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Everything posted by SoulInsurgent™

  1. Played it, love it, beat it via Aeon on the hardest difficulty. Love how it gives you most of everything right from the get-go. XD
  2. Any in the Command & Conquer series, especially C&C3 and C&C: Kanes Wrath. There is also, Sins of a Solar Empire, Dark Reign (A fairly old but golden one), Age of Empires 1, 2 & 3, Supreme Commander...and thats all I can think of.
  3. I still play every week. NC mainly, VS from time to time. TR...rarely - if ever. Never liked their guns. I got a character on every team, but I run my own Outfit on NC. Not big or anything, but it is there. Normally run a small fire team, but sometimes it is just turning off my mind and going straight into the biggest firefight on the world.
  4. I do personally hate doom 3, it was a travesty of a game. I honestly feel any Call of Duty has more play-through value and fun to it. DOOM should NOT be a horror game. So...it was a pathetic attempt to bring DOOM back, but an attempt none-the less. Now we have DOOM 4...and I hope by GOD it goes the way DOOM 3 should have. Run'N'Gun and mowing down countless demons with the BFG or Super Shotgun, your guns DON'T reload, and that way it keeps most of the epic things about DOOM to it. I guess I am so old-school in that fashion, that if you are going to remake it and bring it back (correctly such as ROTT was. Apogee didn't screw up with their ROTT 13 remake. The game STILL doesn't take itself seriously and it is even more violent and ludricous then before, which is good! That is a remake done RIGHT!) then you need to keep some key elements that made the game awesome in the FIRST place. doom 3 basically disgraced the name of DOOM. Doesn't deserve such a legendary title to it. I honestly felt like I was playing a watered down, modded, Resident Evil game...which I love Resident Evil...but if I want a scare factor...I would play Resident Evil, not DOOM. If I want mindless, murderous, demon-slaying, pure badass fun...thats DOOM. So, all in all...DOOM 4 should return to what made DOOM epic to begin with. Run'N'Gunning, and obliterating anything that has a heart-beat of some sort. I want Imps, I want Arch-viles, I want Cyber-Demons, I want Spider Masterminds, I want an Icon of Sin, I want Mancubus, I want Pinky's and Deamons and what not. I want a visually updated, enhanced gameplay and gore graphics (kind of like Brutal DOOM mod) DOOM 4 that has the return of the ultimate gaming FPS badass...The DOOM Guy. PS (Something HALO wish it could be. Yes I had to take a jab at that copy-cat game. Master Chief wishes he was that cool. XD )
  5. Sorry, if anything is over-rated...its anything else but this mod. I love the Brutality. Those who grew to become a DOOM Head, well the ones that still exist after the doom 3 travesty that hit, are glad its gaining some ground back in this modern era, and I hope it gains only more. I hear it is big inspiration for the new DOOM, making it very gory and brutal indeed. Besides - custom levels are fun as hell. I don't know about yall - but DOOM (especially Brutal DOOM) is fun when you Run n Gun it.
  6. When does it get released?
  7. As far as I'm concerned - a long time fan of wanting to see this game on my screen, with a release date from the Devs *June 1st*, I don't see whats so wrong with it. You do basically the same thing in Battlefield, and Call of Duty. It is time, we have a game that finally hits the market with shock value again, like Postal & DOOM did so long ago. I've been waiting for a game that allowed you to take a stand against the entire nest of society, and be the one man wrecking crew that brings it to its knees in a blood bath - this game is like my all-time favorite dream come true. Its badass enough, I sort of look like the protagonist in real-life, long black hair, trench coat and the hatred of basically all of society as it stands. However - I noted this game being targeted, like SO many others. There is a reason...people go off the deep end and start shooting people, and games are FAR from the reason they happen, regardless of how the brain-dead media wants to twist that out of fact. ANYWAY - I am SUPER hyped this game got greenlighted, it has a good following, they are opening it up to modders, hope to see some GREAT DLC - my favorite on the wish list is Black Friday in Wal-mart! Just imagine the chaos...lol. Wouldn't even need to kill people, they'd be fighting over frying pans!! XD
  8. Well, as it all comes down to it...I see everyone has their opinion, and yea, DOOM may have been a horror game, but if you got a shotgun that can blow anything away - are you going to be scared? I don't mind if they mix horror into the beloved franchise, but don't make it a key selling point of it is what I'm talking about. I want something like the DOOM comic. Maybe something that could Rival the Brutal DOOM mod. (without the reloads of course, or do what ROTT 13 did, put em in, they don't do anything though.) It is all nice and good to add a little flavor of horror into DOOM, but not the way DOOM 3 was as far as I see it. I played it, and enjoyed it, but I felt like I was playing a Resident Evil game with amped graphics and what not. I couldn't take it seriously as a DOOM game. Nice turn out though, all the different opinions and what not.
