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    Videogames, Ping Pong and PC masterrace. All hail the masterrace!
  1. That's awesome dude, I've been waiting for a good elderscrolls game (eso is decent i guess). I hope they use a new engine tho, wasn't too blown away by Fallout 4.
  2. i want to have zombies in the game that are like the passive ghouls in fallout and make fun of all the politicaly correctness nowadays.
  3. Hey, i am going to make a game, a 2d rpg and i'd like some ideas for game mechanics and the plot. I have a general idea of the plot and i have made a basic spritesheet for the main character. The plot is this, a king and his family live in a castle. The King is kind to his people and is generally a good guy, but then the castle is attacked by mystic creatures/monsters (i had zombies in mind but I'm open to suggestions) and the kings family is forced to run. The king is noble and fights the monsters off so his family can escape. The mother then sarifices herself to save her two children (a small boy and a teenage girl) and they both run, while they are running they spot a rabbithole (or something close to that) and hide in it. but the hole is much bigger on the inside and they fall down into the underground. That's the story of the world, you play as the small boy looking for his father, your sister thinks he's dead and settles down underground. Oh and there's a civilization undergroun that the King was somehow involved in and you have to figure it out and find your father. I intend to have several easter eggs in the game from monty python and othher stuff. feel free to leave ideas and I will include some of them and the creators of the ideas will be in the credits of the game.
  4. I got some new ideas guys. Plastic Surgery would be cool, so you could change your face and other things. So if you dislike your characters face when you are level 100 you can change it without having to make a new char. Crew Clothing. Now what I mean by this is by being in a crew (such as the agta) you could have crew clothing that was like a leather jacket with the logo and the name of the crew on the back. Like the bikers in the lost and damned have. And it displays your rank and so on. If you dont know what i mean google "lost and damned".
  5. Thats a really good idea bro
  6. Hello everyone! So Rockstar has been making alot of updates/free dlcs for the game GTA V, but almost all of them are like this. (I know some updates are more in depth such as the heist update but bear with me here!) Add some cars/motorcyclesAdd some clothesRemove fun glitchesAdd a weaponI do like these kinds of updates but come on Rockstar. We want more! So I have made a list of a few things I would really like to have in GTA V. Feel free to add some of your own ideas as well! And then we might send Rockstar the link to this thread. Even though they will probably ignore this thread and keep adding cars, clothes and a single gun. Anyways, moving on. SkateboardsImagine skating around Los Santos through the various skate parks that have been added and maybe doing a grind on that railing, maybe doing a kickflip, etc. That'd be cool right? I think so too. Emergency vehicles​Yeah I know I listed adding cars was a slightly annoying recurring thing in updates but hear me out! You know all those glitches put on youtube about getting Police vehicles as personal vehicles? Well, my idea is to add a website that auctions/sells emergency vehicles. Whether this site should be legit can be discussed. Maybe you buy from an international gang that steals cars (including emergency vehicles) and they deliver it to a certain location (maybe in the desert?) where you get it. I dunno though. Moar heists!!!!​Well, personally I don't think that the current heists are so entertaining. I'd like something like the union depository, in the sp you got millions of dollars for it but here we might set a level limit to maybe 80 for it so it's only for the endgame players. And maybe you can only do the heist once (if you got better ideas for it feel free to leave a comment ) but I'm not so sure about that one. So if you got more ideas for a new update feel free to leave a comment describing it! Hopefully Rockstar will see this.
  7. Well, here is a list of mods I think are really good SkyReImmersive ArmorsBetter VampiresMoonlight TalesFalskaarSkyrim UnboundDeadly DragonsBetter Shaped WeaponsSkyrim -Community- UncapperThe Unofficial PatchesConvenient HorsesWell, these are all really good mods and they should keep you busy a while. And of course the DLCs are really good. Well, Hearthfire is okay at most. You can download a mod that does virtually the same thing as Hearthfire.
  8. Hey dude, it's always nice to see new recruits. If there's something you need help with, don't hesitate to ask!
  9. Well, Foo Fighters are good. They do mostly pop but some punk and hardrock songs
  10. Well, i have played on jka servers this year and they functioned properly at the time. For the guild or clan support, there are servers that we can have and also you can change your name so you have an AJSA tag on. Launch JKA Multiplayer, go to profile, and somewhere to the left it says "Padawan". That's your name and you can change it to anything else. I hope that answers your question
  11. This would be cool to play with the AJSA. But maybe we should wait until the final version has been released
  12. Will you post the title of the book here? And the release date?