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  1. my last console was a ps1, i do however work on xbox/wii/ps3 repair and omg xbox 360 is by far the console with most problems, lens that sometimes last just 6 months, fans that stop working for no apparent reason, the tray that gets stuck about a year and a half and of course the RROD. I mean come on you would think that M$ would make something meant to last at least 4 years but no.
  2. the sound of evil within clip is to loud, maybe edit so your impressions can be heard on that part, also watch dog wasn't on the list, well it's an opinion video so i guess you just don't like that kind of games
  3. Well...that's about all you need to know ahahah nice guide. Maybe one detail for the average new player is to avoid direct contact to enemy armored vehicles, kind of sounds obvious but being this a game and not RL players tend to think of themselves as rambo or something, play always thinking you have only one life, avoid large numbers of troops, try to flank, work with your squad, be aware of your surroundings and remember this is battlefield: there's a sniper on a tower? just blow the tower up, this is battlefield we have frotsbite engine to blow shit up.
  4. Ocelot_cl for bf3 and 4
  5. JRPG = Japanese RPG? Aren't almost all game from japon? well i suppose it would be Final Fantasy 7 and Xenogears
  6. i tried it and got bored quickly, maybe is because y played solo, not sure
  7. Jade Cocoon for PS2 o god it still makes my eyes bleed
  8. that depends: Call of duty is easiest to play and you can have fun but it gets old after a month or so. Battlefield is difficult to master but the team based play is really fun, also every match is different
  9. Assassins Creed every time i got to middle game for some reason i had to do a pc format or something...happened like 3 times so i gave up GTA IV got bored of bowling Cod BO 2 got bored of everithing Final Fantasy X got bored, it was too cheesy yes, those
  10. just go for it. if the game community is bad stick to ajsa forums and kick their asses to kingdom come
  11. Favorite: Cod 4 MW hate: all the rest, is the same F game xD
  12. i played from vanilla to early cataclysm, i just wasn't having fun anymore, used a scroll of resurrection about two months ago to see how the game was and i didn't like the new changes, talent tree is gone, also i used to play Enh Shaman and new totem system was awful. Just my opinion, there's a lot of ppl still playing it so i suppose the problem is mine. I started playing Rift since is F2P now, and i gotta say it's not bad
  13. thanks for the info, you don't need to translate or anything, i may have some troubles writing and the use of "." and "," may differ from Spanish and English rules, but i understand perfectly =) still a nice gesture cya on the battlefield. i'm not the best player but still i'm a veteran bf (i started on 1942 years back) , also i'm 1 year away from finishing network administration so if i can help anyone with anything don't be afraid to ask, also i went to the naval academy for officers, so i understand perfectly chain of command hahaha.
  14. hello D: Ocelot here, Carlos if you prefer....writing from south america.....hmmmm that's it