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    Well my interests include many things such as; fishing, cliff-jumping, dirt biking, camping, hunting, and video games. I do have a gaming computer and a Xbox One, have most recently been play ARK and BF1, but I'm always up to play any game with anyone when they send an invite.

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  1. Hey Crimsion, Welcome to the AJSA, as you can see I'm not the first to welcome you so you should find friends in no time. I'm not sure what platform you play now, but if you are looking for a teammate for Battlefield on Xbox you can add me: xvblazinvx Look forward to playing with you man, hope you have a great time here.
  2. Looking forward to this feature, since many of these games are so overpriced that i can now play them first and determine myself if its worth dropping the money. The extra 20% discount is nice too.
  3. Welcome Phobos to the AJSA! Not sure what system you play on, but if its XBL you can always add me if ever wana play. GT: xvblazinvx
  4. Welcome to the AJSA, solid taste in games. Feel free to add me on XBL if you ever want to play anything. GT: xvblazinvx
  5. Was wondering if there are any members out there that are trying to play, and if so are there any planned events?
  6. I like this idea, nice and relaxing. Throw me an invite when ever your kicking it in Minecraft.
  7. I'll take an invite when possible
  8. Damn missed it too. Oh well nice to see members giving to the community and making friends.
  9. I'll try it out - xvblazinvx
  10. Well i'm looking forward to Battlefront 3, though I'm not gunna set my expectation to high since EA has a horrible reputation with destroying a game. Plus the last game that came out Hardline is just a cut and paste of BF4, with less content, so we shall see.
  11. Hey man, here's all the information you need to know about ESO. http://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-gb/news/post/2015/01/21/eso-heads-to-consoles-june-9th
  12. Nice review, this might have been the push I needed to buy this game.
  13. I believe they stopped them.
  14. Yea I 'm gunna have to wait till the review I'm on the fence, and dont wana blow $40 .