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  1. Battle brothers, Warbands have finally been released. Tonight I am going to set up the AJSA group and we will begin preparing for community events. We will be operating as the Black Legion Chaos Space Marines for the time being. If you don't want to play CSM then I ask you to take to the forums, both for EC and anywhere you think you can find people to step up, join us and lead the other races into battle. This is your first mission. If you want to join us, leave a comment below and I will add you to the incoming Steam group. And remember; Who pledged his loyalty? The Warmaster Whom did we serve in faith? The Warmaster For whom did we take our name? The Warmaster But whom shall we remake? The Warmaster And who shall lead us to victory? The Warmaster!
  2. About time. Been waiting on this game for almost a year.
  3. On their FB page for The Skies they said it's still being worked on, but that was in November. According to them they've been redoing a lot of the game's server and client code from the ground up and that's why updates have stopped, not that they were exactly frequent with new content anyway. Apparently the company has a couple offices in Ukraine so I can buy that they might have more than one dev team, but if they did really abandon The Skies it's not exactly a big deal, it was a free game and it still works for the most part.
  4. He did say *free* MMOs, and Guild Wars is pay to play. There's a free MMO on Steam called The SKIES. It's kinda like a Mad Max style RPG with shooting elements with zoned PvP and vehicle combat. It's still in early alpha and hasn't been updated since October, so tread carefully.
  5. I almost feel bad about participating because I've been playing the game for a while and know a lot of good plays to use even with a brand new Chaos team.
  6. 163. Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition (PC) The definitive version of the original Blood Bowl PC game. Features over 20 teams, including Chaos Dwarves, Ogre teams and Goblins. If you want more details and haven't seen it yet, look at my Blood Bowl 2 post a few pages back, I'm not explaining the game again. However, BB:CE features extra abilities like Big Guys being able to throw characters with the Stunty trait, which makes up for smaller player's lack of strength.
  7. 161. Don't Starve (PC) You wake up in the wilderness after an experiment goes wrong. A tall, gaunt man appears before you and tells you to find some food or you won't survive the night. Thing is, you quickly discover that starving is the least of your worries. Dangerous animals roam all around, the weather ranges from cold and wet to blazing hot, and it might just be your mind playing tricks but even the shadows seem like they want to kill you. Gather supplies, stick to the light, and maybe find the portal to Adventure mode. Maxwell is waiting. 162. DayZ (PC) Originally created as a mod for Arma 2, and later given a standalone release by Bohemia Interactive. DayZ isn't the first survival game ever, but it is the one all survival game developers look to as the standard. Your goal is simple, survive in the zombie infested nation of Chernarus by finding food and water, gathering weapons to fend off zombies and other players, medicine to heal wounds and disease and clothing to combat the environment. Items can be crafted from gathered materials, and if you die you start from a random spawn location.
  8. 160. Kerbal Space Program (PC) You shoot tiny green men into space while relying on physics and dubious rocket design to get off the planet and explore the Kerbol system to collect Science! or explore the various biomes in an airplane or rover. Launch satellites and probes to other worlds, build a space station, or you can make things explode in spectacular fashion, it's up to you.
  9. 159. Total War: Warhammer (PC) The Realms are abuzz with news and events from all around. In the Realms of Men, the Emperor has died and passed the crown to his son, Karl Franz, who must now battle detractors to his reign and bring the Elector Counts to his side. The Dwarves have begun retaking their holds from the Greenskins, but a large Ork has been climbing the ranks lately and may unify the tribes. And finally, stirrings in the North indicate the armies of the Norsemen may be on the move once more. Choose your faction and prepare yourself for total war.
  10. Oh no, EA has been just as greedy and dickish as ever with their micro transactions, as well as trying their hardest to kill the Titanfall IP.
  11. 158. Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC) Thousands of years before the Battle of Yavin, the Republic governed the galaxy in peace. One day in an unexpected invasion, the Sith Empire returned and waged a lighting war with the Republic, ending in the sacking of the Jedi Temple on Corrusant. The Republic and Sith Empire now sit in with an uneasy ceasefire, but relations are breaking down and the galaxy is on the verge of war again. You pick your faction, race, and class type as either Jedi, Sith, Smuggler, Trooper, Bounty Hunter or Imperial Agent. Each class follows a unique story path alongside your faction's quests, with dungeons, PvP and space battles (On rails and PvP) to add plenty of variety.
