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  1. IF they ever make legendary armor, I would think it would work like legendary weapons where you can change the stat combos any time when you're out of combat. However I don't want to know how bad the grind would be to make an entire set of legendary armor.
  2. I'm not a fan of the celestial gear, its basically the jack of trades gear. Because of that you truly never excel at anything, using a warrior for an example if you have two warrior with the same trait build using the same utilities how effective they are comes down to gear and skill. If one warrior has full zerk and the other has celestial the full zerk is going to out dps it every time, if one has full soldiers and the other has celestial the one with soldiers is going to have better survivability. And should they be regen, if one has clerics gear and the other has celestial the one with clerics is going yet again be more effective in that build. Celestial to me seems like the type of gear for wanting to do everything ok but do nothing well.
  3. Well server reset happens at midnight GMT, which right now would be 7PM EST. Seeing as your location is the US you wouldn't need to stay up late.
  4. I'll take an invite, my account name is hathreyn.4138.
  5. First if you plan on playing staff I would recommend a retrait, The traits you have set up are more for a zerk or zealot guard and not for a tank or support build. Honestly I would recommend retraiting as that path is cheaper than regearing. GS is a purely offensive weapon, the staff is almost is exact opposite, having the lowest damage output among all the guardian weapons. The staff is a support weapon which would work well with the armor you use. Second I would like to address your utilities, you're running two meditations yet you have no traits to help those utilities. I've run a pure meditation build in wvw and know that meditations can be used both offensively and defensively at the same time while in pvp or pve. If you trait for meditations they heal you for a small amount each time they are cast, this would also help with survivability. For guardians traiting around utilities is almost a must. I run this build which is pretty close to the standard shout bunker, guard: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?fUAQJASWlUgqCnFSKEf4ESVB+B7BG9Rd01jECDZIA-jUxAotAl9KiGbltIasqZioalNmUAspMC-w soldiers armor, with clerics everything else to boost my healing. For weapon sigils I'm still experimenting right now I'm using superior sigil of force on my hammer and superior sigil of life on the staff. I run the staff in camps and on guards to build life stacks then use the bonus healing when I'm front lining with my hammer to stay alive.
  6. Just fyi no accounts can be moved until friday december 6th at wvw reset. Anet locked transfers for the season one ladder.
  7. Well if it is the ISP router depending on whom the provider is the port status might not be able to be changed. My roommates against my advice got a router and modem from my ISP and I was unable to use vent or TS with the router at the time. I checked the firmware version to see if there was an update and I noticed that the version number was slightly off from the one on the vendors site. When I looked into it I discovered that it was running a custom version the ISP had created that prevented me from openening or closing any ports. I replaced the router right away and had no problems after that. So if it is the router replacing the ISP device might be the best option. Sorry if this suggestion doesn't help and I hope you get the game running soon.
  8. Even if you could run it, I highly doubt it'll run well. Like most MMOs GW2 isn't optimized well because its almost impossible to optimize an MMO without cutting out a chunk of the potential userbase. While its not really a GPU hog, it does tax the CPU at times, even with my system which I put together recently and spent a decent amount on I get occasional frame drops in large zerg fights because multi-threading support is almost non existant on this game so a multi core cpu won't help a huge deal. If you're afraid it won't run the best bet is to wait for the next free trial weekend and try it then so you don't potentially spend more money on a game you can't play until you upgrade to a better system.
  9. There's a poll to get it supported, it has more than enough votes to get supported, but even if it does I doubt Joe himself will play again. His job means he has to move forward that even means that games he's playing today like Killzone or BF4 will eventually be put down. I joined for the community, I would just like to see official support for the game. Really guild tags aren't unique, we could have 100 guilds with the tag [AJSA], but it will never be as strong as one united group.
  10. That was the old Angry Army guild, but with the rebrand to AJSA its more likely that the guild we be recreated from scratch and possibly on a different server. There is at least one unofficial guild in the NA and the EU, however the council has yet to decide whether or not to officially support the game so its up to us to rep the AJSA until they do. So officially there is no AJSA community, I just hope that if they support the game they pick a decent server to play on, as I think it would be too hard to have members scattered, the guild system just doesn't seem to work well that way. We would basically have groups that have to build upgrades on whatever server they play on which means they would need to be the right rank to queue upgrades. I honestly think that the way they did the guild system sounded great on paper but not as good in practice, having a guild exist on every server once its created, but only have the upgrades exists on the server they were built on.
  11. I honestly feel that wow changed way too much for my tastes. Not saying its a bad game, but its not the game I had fun with anymore. I miss the talent trees, I'm well aware that if you did hard core raiding or arenas that it didn't matter because you ran the optimal build, but I loved experimenting. Maybe I wanted to go to AV with my pally specced half ret and half holy. I played through cata and got into the panaria beta through the annual pass because at the time I still played and it seemed like a great deal to get D3 and a special mount. I think the game became too casual for my tastes. Which was the biggest draw to GW2 for me, I like the fact that I can mess around with builds in GW2, yes a lot of them will be situational or might not be optimal. Yes with updates the meta always changes for pvp and wvw, but I like having the choice. I feel that Blizzard took that away from me, I also like the skill based combat.
  12. Its unlikely that Joe will ever revisit GW2. He tends to beat games before he reviews them which is why his reviews are generally later than the day the game comes out. And though you cannot actually beat an MMO outside finishing the story I believe he got at least one 80 and spent time in both sPvP and WvW. And yes while the game definitely was not the revolution it promised to be, I still feel that it was an excellent game and worth the good reviews in my opinion. Thats the other important thing to remember a review is an opinion and one review should not be taken 100% at face value, everyone has different tastes.
  13. One thing I forgot, not sure if transfer by deleting will work right now. Server transfers are locked until WvW season one ends on friday December 13th at reset time. Normally it would be a free transfer, but to keep people from server hopping and unbalancing wvw any more or transferring just to get credit for something they weren't a part of Anet disabled transfers and only guesting is currently available.
  14. I'm willing to help out if I can, just message me if I'm online if you have any questions or would like some help.
  15. I'm on SBI and I will transfer pretty much anywhere for the AJSA except any of the gold league servers because at times I hate the server queues on my own server. I know Joe is busy and will probably never revisit WvW, but his primary issue at the time of the review was server queues and the issue will not be fixed until the new WvW map launches in the spring. I wouldn't mind going down a few ranks to build up a server that isn't as good, but I don't want the queue situation to be worse, especially if we decide to take WvW seriously as a guild, its not fun when you're in a group with people and only one person in the group gets in because the queue appears to pick at random and not based on when you queued up.