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  1. I agree with most, I wouldn't had put BI too high either and I had fun playing GTA V and ACIV. For me the best game this year was TLOU followed then by GTA V, ACIV abd BI at last.
  2. Best Games The Last of Us GTA V Bioshock Infinite Worst Games Ride To Hell:Retribution Aliens: Colonial Marines A summary, there are other great and worst games out there.
  3. Didn't liked it at all. The announcements were not amazing and there was a lack of emotion overall in the VGX in my opinion. They didn't present all the awards either. The GOTY was predictable but I didn't agree with it. What pissed me off was GTA V winning best soundtrack which in my opinion it had a terrible soundtrack, there were far better soundtracks like TLOU, Bioshock Infinite and Ni No Kuni (All the nominees actually had a better soundtrack than GTA V) Although there were some parts it made me forget the terrible mess I was watching which were the Irrational speech(Best Shoother) and Joel Banderas(Studio of the Year). They made me forget the abomination I was watching.
  4. You make noise when you hit with anything which will alarm the infected and make the support AI start to shoot, you have to stealth kill by using a shiv or grabbing them from behind.
  5. The ones listed above are the ones that will win most of the awards, I think. There were other good games this year but I'm talking about the top contenders.
  6. So... which games do you believe will be first in Gaikai? I assume that PS3's exclusives such as Journey, Uncharted Series, The Last of Us, Heavy Rain and maybe LittleBigPlanet will be available first. Gaikai wil come to the US in 2014 but not sure of other countries so I highly recomend creating a US account. http://www.siliconera.com/2013/12/03/gaikai-will-bring-critically-acclaimed-ps3-games-ps4-2014-vita-afterwards/ Also, Gaikai will probably be released ate 2014 in US, probably Q3 and 2015 in Europe. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/ps4-streaming-service-will-reportedly-launch-late-2014/1100-6416503/
  7. Ya, the game had some details that couldn't be seen in one playthrough. Like, I didn't knew you could open Ellie's backpack and see what she had when you played as her.
  8. PS3 -Cheaper -Great Library of games (God of War, The Last of Us, Uncharted, inFamous, Heavy Rain, etc) -Games will still be released for the console. PS4 -Better Specs(obviously) -Doesn't have console seller games but will have in the future.(The price will probably reduce at that time) *There are more points for each one but I was too lazy to think. So in my opinion, Get a PS3.
  9. What are you doing on this thread? Leave and don't come back until you have finished this game, I would'nt have liked this game spoiled and It is awesome as your friends said.
  10. The world took something from him, he took something from the world. Loved the ending and it left me with a long lasting appeal.I bet there will be a sequel (Sony knows it sold well) and I also think Joel isn't bad neither good and If I was in his shoes I would have done the same. I also loved that you were forced to do it which many games nowadays don't do that kind of stuff.
  11. TLOU for me, I have never cared so much for the characters as I did in TLOU.
  12. I have played the online for around 30-40 hours and it was different than any other multiplayer done this year. It was tense and required teamwork in order to win although I also think they should add more gamemodes (probably on the 3rd DLC although many people will be with the PS4 at that time) and I ain't dissapointed of the lack of patches. Now I don't play it so often but it was nice having a different type of multiplayer.
  13. None of the above, I will buy a PS4 when there are more games.
  14. I wouldn't judge a game by its popularity and an example would be Call of Duty; sells a lot of copies but never gets awards( MW2 was the last COD who received some awards(I think) but the overall winner was Uncharted 2, another Naughty Dog Title). Although I agree that there may be more people voting for GTA V in GOTY's gamer's choice due to its massive popularity but the editors choice would be a more fair fight because they have played them all. Also keep in mind TLOU is a new IP which will have some advantages and disadvantages in this decisions.