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  1. This is an issue I've struggled with myself on and off. The problem is, I really hate exercising. I just find it too damn boring. But after putting on a few unwelcome pounds I decided it was time for action. I knew it was pointless just trying to motivate myself to go walking outside, or start going to a local gym so I came up with this: Game while staying in shape This is my current set up at home. I walk for 2 and half hours every second day on the treadmill whilst playing games. I have placed all my consoles in my 'gym' room, which forces me to go in there and get on the treadmill whenever I want to play something. XCOM has been my lifesaver so far. It's one of those game you just don't want to put down and before you know it you have been walking for 2 or more hours straight and completed lots of missions. I was overweight several years ago before I started walking regularly. I also do light weights while watching Twitch or YouTube. Now, I'm at my ideal weight and in fairly good shape, I think. So for anyone who is in this situation, for anyone who feels they are getting a bit too big.. I honestly suggest setting yourself up with something like this. MortalWare.
  2. Just need to wait until they release it on PC, if they ever do. I'm hopeless at shooting using a gamepad.
  3. It is a good game if your looking for something similar to WoW, which isn't WoW. I am looking forward to the new space combat, though wish they could include some PVE in that. At the moment I'm sticking to Prefferred Status until some major updates happen though. The crafting system really needs to be fleshed out more to make it interesting, instead of just a huge credit sink.
  4. Great review, thanks. Saved me $50 since I was contemplating buying it. Perhaps when it's 75% off on STEAM I'll give it another look.
  6. Mine was an ATARI 2600 which I had to put on layby to afford. Memorable games for this system include: - Tank Pong - Breakout - Yars Revenge
  7. Despite all it's bugs and frustrating gameplay elements, I just can't help but enjoy XCom Enemy Within. It may not have the longevity of something like Battlefield 4, but it belongs to a genre that is still fairly light on games. There are plenty of shooters you can pick up at any time, but there are few fun turn based games around.
  8. Definetly has to be 'Motoko Kusanagi' from Ghost in the Shell series for me.
  9. Older (40 years) Australian gamer who mainly plays MMORPGs. Would love to join Angry Army guilds for any of the following: - SWtoR - FFXIV ARR - Star Trek Online - EQNext (once it's out) Cheers, MortalWare