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  1. Trust me, we've tried. But it's fair, the AJSA doesn't have too many resources now. So they need to sort it of course.
  2. Because Civilization doesn't support clans/groups in-game.Trust me, I find it sad as well. But some of us have a group where we play and such. There's a link somewhere.
  3. Depends if you can get a L.E. now, then I'd pick that up. You get 10 euros worth of credits, and some good starting cars. So it pays off to pay for the more expensive version. If you can't get a limited edition (Which I heard was tough in Canada). Just wait for a good deal.
  4. The BMW m4 coupe has just been released as free dlc! Awesome.
  5. Yeah pretty much, the only reason it's really there is for the die-hard collectors who want a specific car. It's not forced upon you, and there's absoloutely no pay to win over GT6. You still need to follow car regulations. It's only there for the one's who need it.
  6. The econmy is the same as GT5. Except they've fixed the prices for GT3 cars. A BM3 Z4 GT3 only costs 350k. Which is not a lot. Le Mans cars cost around a million two million for a R18 TDI (The le mans car from 2011-2013). I admit the microtransactions aren't too great. But they're not nescessary. I've just finished up the novice with gold on all, and I have 50k (I wasted all my start cash on upgrades and tires). I can get a few cars which are fair for my point in the game. Personally, although I've only done a few minutes of racing overall, and a few arcade races. I can't go back to GT5. I loved GT5. I've played soo many hours of GT5. A lot of Le Mans races, and I was half-way through the endurance series. However GT6 is a big improvement. Perhaps not a clear upgrade in visuals (Forza has been able to do this better). But damn the suspension feels better, the tires as well. The gameplay aspects are improved, by a far mile. It's oh such a good and fun game. If you're even considering it, get GT6. I'll upload a comparasion video sunday, and a few pictures are coming on this topic later tonight. Link to a picture: Click this!
  7. A thread for Gran Turismo 6 players, by a Gran Turismo 6 player. Finally home and playing this amazing piece of game. And I decided I think AJSA needs a GT6 topic. If not many will join, it's still here. You can all: Discuss anything related to GT6Share any GT6 content (Be it your videos, pictures or anything like that)Arrange events through this topic (Just hit me up and I'll post an event on the OP)Discuss rumours about DLC and such here.I hope you'll all use a good tone on this topic. See you on the track!
  8. I remember watching some gameplay by KSI of it. Thought it looked hardcore as f*ck. Thanks for the link!
  9. If you mean as in just playing around: Here's a link to a small group some of us from AJSA made: Are you a spy?
  10. Oh my god I remember that gem. It was the first ''strategy'' game I ever played, I remember getting it from my best friend as a birthday present. God it was a horrible ugly mess, but damn it was fun. Is there an actual mod community for it?
  11. I don't think the micro-transaction statement is really a con. Well in the same way micro-transactions in TF2 isn't a con either. It's just for cosmetics and to show support for some maps (The latter though also is access to official servers with those maps, but still it doesn't ruin the game) But I get that there needs to be three cons.
  12. I don't think the six series is too much of a beauty here in this rendition. But haha there's a lot of BMWs for you to roam around with.
  13. Well I see we've been rejected. Which sucks, but all we can do is keep on with our group. I'll post a link later.
  14. You must like the Sentinel XS (I think) right? It's basically a M3, and you can get in, in cabriolet (Amanda's car).