  12. 156. Mad Max (PC) Not sure where this falls on the Mad Max timeline, presumably after Fury Road. Max is ambushed and his car is destroyed, but after fending off his attackers he meets a badly deformed and insane mechanic named Chumbucket who knows of Max and offers to help build a new car. However, one of Immortan Joe's sons has been taking over the badlands around Oiltown and is hunting Max, so now Max needs to fight his way through the badlands on foot and in his car to gather better parts and defeat Scrotus's army while helping the settlements scattered around Oiltown. The character action elements get repetitive, and the side quests feel a lot like busy work sometimes, but car combat in this game is second to none and the story is definitely worth your time if you're a fan of Mad Max. 157. Syndicate (PC) In the near future, mega corporations have taken over and are running the world. Corporate espionage is more common than ever as each corp seeks to topple their rivals and dominate the streets. You take command of a squad of cyborgs, outfitting them and researching new equipment in order to carry out the will of your capitalist overlords. ffs I miss Bullfrog.
  13. 155. Slavistan (PC) It's short, it's hard, it's the most slav game ever! No, I'm serious, this game is deceptively hard, especially the level in Poland where you need to balance while squatting and drinking.
  14. 152-154. Bioshock trilogy (PC) Bioshock is a celebrated series that started in 2007. Each game in the series features a different protagonist and setting that all links back together through the overarching timeline. Bioshock 1 and 2 take place in the underwater city of Rapture somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Iceland. The city is overrun by crazed and deformed people called Splicers who are addicted to a substance called Adam, which has the ability to rewrite a person's DNA giving them incredible powers ranging from teleportation to throwing fire from your hands. Bioshock Infinite features the flying city of Columbia, where the founding fathers are worshiped as prophets of the Angel Columbia and the culture of the early 1800's is desperately held on to by the city's aristocracy and clergy, all led by a man named Father Comstock. Your goal in each game usually involves fighting your way from point A to point B, scavenging for supplies and surviving what each city throws at you. Over time the series got progressively worse in gameplay and story, with Bioshock 2 being considered the worst story and Bioshock Infinite worst for gameplay because it threw away the original formula in favor of a Halo-style weapon, movement and shield system which the previous games didn't have, as well as featuring a lot of bullet sponge enemies, weaker active abilities and less entertaining passive abilities. The first is the definitive game among fans, but all are worth playing to see how the entire universe of Bioshock comes together and the genius of the storytelling.
  15. 151. Tom Clancy's The Division (PC) An MMOFPS set in a post-apocalyptic New York City. An outbreak of a modified smallpox virus nicknamed the Green Poison is dispersed by the Black Friday sales rush through infected dollar bills, rapidly infecting major cities across the United States. As civilization breaks down the US government enacts Directive 51 and activates sleeper agents to restore order in New York, but something goes wrong leading to the destruction of both the first and second wave except for yourself. Now it comes down to you to restore Division HQ, quell the various factions tearing up the streets, find the man responsible for the outbreak, and hunt through the Dark Zone for a new jacket. 152. Battlefleet Gothic: Armada (PC) In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, there is only war. Abaddon the Despoiler has arrived in the Gothic Sector leading a massive army in the 12th Black Crusade. The Imperial Navy is all that stands between the forces of Chaos and their goal; a variety of powerful artifacts and ancient super weapons capable of destroying star systems. Along with the threat of Chaos, Ork raiders have stepped up their attacks in the sector and Eldar pirates stalk the void between planets. Take command of a fleet of mile long warships and go to battle with the enemies of mankind in the Emperor's name, or die trying.
  16. 150. Patrician IV (PC) Patrician is a management game where you build a trade empire in the 1300's. You do this by buying goods and selling them through your fleet of ships, building houses to collect rent, constructing farms and factories to make goods, and doing quests for the cities. As you accrue wealth your rank will increase and the guilds will give you greater permissions for trade and construction, as well as allowing you to fit armed ships and hunt pirates. The campaign ends when you become mayor of your home city, but you can go as far as becoming chairman of the whole League.
  17. 148. Poker Night at the Inventory 2 (PC) It's a game of poker against a variety of characters, Brock Sampson from Venture Bros. Claptrap, Sam from Sam and Max, and Ash from Evil Dead, as well as cameos from other Max, Steve from Borderlands, and GladOs. Your goal is to beat each player and collect special items that they can bet every few games. 149. Soul Calibur (Dreamcast) A fighting game that relies on weapons as much as martial arts. You pick a character and follow them through their story arc by reducing your opponent's hp to 0 or knocking them out of the arena.
  18. Oh, I'm going to have a lot of fun killing all your teams. Khorne wills it!
  19. You're clearly in the minority, because it plays like every other Yu-Gi-Oh game ever made. The only shitty thing is the $80 worth of Day 1 DLC, but it's far from a bad game.
