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AJSA Magicgrass

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  1. I have it and would consider joining if its not to late. How do i attend?
  2. Renegade for life !!
  3. Hey, i just wanted to take a minute to wish all my fellow AJSA and wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!
  4. thanks buddy !
  5. played for about 20 hours and had a lot of fun. though after getting he ship i wanted sceems like there is not much to do. they are however adding planet exploration in the next patch should add endless hours of things to keep me occupied. definatly worth checking out if your into space sims. p.s. flying the ship alone will take you hours to master.
  6. im guessing this is for vinalla minecraft and not the windows 10 version? my game cannot locate the server.
  7. Cant wait to build some epicness
  8. i did have the same problems playing the game bad frame rate and terrible lip sync. however running the game at 720 and locking the frame rate at 30 FPS fixed all problems for me. Now it runs smooth at 30 fps and lips are fine.
  9. OMG YES this is the best old school type RPG i have played in years i currently have over 120 hours on it. this game will not hold your hand whatsoever it is both challanging and rewarding. Feel free to add me on steam AJSA Magicgrass
  10. Congratz and best of luck to the AJSA War Thunder Team !!!
  11. Needs a Team. I play adc carry the best but i also have some tank skills and Veigor for support and Assist
  12. Still rocking the Xbox360 al least until i crush my souls with Darksouls 2 Gamer tag Magicgrass420
  13. Definitely by far The Secret World. From its unique classless system and amazingly hard investigation quests which involve you actually thinking and deducing it is truly in a league of its own. As far as standard point a to point b mmos which i believe are way to many theses days i would have to go with SWTOR because well.... it starwars and who dosent love starwars.
  14. Hit Me Up im only lvl 13 but i would love to play with a team. KaptinKronic