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  1. khaos1011 liked a post in a topic by CyberPenguin in GTA V PC Release: The Facts/News.   
    A PC release is for all intents and purposes confirmed. It would be honestly pretty dumb of Rockstar to not make one, given the massive community and modding possibilities.
  2. Scout liked a post in a topic by CyberPenguin in Scout's "Coolest Character Contest"   
    So here's my character.

    This character is one I made for a roleplay on Fanfiction.net for the Roosterteeth anime "RWBY". (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RWBY)

    Note that there are actually two versions of the character: A human version and a Faunus (http://rwby.wikia.com/wiki/Faunus) version. For the sake of coherence I will be posting the edited human version here. For those wanting to see the Faunus version (not that much different), just ask me and I will gladly link it.


    Name: Kaira Linus Empire


    Nickname/Taken name: Empire, known as Tiger by many due to her hair


    Race: Human


    Gender: Female


    Age: 14


    Appearance: Empire is a wisp of a girl, standing at only 4'7 and weighing a mere 86 pounds. She has a pale complexion, with a light-pinkish tint to it. Her physique is tiny, frail, and lacking muscle, and her frame is so bony it looks like it would snap if you even poked it with a stick. A long mane of shaggy black hair naturally streaked through with orange falls down her back, covering most of her scalp and ears and sweeping across her forehead, nearly touching the floor. A pair of intelligent, calculating orange eyes peek out from underneath the sweeping mass of hair, constantly fixated on one thing or another.


    Clothing: Empire is usually seen donning a large, loose black T-shirt depicting this ( http://feedme.uk.com/wp-content/themes/feedme/images/og-image.jpg) that goes down to her thighs, a pair of form-fitting jeans below. Due to her frail complexion, she has taken to wearing a large black hoodie (depicting the same face as her shirt) as she naturally gets cold due to her body not being able to hold enough heat. Her weapon is holstered in a leg strap on her left thigh outside of combat situations, folded up and hidden underneath her hoodie.


    Personality: Empire generally keeps to herself, instead preferring the company of music or a book to a human. She tries her best to be polite in social situations, especially around those older than her, and will try to hold a conversation to the best of her ability if the situation demands it. She is not very easily angered, and is very good at keeping calm even when bullied or in danger. However, when she is angry, she can be a bit scary. Somehow. She will sometimes straight-up lose it for a split second and yell one or two words (usually derogatory) before quickly calming down, giving her a somewhat bipolar personality. She is very good at arguing, but can be somewhat immature and childish at times (said times usually involve food in one way or another, but that's a different story).


    Biography: Empire was a 5-year-old amnesiac when she was found in an abandoned church just outside the walls of Vale by a small band of 5 Hunters and Huntresses. The area had just been attacked by Grimm, and they had been assigned to look for survivors. While it was against orders to take orphans with them, and the fact that she was seemingly a human skeleton was certainly disorienting, to say the least, the group took pity on the girl, who could only remember her name. She would be bullied badly in the orphanage if they simply let her be, and they knew it. They took Empire with them to their hideout against orders, keeping her presence a secret to their numerous employers.

    Her adoptive "family" out most of the time, Empire lived mostly on her own in the ruined, dirty, impoverished areas outlying the Vale. Whenever the group came back, they brought with them scraps of machinery and metal they had salvaged while out. She quickly learned how to fashion crude, but workable material out of them. While she drew more than a few pairs of eyes whenever she went out, Empire was able to eke out a living selling these creations to the sweatshops and smithies that lined the streets outlying the Vale.

    As she grew older and more experienced with the machinery, food supplies were becoming scarce. On her 11th birthday, the hunters who had adopted her decided it would be best for her to attend Signal to avoid falling into malnourishment and continue with her life. She was tiny enough as it was.

    While she was bullied for obvious reasons during her time at Signal, she graduated at the top 4% of the class within 3 years, quickly enrolling in Beacon. After a tearful goodbye to her adoptive family, she left for Beacon.


    Notable Equipment:

    Backpack - Empire's personal belongings are generally kept in a small black-orange messenger bag slung over her shoulder.