  20. 145. Theme Park World (PC) The second game in Bullfrog's Theme Park series. This game moves the series from a straight 2D isometric perspective to a 2.5D game similar to Dungeon Keeper. Buildings are rendered in 3D, and the camera moves 360 degrees while guests are sprites. Your goal is to earn money and complete objectives to earn golden tickets and purchase new parks. Overall the game is smaller and simpler than Roller Coaster Tycoon, but it has more charm and a lot less down time. 146. Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast) Sonic Adventure was the first fully 3D Sonic game. In it you play as one of six characters: Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy Rose, Big the Cat and E-102 Gamma. Each character has a different story that ties into one big overarching plot revolving around Eggman attempting to empower an ancient god named Chaos and use him to take over the world. To stop him, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles race to collect all the Chaos Emeralds and defeat Chaos. Amy's story follows her being chased by one of Eggman's robots because she's in possession of one Emerald, Gamma plays like a basic 3rd person shooter hunting objectives under a time limit, and Big's story is basically him wandering around fishing to find his frog. 147. Jet Grind Radio (Dreamcast) It's Jet Set Radio's US version, but it also includes two new stages based on San Francisco and New York City. Your mission is to build up a gang of roller bladers and push the other gangs out of your territory by painting your logo over their graffiti while avoiding the *heavily armed police force*. Getting used to the momentum and stickiness of using roller skates is hard, but when you get it down you can go just about anywhere.
  21. 143. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (PC) The Soviet Union has launched a surprise invasion of the United States, quickly overrunning the nation. Now you must take up the role of the US's commander leading what remains of the army to beat back the Soviets and take the fight to Moscow, or lead the USSR in its conquest of the West. 144. Command & Conquer: RA2 Yuri's Revenge (PC) The Allies have managed to defeat the Soviets, however the psychic adviser of the Premir managed to escape the siege of Moscow and has raised his own army. Yuri activates an array of psychic dominator devices to take over the minds of everyone on Earth, but the US or Soviet commander is able to commandeer a time machine built by Einstein to go back in time to the first Soviet invasion to destroy the psychic dominator while it's under construction, bring down Yuri and his disciples, and re-conquer what was won the first time. Good luck, commander.
  22. 141. Warhammer 40k: Space Wolf (Android) A top-down game that mixes turn based strategy and card game mechanics to create a pretty interesting game. You command up to three Space Marines from the Space Wolf chapter to complete various objectives while fighting off the forces of the World Eaters Chaos Space Marine legion. 142. The Elder Scrolls: Arena (PC) Emperor Uriel Septim has been betrayed by his court battlemage, and is now trapped in an alternate dimension. You are tasked with recovering the pieces of the Staff of Chaos from various sites around Tamriel in order to defeat the mage and rescue the Emperor.
  23. 138. Rayman Classic (Android) It's the original Rayman platformer on mobile phones. It plays pretty good on my HTC, but older phones will definitely struggle. 139. Batman: Arkham City (PC) Arkham and Blackgate prison have been closed, and instead the city has delegated the old, collapsing section of Gotham to be an open air prison. When Bruce Wayne leads a rally against Arkham City, he is arrested and thrown inside. After breaking free, Batman gears up, but when he encounters the Joker, he is poisoned with Titan. Now Batman has to race against the clock to find the cure, shut down Arkham City and uncover the truth of it's existence. 140. Sea World Tycoon (PC) It's exactly what it sounds like, a Rollercoaster Tycoon style game where you build your own Sea World park, using iconic attractions (in 2005) such as Journey to Atlantis. It's a bit simpler than RCT, but it's a solid game nonetheless.
  24. 136. Hotline Miami (PC) A neon rush of violence. You play as an unnamed character, called Jacket by fans, living in 1980's Miami. You wake up to find a package outside the door and a message telling you to go to an address and kill the Russian mob members inside. Hotline Miami is famous for its fast pace and high difficulty, because one hit from any weapon will kill you, but like Super Meatboy you'll be right back up from the start to have another try. 137. Evil Genius (PC) There's a new player in the criminal underground vying for power over the free world. From an island base of indeterminable location, the mastermind of the evil organization digs a base into a mountain, hires and trains minions to go out into the world and fight the forces of justice, and commit various acts of evil while trying to not be killed by the various secret agents sent their way or traitorous minions within.
  25. Without a doubt it's a bad game made by terrible people, but The Slaughtering Grounds is just bad. It doesn't insult its audience in the same way Ride to Hell did.