do it so well. well enough that if joe does not rate this game at least 8/10 im gonna be pissed and unsubscribe.
  12. head to this thread im starting a team once BF4 works were going to get started, just say ur in and when the time comes il let you know. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/6891-new-bf4-squad/
  13. you can take me off the list i upgraded. srry
  14. haha it did thnx
  15. no dout id like to play sometime this year lol.