    4x Personal Communication Headsets - Empire normally keeps 4 small, white earpieces she built herself for communication in combat. Attached to said earpiece is a lense that displays the layout of the current area, similar to a minimap. It also provides a HUD of sorts that displays heart rate, blood level, location and information of various wounds, and has a module that connects to the weapon, displaying its current form, ammo and/or Dust capacity, and state of repair.

    Dust - Empire keeps a small amount of Dust whenever she can get some in a single vial in her bag.

    Custom-made DYS 9000 Over-ear - Empire carries a rather bulky set of custom-tuned studio headphones around her neck on many occasions. These headphones are Active Noise-cancelling, and are aptly named Deafen Yourself.

    FBM MP3 Player - A custom-made mp3-player with an acronym referring to something rather rude about bad music. This is always seen somewhere around Kaira.

    Apprehension Weapon Kit - Contains a silencer, red laser sight, ACOG sight, flashlight, foregrip, and ammunition for Apprehension.


    Notes*: While Empire is extremely intelligent and possesses tactical skills on the level of a competent field commander, her ridiculously tiny frame holds inherent physical limitations. She has trouble lifting heavy items and is susceptible to sickness and weather effects. Her body is also very fragile, and a well-placed slice, shot, or even a punch in battle can and will easily take her out of commission for a sizable chunk of time.

    Also! Empire will salvage literally any mechanical or metal scraps that she finds and take them with her during a mission.






    Weapon Name: Apprehension


    Weapon Description: A mechanized submachine gun that fires small, sharp, knife-like projectiles that have a tendency to ricochet and bounce off of objects. The magazine holds 40 rounds.

    http://www.gamearthub.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/ 07/621_max.jpg


    Special Effects: Apprehension has a separate chamber that can hold a small amount of Dust. this Dust charges the gun and ammunition with its element. The gun also boasts a bayonet that shoots out below the barrel. The back of the gun also folds inward, encompassing the trigger and putting it in a more portable form.

  3. CyberPenguin liked a post in a topic by DoctorEvil in [AAR] Saturday Op 12/7   
    After every event/op we're going to make this After Action Report (AAR) thread to allow people to voice their opinions on the event, retell epic moments they witnessed, and call out members for great teamwork/skill.  
    I'll also list here some of the details of the event and who commanded what (at the start at least).
    Angry Army Order of Battle - December 7th, 2013 Operation
    Angry Company:
    Doctor Evil, Commanding

    1st Platoon [Weynard]
    Alpha Squad - Infantry (Conan) Bravo Squad - Infantry (Jyk) Charlie Squad - Armor (RedFubar) Delta Squad - Air (Jaymawdo) 2nd Platoon [FantasticFunk]
    Alpha Squad - Infantry (AgentRed) Bravo Squad - Infantry (Unsaidlightning) Charlie Squad - Armor (Cragr910) Delta Squad - Infantry/Support (Kracken) 3rd Platoon [Damion Rayne]
    Alpha Squad - Infantry (Ysnar) Bravo Squad - Infantry (Cyberpenguin) Charlie Squad - Armor (Sacredragon)  
    Action Review

    Phase 1: Choking the NC on Amerish
    Operating on Amerish, the 3 Platoons of the AJSA moved out with the intention of cutting the dreaded New Conglomerate off from their territory by holding the three areas adjacent to their Warp Gate.  After 1 hour of play, we sweeped aside light resistance to choke the NC at their Warp Gate, holding all 3 Tech Plants in the process.

    Phase 2: ALERT- Hold Tech Plants
    An Alert come through; Hold all 7 Tech Plants across the Planet.  During the next ~2 hours of play, the AJSA held 3 Tech Plants on Amerish against incredible waves of NC and Vanu forces.  At the high point, the TR held 5 Tech Planets on the planet.  Split between two fronts, we were forced to retreat from the Tumas Tech Plant, while holding the two remaining Plants on the continent.  On Indar, our comrades lost two Tech Plants there, while back on Amerish overwhelming NC forces broke a stalemate at Heyoka Tech Plant, even after withdrawing forces from Mekala Tech Plant to back it up.  Despite losing both Mekala and Heyoka, the AJSA and other outfits active on Amerish immediately counterattacked with Galaxy Drops on the Vanu-held Mekala; taking it back with little effort.  With little hope of taking the remaining Amerish Tech Plants in the remaining time, the AJSA blitz redeployed to Esamir where as one final insult to the Vanu, we helped take Eisa Tech Plant, 5 minutes before the alert ended. 

