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  1. we should have a angery army server.. cause i still play its more fun with more people.
  2. okey i played 40k thre table top game its a mix of massive armys and chess play. but i need to try it later
  3. how do you see a house ??
  4. yes , i been trying to find players for this gam who wants to do mutly play let me now guys .
  5. i have dow 1 and 2 but the mutly play i never did . how fun is it
  6. my first game astriod on dos.
  7. hey every one whos looking into this page every now and then i want to make angery joe army gear so please leave a commet of what you want to see and u want soem thing form a item you like ex: armor : space marine jump pack . ex:weapon the robocop anti terriost berreta. please let me now okey XD
  8. whats the pc requirements cause i may now be able to even enjoy the game no gaming pc yet.
  9. lol it was created by me nowing joes favorite marins type games also the fact i gave it 2 diffrent cli[p fed action . the buttom is a small clip and the primary is in the back stock like halo AR
  10. well when i join i had ideas for AJA equipement and weapons bassed around the fandom that joe himself has .and well tell me what u guiys think of this weapon desing i need to line art it up but its combine the storm bolter,alien pulse rifle, and halo AR into one badass AR of mass badassness , also thier will be 2 ammo counters one for man then one for secondary and i wanted to add a space marines desing to the main section were the hand is with an eagle.let me now what u guess think also check my main fanart page XD
  11. well here the first drawing a wapon i think comander joe himself would love the weapon itsself i took and combine the stormbolter uniqe ammo desgn,the pulserifle, and halos AR back stock and weapon intake. the mods i made should be obvious. first i made the ammo for the bottom second fire clip fed to allow diffrent ammo type from magnum,shotgun, gernades,and mac rounds.the back stock is now were the man ammo is and has a simlar ammo option to the storm bolter form 40k to mess things up please let me now what u think so please let me now what u think guys il line it and color it soon heres the color version
  12. hello guys ill be postiong all art work and model builds here .*mostly art work* please let me now what you think ART WORK COMING SOON.
  13. nice to meet you man , i am very new to this forum, been building gundam and a dolorean today XD, as well as costumes do you now if thier is an art page?
  14. nice to meet you man.