  9. I believe it to be soulkiller7etern Would have been soulkiller7eternal...damn cut off. Anyway...be awaiting the friend request and access to da PS4 AJSA rooms.
  10. Well, if you remember Warcraft II...you should recall the map where you kill Deathwing. He isn't injured or anything...he is killed over in Dreanor...Outlands basically by the Alliance because he sided with the Horde. Well...Warcraft III...Frozen Throne Arthas KILLS ILLIDAN...puts Frostmourne through his chest! WoW Pre BC was amazing...I mainly stayed in PvP after level 60 and was gunning for High Warlord until those idiots removed the titles (FML) Well...BC...was 'alright' but Illidian is back alive with NO back story. No story as to why he isn't dead...which is strike number 1. Strike number two was when they made it easier for the newbs to get what those who put effort, time and real dedication into the game. I worked my ass off to get level 60 and Blood Guard...now they kind of handed that shit off. Including the gear which pissed alot of people off. Wrath was...a great step back in a good direction but they fucked up the PvP even further still...AV used to last HOURS on end! Making it the best PvP hands down. Now...your lucky if you get 20 minutes out of one. Then they fucked up...BIG time by fucking with the Hunters...taking away mana and giving them some BS focus system which I hated. (Really screwed with my set I ran with for raids) Now...Cata rolls out...and they pissed me off completely. Deathwing is alive...and NO backstory at bloody damn all? Ok...fuck it...your a sell out company ...done with you. Cancelled my account and quit cold turkey and went over to SW:TOR not regret it yet. OFF TOPIC: ^^^ On topic: I really do love what I see with Diablo III though...but because blizz is a shell of its former self and a sell out worthless company now...I can't invest any money nor time into it. Which really does suck because the people in charge of Diablo III seem to have their shit together. Sadly...blizz as a whole...doesn't.
  11. Yea, granted it is a nice gun, but its accuracy is just shit therefore it is a horrible gun for me personally because I prefer accuracy as the main aspect of any rifle I use.
  12. I'd have to disagree with you there. The HRV is very helpful. Saved my life plenty of times and the teams chances of winning when I ambush 3 guys or more coming around our flank. Also the M4X Rifle is by standard a superior starting rifle. You can do any upgrades you want to the starting rifle, but add those same upgrades to the M4X and it will still be hands down superior. Now, I have nothing against the starting rifle, but its accuracy isn't all that great, it does have decent damage...now like I said, it can deal 400 damage per bullet, but that doesn't matter if you can't hit anyone. Now, even if it deals 25 damage and you can land all five of your first shots in the enemies head...it doesn't really matter because they are screwed if they get into a fire fight with you at a distance.
  13. Well, I never played GTA V, so I'm glad to know I can when it drops for PS4 soon.
  14. Im sticking to my guns on this one. While I would love to continue the Diablo series, I can't because of the company that owns it - Blizzard. They are a sell-out company as far as I'm concerned and I want nothing to do with them. Sad to because it looks fun. :/
  15. Its counter-balance to that is its renting system. That way it doesn't really have a pay-to-win edge if you really think about it. If you farm the credits...you usually get a 1-day full fee per match regardless of win or lose. However paying money does allow you to grab some cool looking items, titles, and other cool ordeals that don't really make an impact or a noticeable impact to the game-play at large. Even before I spent the money to acquire my set-ups I was holding a steady top-3 player spots on my team. The money I spent however, just allowed me to further set me out as a badass player because then I could switch my style up to fit the map or my situation, if I needed hard-hitting accuracy fast reloads, sniping, or accuracy...I had it covered. So on maps where I can't snipe but I need the accuracy due to distance...I'm good. If I go with my standard HAR, I'm covered. For that one amazing map where that sniper rifle is like the Wrath of God? I got it. Sorry for the off-topic response. ON TOPIC: That sucks we haven't gotten any more news about PS2 for PS4 or any updates about how it is coming along...RAWR!!! Me want to roll with my NC brothers and crush some T.Republic pigs and Vanu Cult-heads. (sorry, may love the AJSA, but I have to go with my NC.) Freedom Over Oppression! Anyway, their theme song is kickass!
