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  1. I realize I'm not going to get much more worthwhile advice from this thread. More accounts of my topic not being readable because it's not in paragraph form. If you yourself are too lazy to read lines on a page that aren't groomed to your liking, what makes you think I want an opinion from you. And even then, why reply at all if you didn't even skim through the subject. Thank you to all the people who actually took time to read this thread. All your advice has helped in atleast some way. I will no longer be watching this thread as the amount of actual useful information lessins everyday, but feel free to continue posting about how ignorant you have to be, to be unable to read words not in the fashion of your liking. THank you again for all your time.
  2. Wow thank you for all the advice. I especially memnor. I will continue to research and work on all possibilities. And will also continue watching this thread.
  3. Oh, wow. Well, I will definately look into it, but if there is any other possible way I can get help here.
  4. Well what you are describing sounds like a very good choice. But I just don't think moving out of the states is possible. I have family and people here who I wouldn't be able to leave. I don't know I could research it, but I seriously doubt it.
  5. Thank you ShotgunRaider for spreading the news. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. I also get what you're saying Twisted Chi. A lot of the people I have had discussions with ( who have been educated) agree the system is broken and understand how hard it is to find a job.
  6. I am 17 years old. I will be turning 18 in two more months. I have been currently having the biggest trouble of my life, looking for something to do with my life. I will be off to college in no time and yet I have made no plans. I just cannot decide what I want to do. The absolute biggest passion in the world that I have, is gaming. I love being able to particape in the creations of characters, worlds, stories, and lore. I love watching personalities that were made from scratch go on amazing adventures, that touch so many people and bring so many ideas and aspects of creativity to life. It would make me more than happy to be a part of this. However, I'm from a small town in Kentucky. My family is very poor, and I don't have many resources. Not to mention, for the past couple of years I have let my grades slip, I have been extremly lazy, and I have not prepared for my future. The only money I will probably be able to get to go to college is in FASFA the financial aid I am currently setting up for. Whenever I talk to people about my future and college they ask me what it is I want to do. I tell them I want to make games. I want to create something from nothing. I want to make a world and make characters who grow as people and change real people in real life. I want to make something that inspires people, because I have constantly been inspired by games and the people who are a part of them. Someone who inspires me the most is Angry Joe. He just seems like such a good person and he cares about his community and followers and he too is touched by games and wants to see new stories and events. But unfortunately when anyone even hears me say the word game, as what I want to do for a carreer I'm told that I need to grow up. I'm told to find a stable job to make use of my brain and to find something that makes good money to get out of my town. Because I have been told since I was born that I have great potential. I'm very good with numbers, I have always been creative when it comes to writing, but I don't have much experience aside from short stories that I was ordered to write for school. I have acted in speech throughout the years and have won numerous awards even when I was very young. However, like I stated I have let myself go and my grades fall because I have become lazy. Now I am lost. I am running out of time. And I have nothing. I do not know where to begin. I am asking any here for the biggest favor anyone could ever do me. Please help me. If someone could give me some guidance if they work or have worked for a gaming company. If any admins, or people of this community, or even Joe himself, could offer assisstance, or information of to what I can. I would forever be grateful. I don't even know if stuff like this is appropriate for this forum, but I have can think of nowhere else to turn. I have emailed countless youtube personalities asking if they could give me information to what they do, I've even asked to shadow several personalities and even help with voice acting, acting, or production. I have recieved no replies and I am desparate. I watch every video Joe puts out and I see how much he cares, and his community cares for the fans and each other, and I thought this would be my only place to turn. So again, if anyone could help me out with my situation. I really need. Thank you for your time. And thank you to anyone who even reples to this with tips for me. I will check this daily. I will continue watching The AngryJoeShow and supporting this community. Thank you again.
  7. glad people are backing my idea. means a lot. Army Support!!!
  8. Fable 3 definately. well 2 and three to be honest. They just didn't even see why people like they're franchise and took it the complete opposite way. Resident evil 6, every assassin's creed after brotherhood, Dead space 3, Halo ODST, call of duty mw3, dragon age 2, condemned 2, a list like this goes on forever. But of course, this is just my opinion. Someone may love all these games. Unfortuantely I didn't.
  9. lol Destinty
  10. Not to mention LA noire. The facials on that game were absolutely life like. They just dont do it anymore because all those cameras and mocap cost a shit ton of money
  11. Not exactly. Certain companies, maybe. Because they are dtill companies today that make games that look 20 years old. It all depends on what type of money the makers want to spend on it. Working stuff out has nothing to do with the technology. We've had the same tech for 5 almost 10 years. The question is how hard are the devs gunna work to work things out. And how much dough they're going to spend making their games look good.
  12. Didnt't even know they were making a battlefront so i'm phsyched about that now!!!!! But I'm really looking forward to killzone 4 and kingdom hearts 3
  13. There's dozens of stuff that is going to change. It all doesnt have to be about hardware. They're just asking less money to reel in more buyers because they almost went bankrupt.
  14. Graphics aren't going to get much better than this. The last maybe 10 years or so, gaming companies made grapics "more realistic" by just adding grey to everything and making the camera blur when thing move or added shadows all over the place. On the whole we're about as realistic as things are going to get for a long time. For me the console decision will be based solely on how the company treats its consumer, and the number of good exclusives it has. So this year, I'm saying goodbye to money hungry microsoft and switching to PS4. But I will be keeping my 360 forever