    Phase 3: AJSA Racing League - Lightning Death Race
    Rounding out the 3-hour event, we held a race after the Alert was over.  On Indar, 50 or so AJSA racers in Lightning Tanks trekked across Indar for a grand race.  While most racers either died from enemy or friendly fire before reaching the mid-way point at the Crown, one racer managed to make it to the finish line, deep in Vanu territory north of their Bio Lab.  
    Congrats to Burbles, winner of the AJSA Saturday Ops Lightning Death Race!
  4. CyberPenguin liked a post in a topic by Scout in Scout's "Coolest Character Contest"   
    Hello Ladies and Gents!

    I've decided to host my own personal contest for the "Cooliest Character!"

    So what is this contest all about? 

    Well I want to know about YOUR personal characters. MMOs, RPGs, Sandbox, Table Top... whatever game you've created a unique character for, I want to see them or know about them!

    Post a screen shot of your character and tell me as much as you can about them. What makes this character awesome!? 

    Be convincing! The winner's character will be hand drawn by yours truly and fully colored! The winner will also receive a high res file that they can have printed out for their personal collection. 


    Only one entry per member!!

    **MUST be an original character. No pre-made characters like Lora Croft or Ezio Auditore.

    **Entries MUST be very detailed in description. I want to know what they look like, how they act in certain situations, special scars or distinguishing features or some sort of accomplishments in game that gives your character 'character'!   Don't just post a Screen shot. The more detailed, the better!

    **Can be based on Table Top Games and Role Play games as well as RPG, MMORPGs Ect. (Yes, even Skyrim). No asking me to draw some made-up creature that you decided to come up with or some famous fantasy character like Drizzt Do'urden.

    **If you don't have a screenshot to include, please tell us everything about that character's appearance and what game they're based on!
    ** Keep your submission details within reasonable lengths. Don't post like a whole short story.  A small Bio and a detailed description will suit enough!

    For those of you who don't wish to Enter, help me pick the best character by liking the entry you like most!! 

    Let the battle begin! 

    **** just a side note, if you post a non-submission reply here and find it's been removed, don't dismay! I didn't remove it because I don't like you or your comment (I rather love your comments!) but rather, some posts are bring removed just to keep things tidy in here and so people don't have to go searching through the thread to read your submissions!  Thank you for your understanding <3 ****
  5. CyberPenguin liked a post in a topic by SgtRoss in Warframe - VOTE PASSED   
    Should The Angry Army Play (Warframe)?
    Leave your vote and your opinion in the Thread Below!
    *No Flamewars
    *No Council Bashing
    *Respect Current Decisions, but know it can be reversed with enough demand from members in The AJSA!
    Outstanding visuals Coop or Solo Game play Randomly Generated Missions Easy Game play and Controls Clan based Dojo's Clan Dueling  
    Random player groups Linear Progression in Missions PvP limited to 1v1/2v2 battles Game play can feel repetitive Cash shop can be misleading  
    Warframe has been approved!
    There will be a dojo/etc already set for invites with information being posted soon in the soon-to-exist Warframe subthread under FPSes. Thanks for everyone that voted! (I totally backed it though, too, hi5)
  6. DeathBat22 liked a post in a topic by CyberPenguin in Thoughts on the League of Legends community.   
    True. Sometimes it seems like half of the LoL community can't handle being decent human beings for the only 40 minutes they'll ever spend with each other.
    Also thankfully true, 2ofSpades. I haven't seen any raging or trolling in the AJSA. Hopefully we can keep it like that.
  7. WaddlinPenguin liked a post in a topic by CyberPenguin in DUNFUKEDITUP!   
    But dude.
    Call of Duty.
  8. WaddlinPenguin liked a post in a topic by CyberPenguin in Watercooler   
    Kawl O' Doodie.