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  1. I just got done watching Angry Joe's Wolfenstein Twitch stream from last night. While he was playing he was talking about, Thinking of ways to do reveiws without getting into the big production he normally does in order. To either get more reviews done or just to releive some of the stress of doing a big production. So if I were to recommend anything. Why not Bullet point reviews. Just a quick good bad and sometimes ugly portions of the game. With a score and a quick recommendation or word of warning depending on the title. Again just a idea, However it's something that I wouldn't mind seeing Joe do and it would be a quicker way for him as well.
  2. It's a mix Conor from what I've seen, Erin was introuduced at the end of 3/Shadow project, however The Primal is a throwback to the orginal without giving away any spoilers. That and Garret still has something he doesn't in the orginals. I can see why they went this way with the story but it's a bit muddled. Personally if they were to do it they should of really just rebooted the entire story, Or HD remake the orginal which would of been a great way to kick it off then maybe bring Erin in and so fourth. But that's just nitpicking now.
  3. I've gotten mine Conor it's a good game, It does pay a good homage to the first three as far as the stealth gameplay, As far as story meh it's good but the orginals are far superior. Only helps that the first one as far as fiction and lore was from Ken Levine, However Metal Age was great and a good follow up, Shadow project eh really about the same as the new game/reboot. Really hard to call it one or the other since it involves both aspects of the orginal and what would of been Thief 4 if they kept on with the orginal story. However overall if your new to the franchise it's a good game. However as a fan of the orginals they could of done some things better. Also the orginal voice actor for Garret would of been a better choice over the new Garret. But eh that's just fanboy gripe
  4. It's a good game for a 2 hour play through the music gets to you more then any of the jump scares through out. However people screaming like little girls while playing it can only go so far. I think Joe's twitch stream was more entertaining with Other Joe as they were actually reacting knowing nothing about the game before playing it.
  5. Personally think it's going to be a great game cannot wait for it, However with the ending of Infamous 2 I have a feeling, They'll keep Cole dead but everyone has been quiet about Kessler. Who's to say he won't be part of the "Second Sons". This could be more of a impact on the future before Kessler went back in time. In Infamous 1. It's just a theory however I wouldn't be supraised the Shadow figure in Fetch trailer, from E3 is Kessler. However it's a wait and see now more then anything but I do hope they will at least have some throwback to either Cole. Other then the Cole's legacy dlc
  6. Pre ordered and paid in full, Loved the orginal Thief games looking forward on how this one keeps on with the story after shadow project, Yet at the same time rebooting everything. Should be fun from what I've seen so far with the demo's and so fourth.
  7. It should be interesting how it all plays out, However like other post I'm sure there will be a added teir to either psn plus, Or another whole new pay teir entirely. The good news is they are taking beta signs ups now on the offical playstation site. Hopefully some of us will be able to get in the beta, and be able to spread more information, as long as the NDUA doesn't bog us down to much. None the less it is going to be a good service. I'm just surpaised they are allowing it to be on so many platforms, like tablets cellphones ect. Now hopefully they can pull it off.
  8. Human hunter, looks to be a good class and I love sniping
  9. I would like to personally lose more weight I did pretty good this year but still fell short of my goal. So I'm hoping to finish it off in the new year, As for gaming I would like to finish some games I never got to finish on my 360 mainly *coughs* ME3 and Witcher 2 got them and never got around to finishing them off and would like to before the big games of 2014 come out. So maybe two months before Thief then Second Son.
  10. My vote goes to Resogun, I went into the game with just old memories of old side scrolling shooters like type r or u.n squadron from the old snes days. Wasn't expecting to have as much fun as I have had with it. I enjoyed AC4 a lot it is a must buy for the system. However Resogun edges it out simply because you cannot notice how much the time flies while playing it. Or even if you don't have the time for a full session of gaming you can do a quick level and get your fix, and feeling like you achieved a goal within the game itself.
  11. It will be interesting and funny to watch the fighter within review, At best it's probably going to get a 2 out of 10 simply because it's a Kinect game, and I think if anyone has had a good game with Kinect it would be the ones made by Rare if those are considered good.
  12. PSN/Forum name: JosephKain currently playling AC4,Killzone,Resogun
  13. Already got my code can't wait for it
  14. 1. Breath of Fire 2. Siren (heard they did a trademark recently but they are calling it a hoax) 3. Would be a long shot but a Streets of rage or Final fight reboot, maybe something like they did with the recent Castlevania's As for Legacy of Kain it is coming back sort of Square is making Nosgoth with is like a pvp game of humans vs vampires they are doing the closed Beta for it now. It's not what we truly want but it's something
  15. feel free to add me as well