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  1. UFO:AI is a darn good re working of the original UFO/X-Com titles.
  2. So backed - the game looks wicked and the main trailer is so what I'm looking for - *posts the link on all his online shizzle*
  3. I'd suggest Civ IV over V as V is a: more taxing on resources and b: I just don't like it... I don't mind playing Venice but combat is so unpleasant IMO (and mine alone) I was also annoyed that it took 3 releases before it got cultural victories O.O;; Well op said for beginners so I would skip a lot of Paradox's catalogue lol. If you want a really good space 4x turn based game I'd go with Masters of Orion 2
  4. Legend of Pegasus - completely unplayable and never fixed as the company went bust -.-;;
  5. Really depends on what you want, turn based or real time, historical, modern, sci fi, fantasy lol... I would recommend Civ 4 as a nice starter for 4x you can play a small map on fast rate in a few hours and learn the ropes.
  6. The original Civ is the first I remember along with Khalaan on the amiga and a bunch of other amiga titles and early pc titles (back in the 8088/8086 days), oh wait it was probably Millenium 2.2 and Simcity I guess?? late 80s.
  7. in the next few week I may try lol, but the community is errr... "notorious" so I think it may be more fun if there's a group of newbies playing and learning together (with maybe some kind of good person to guide us all) Any other EU new folk looking into getting into the game and errrr "pensive" ?
  8. cheers folk, I concur on all points though I'm yet to play dark souls I normally reserve rage for mmm not much of late, but I suspect the last true rage was *ah I'll head back after collecting all these diamonds and minerals, wait how do I get back, no GAH creeper, oh god, I hate this game, I'm going to bed" "plays another 3 hours" Personally I like to chortle and be all "oh my, I just bought the big one" when I fail (it's a coping mechanism), as long as I'm not in a serious situation with other folks relying on me not failing. then I cry
  9. I like wizardy - and I will take contest with the perfect world statement - Rusty Hearts is the best side scrolling brawler around - sure the p2p is rubbish and unbalanced but who cares it's all about the side scrawling demon smashing with friends and dressing your girl in the cutest clothes you can find! Rest of their games are blurgh though. Also shin megami tensei online was cool. Though nobody to play with. OO and yes Path of Exile, but again need to find some folks (work makes me a lazy lad) Why do I like wizardry - the combat is interesting and there is real risk in pvp. So many games are all "baw I lost blah xp" this can be yeah you lost all your stuff and died, live with it lol. Path of Exile is a good knock back to old school diablo style gaming with a really intersting system. I liked the whole meta game from Shin megami - as in breading your demons to make more powerful ones and how you interact with them and as you can tell - rusty hearts for fun 10 minute blast streets of rage style violence while dressing up your loli game. Alllllso Secret World seems to have a great story - saddly it crashed like a pig on me and keeps on crashing... so sad face.
  10. Obligatury - have you played persona 3 and 4? Also if you want to go retro, have massive head mess horror, you could track down corpse party on the psp/vita (second best vita game ironically after gravity rush)
  11. Anyone done the long war mod? I've had a game going of it for so long really brings back the old feel of the game.
  12. I love the persona series (and I don't mind shin megumi tenshin either) hoping we really get a persona 5 - *prays to cthulhu* Persona 3 pick was mitsuri kirijo and Persona 4 was Chie
  13. Yes - From long "grand games" like EU4 and Space Empires V to quick games like civ and star drive strategy strategy strategy. To grand rts like Total way and EE to quick games like CC and SC Also EU4 is FAR better for the new entrant than EU3 and if you play with people that take it easy and explain on skype/voice you'll "get it" way faster (like any game I suppose) also EU4 is supposed to support 64 simulatious players??
  14. Well, I'm rubbish at sticking to games as I can never find a group of people to play with, so I feel this could be good fun, I've enjoyed playing PS2 though as vanu (pew pew lazor gunz), Hawken, MWO, MWT and Wizardry. Though I'd enjoy any games that I can play with folk who wont WAH WAH You suck (well until my 5th game) when all is fair. Oh though I want to get into FFXIV reborn - and well anything that I don't think "god darn this so 12F1F2" Blah Blah I've beta'd a bunch of games (back to the dark old game of Planetarian, props to the folk that remember that, and then ferion props again to those that remember that) gaming online for blurgh too long back in those tick based games and I'm generally awful at fps but again I like the ps2 due to being able to play medic aww yeah.