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  1. Ocelot liked a post in a topic by Gangland in Is that DOOM still good to play?   
    Get it, and if it's too old for you then add some mods to it. You can't tell me this isn't badass

  2. Ocelot liked a post in a topic by Gone in After one hour of playing titanfall (this game is so fun)   
    You know they like to keep this board "PG13"?
    Trying to flash your e-penis like that in a family environment could get you in trouble ........ not to mention giggled at by people with bigger e-dicks and the women that know size DOES matter.
    Probably not your intent but the second you post a score board or a stat screen for any game it does look like a bit of interweb chest beating.
    Anways, back to the topic....
    I managed 2 matches and level 3 before I uninstalled yonder beta.
    Admittedly, i'm not a fan of arena shooters so knew it wasn't going to grab me for long but I wanted to see what some people are so hyped about. 
    After playing it ..... I still don't know what the hype is about. It's the bastard love child of Call of Battlefield and Mech Warrior with added wall running and Artificial bots for free XP (I refuse to add intelligence after artificial because these bots have none ... they were programmed by a drunk Monkey with alzheimer's ... it did a drunken program but forgot to add it).
    I can see why some people will enjoy it but, with other FPS multiplayer games due for release this year that have just as much hype ..... i'm not sure about it's life span.
  3. Ocelot liked a post in a topic by Remylia_Scarlet in Help a complete BF4 newbie!   
    Important game mechanics:
    1. Spotting. Activated by pressing q it will mark enemies with a large orange marker or "doritos" on the minimap and remain for a period of time. It helps to spot then shoot.
    2. Squad perks. Gives a variety of bonuses depending on your playstyle. It is represented as a green bar on the HUD and is increased for squad actions such as healing or squad orders if you're the squad leader. It is reset if your squad is wiped so it is important to make sure one member is alive at all times.
    3. Suppression. During a firefight you will notice your screen will get blurry from enemy fire, this is suppression in effect and will affect your accuracy of your weapon. If this happens seek cover and wait for it to go away. The effect is amplified by using/taking fire from LMGs and reduced via a squad perk.
    4. Bullet drop. When using a sniper rifle and shooting at a target over distance you'll notice the bullet going down in a arc where gravity affects the bullet. To compensate for this requires you to aim slightly over their head, accounting for the rifles bullet velocity (how long the bullet takes to reach the target) and leading if the target is moving. Successfully scoring a headshot will give you a marksman bonus depending on distance (25m or higher, sniper rifles/DMRs only).
    5. Gadgets. Ranges from offensive (C4, AT mines, launchers, etc), defensive (MP-APS) and supportive ( medkits, defibs, ammo bags, etc). Supportive gadgets help your team more and helps to rank you up faster and teammates will love you more.
    6. Battlepacks. Earned by leveling up or by killing enemies with certain guns. Gives attachments, dogtags, camos, and more.
    7. Revives and you. Using a defibrillator by default will ressurect a dead teammate at 20% health. Getting them back up at a higher health requires you to charge them for a period of time.
    8. Glare. Using a laser sight, flashlight, or any high powered scope higher than 4x will give your position away by a bright light of red, green, or white. Use these attachments with care and turn them off when you don't need it.
    9. Commander. A commander is a player that coordinates with squad leaders to complete objectives. He has the ability to call in actions depending on the points your team controls on the map. Abilities range from calling in cruise missiles to deploying UAVs as well as overriding any squad's objective orders. A good commander can counter the enemy commander and call in effective support based on the needs of a squad. Pray you do not end up with an incompetent commander or even worse none at all.
    10. Vehicle damage. A vehicle can operate most effectively at 100 to about 55%. A vehicle is considered disabled if it falls under 50% or lower. A vehicle can be critically damaged by taking fire at certain spots and if you take a rocket hit or you hit a vehicle in the rear at a 90 degree perpendicular angle it will automatically disable the vehicle.
    11. Vehicle reload system: When piloting a vehicle such as a tank or helicopter there is a ammo pool and consumes ammo as usual, however it takes time for a new shell to cycle back. If you don't keep an eye on it you'll soon find yourself at 0 out of 0 shells/rockets making you vulnerable to attack by other armored vehicles while waiting the weapon to reload. Keep at least one shell in reserve. This does not apply to coaxial MG's so fire away but in bursts otherwise the guns will overheat.
    12. Knifing. Knifing an enemy in the back or side will kill an enemy instantly and reward you with their dogtags. Knifing from the front will allow him to counterknife you and turn your melee weapon against you. You can perform a counterknife by pressing a key (F by default) when prompted.

