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    Vermont, USA
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    I have always been into console gaming since I was a young kid, and now the next-gen gaming experience is upon us. I'm ready to jump into the fight of the newest games. I am an avid fan of the Battlefield series, along with many others.
  1. I second the support of Insurgency! I map for this game, and am willing to help support it.
  2. Hey everybody! Darkwolf1802 here. I'm creating this page because, alot of us have our own pages/channels that sometimes don't get as much support from the general public, and my goal here is that smaller YouTubers can share their channels and hopefully garner some support for them from fellow AJSA members. Have an underrated channel? Post it here, and gain some more support! If you'd like check me out on my different outlets (with my main being my YouTube): YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/darkwolf1802/featured Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/darkwolf1802x/profile Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Darkwolf1802-and-Furflyer-versus/1437305106504779 Thanks again!
  3. Certain versions are, i'm playing on the 360, and things have been pretty smoothed out on the multiplayer part of things. The next gen versions may be the ones having most of the issues, as to developers getting used to the new hardware etc.
  4. Takedown's AI is pretty horrible I will admit. Been actually watching out for Ground Branch (http://www.groundbranch.com/), and they are looking even more and more like what i'm looking for.
  5. I am looking for support, both from the general public, and the Angry Army. Check me out if you'd like? YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/ Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/darkwolf1802x/profile Facebook Official Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Darkwolf1802-and-Furflyer-versus/1437305106504779 Thanks if you do! ~Darkwolf1802
  6. Hey everybody, just curious if anybody plays the game Takedown: Red Sabre (Yes, I know it received a HUGE amount of hate due to the fact it had a rough launch, but think about it, so did Battlefield 4, and look at it now!) . On another topic, is there any new (2012/13/14) games out that are like Takedown is? Hardcore Tactical shooters with a slow pace, such as the classics like the original Rainbow Six 3, and SWAT games? Thanks!
  7. Hey guys, Darkwolf1802 here! As of recently, I have been making many videos for my YouTube channel, including content from games such as: Garry's Mod, No More Room in Hell, and PlanetSide 2. I was wondering if you guys could check out my channel? My most recent videos are live streams from twitch, all in HD. If you check them out, I would be really grateful! Thanks Guys, long live the AJSA! YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/darkwolf1802 Twitch Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/darkwolf1802x
  8. If they improve it, I expect jumpscares. lots of em.
  9. Just got into it, tis fun playing horror maps. HMU if you know some good ones for co-op.
  10. Less Mario, more Metroid/Earthbound. HD remake or sequel? Maybe they can make Gygas even more creepy!
  11. I have every game except Skyward Sword. I'd have to say my top three favorites are: 1.Ocarina of Time (For obvious reasons) 2. A Link to the Past (Was my first own Zelda game) 3. Twilight Princess (Loved the story and how Wolf/Twilight gameplay was set up)
  12. Well, they announced that the princess from Galaxy 1 and 2 is a character, and attacks alongside her star buddy. So 4 new characters. Hopefully less move set copy pastes and more unique characters.
  13. Kingdom Hearts series (1,2,CoM), Jak and Daxter series(PL,2,3), SOCOM: Combined Assault, Rainbow Six 3, Soul Caliber 3, MGS (2,3), Medal of Honor: Frontline (one of my most memorable moments in gaming was with this one), MX Vs. ATV Unleashed, Star Wars Battlefront 2 (most time on Ps2 was spent playing this, had hundreds of hours logged, both by myself and split screen with my friends). And so many more than I can recall at this time. One of the best eras of gaming, before micro-transactions, when games had all content on the disk and not as paid DLC, and before EA started their horrible record of being evil. Hopefully, gamers can help change these bad practices.