  16. I used the renting system to see what fit my playstyle better, and once I figured out my customization, I put around 30 dollars and fitted my character with the gear. Although...the most OP gun in the game, keep in mind you need the right map, the right team and situational awareness to make this work is the Anti-Material Rifle. No matter the HP you give yourself or the armor...that is a one-shot, one kill sniper rifle and it rings true to its name. Unless your in a Hardsuit...*those are FUN death machines > * In my experience, if I get in the right spot on this certain map...I turn into a killing machine. I've had people try to flank me only to be head shotted out of pure luck or take a slug to the face if I was in the middle of a reload. You really gotta learn to make accuracy your main objective and that makes any gun you use OP. Damage is nice...but it doesn't count for jack when you can't hit shit now does it? "Oh you gun deals 400 damage...thats nice...but your five feet from me and still missing." "That gun only deals 25 damage and he can hit me in the head 5 times before I can even aim down my sights!" Accuracy is the deal-breaker for a good gun and that is what I built my set-ups around. (Except my sniper set-up.) All in all, I have played P2W games before...and I end up shelling some money into the game if I enjoy it...Black Light: Retribution has filled a hole I've had in my gut since Crossfire: Rival Factions became a shell of its former self.
  17. Disc is the best way to go. Always has been.
  18. On Topic: I really hope to see some news on PS4 Planetside soon. I mean I got a good supply of time for my PS4 but I really want to get back into open all out, hell warfare that Planetside 2 offers. BL:R is great & all but it isn't PS2 great. All in All, I can see it being relead before 2015 if we are lucky. OFFTOPIC: Black Light: Retribution is epic though!! I'm sporting a Red & White color scheme *AJSA* and kicking ass...I got three weapon set ups. My beloved sniper set up - one shot, one kill type of deal. Then my heavy weaponry, which sports the Heavy Assault Rifle with a god-like reload speed and dead on accuracy, then my God set-up. It sports the M4X Battle Rifle with god-like accuracy, great damage, and a good reload speed. I use that when I need the edge.
  19. Alright, I remember hearing you need a Plus account to go online & such...does that actually mean for games like War Thunder and sooner or later Planetside 2 I will need a Plus account to play them via my PS4? I only ask because I just got my PS4...and I am not entirely clear on that yet.
  20. Thank you. Thats all I was concerned about...I would be playing via my Laptop but since PS4 is cheaper...I went with it instead. Need to wait to get my new laptop now...haha. I can be content with my PS4 for a while though.
  21. If it has no discs, then it is not worth my time to mess with it.
  22. Your ancestors started this!
  23. Did you seriously just say you need three races to be interesting? Warcraft I, II Dark Reign: Future of War Command & Conquer series up to C&C3 and Red Alert up to Red Alert Yuri's Revenge. Some of the most successful RTS's didn't have three factions to run with.
  24. Okay, first impressions: Great game! Although as it stands atm, it feels a bit one sided. I play the Union (I also reenact as the boys in blue as a fun side note) and in the first battle, I will get two reinforcments of about 3000 men, two 1500 reigments. The Black hat boys (Iron Brigade) and another. Well, the rebels will advance with one 2000 troop regiment, and this is where I see problems...Union is suppose to have better ranged combat, better artillery and infantry that won't break due to training. I'll line up my reigments and have them volley fire on this one reigment and I will have artillery raining solid shot or canister fire (basically a giant shotgun shell) into them. I will also flank with about 800 soldiers from the rear or extreme flanks, and they will suffer losses...BUT NOT BREAK. This is an extreme problem to me as a player because if I plan a trap for my rival, and I go to fold his entire army on its self, but their units don't route...suddenly I am at the disadvantage meanwhile their right/left flank is facing an attack from their front, side and rear. Now to compare it to an earlier game Sid Meier's Gettysburg, those tactics were possible. You could support with regiment lines, which increases the moral and combat effectivness of the units. You can't do that in this game and it kind of bothers me a bit. I understand this is still early access, beta...and it isn't even at Version 1.00 yet. I would love to see a morale support system based on allied units around it and the flanking attacks put a major threat to moral put in play.
  25. I always bring destruction to the Vasari...and I crumble the TEC. The Advent will have its revenge!