    Graphics: if your computer can handle it crank it up as high as you want but on a low to mid end computer best to keep it on low to maintain an FPS of 45 to 60. Anything less than 30 is generally regarded as unacceptable.
    Network: set network smoothing factor to 0%.
    Vehicle sensitivity: depends on how fast you want to turn your turret on a vehicle.
    Keybindings: personal preference. If you have a mouse with multiple buttons setting gadgets, switching to primary to secondary weapons, turning on/off attachments, and even crouching/proning are good keybindings to have on a mouse.
    - it's best to experiment and adjust as necessary.

    Some skills to learn:
    Peaking a corner
    Pre firing / tap firing
    Correctly reading the minimap
    Shading and pillaring (applies to armored vehicles)
    Using countermeasures ( you'll hear two tones in game. A solid beep means someone is locking on to you, a rapid beep is a projectile heading your way.) press x at this time if you have flares, smoke, or APS.
    Flying without flipping over (if you plan on using helis/jets)
    When to go for a revive (safe revive vs. rambo revive) and leaving them to die.
    Complete the objective by any means. A term we call play the fucking objective (PTFO) and can be done in a variety of ways as long as you contribute such as reviving, flanking, denying an enemy push, etc.
    Using the right weapons at the right times. CQB (shotguns, PDWs (hipfire with laser sight), high rof rifles)), medium distance ( most assault rifles, carbines, LMGs), and long distance (DMR's, semi/bolt action sniper rifles, low rof rifles).

    This is all I can think at the top of my head but if you want to know more I can recommend some youtube channels.

    - regarding dlc
    No you do not need dlc to play on AJSA servers. One is a vanilla map conquest server and another is a 24/7 no explosives server on operation locker.

    Note: this is from a PC point of view if you're on console use the equivalent buttons and disregard some options that are not available.
    Have fun on the battlefield and good luck.
    edit: 2/21 - added vehicle reload mechanism.
  4. Ocelot liked a post in a topic by Angry Joe in AJSA Launch Day Debriefing! Nov. 7th, 2013   
    *Whew!*  WOW.
    What a day man. It's been crazy as hell over here among command during Launch Day for The New Angry Army! I am really taken back and humbled by how much support you guys have shown me and our new community!
    Get this... 5,814 Members, apart from our stealth launch where we got around 300 members, those all came within just one day, less even! We launched around 3:00pm. So its actually been about 9 Hours! LOL! Wowie!
    Good GOD! You see this is why! This is exactly why. I really respect the fact that when I make a video or ask for your support you guys come through, and so that's why I tried my best and worked my butt off to create something that looked good and had some of the best features around for you. Now I'm no where near finished yet, and now that you have shown us so much support im only going to redouble my efforts to make this the best community we can make it!
    As a direct result though you guys obliterated my dedicated server, lol. The site went down almost immediately. I got on the phone ASAP and was troubleshooting and tweaking the settings with my host nearly the whole way through! 
    I apologize for the crashes and slow loading times. Angry Bot on Teamspeak which assigns you guys the correct permissions also got knocked the eff out by your might, lol. I'm currently repairing him with his creator.
    Anyway the server people tell me that even with my current configuration there is not much else they can do if we plan to maintain these levels of traffic or if we continue to push very directed youtube traffic to the servers at one time. They have recommended me adding one possibly two servers and even a load balancer that should be able to offset this in the future. Unfortunately that's pretty expensive. They are putting together some options for us and will get back on Friday.
    On the flip side, we absolutely destroyed our November Site & Server Goals, hell it was at 95% just from the Stealth Launch Users alone! So what may end up having to happen is to raise this goal to cover the costs of running those new servers if we decide to upgrade and add em'! I want to personally thank (and have been in the forums) everyone who has donated so far, and everyone who has signed up to the Club Memberships we offer - the Club Memberships allow us to know for sure how much the guild treasury will have each month to cover our costs and allow us to do some of the cool things we have planned! Thanks to everyone who helped and to those who plan to help in the future!
    There still much I have to do, more people and club members to thank in the forums, features to fix and upgrade for the site yet. So please stay tuned for that!
    Also, the AJSA Recruitment video will be going up on AngryJoeShow youtube tomorrow, please be on the lookout for it and give it another view! Spread the word too! See you guys then.

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