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Everything posted by Nexle

  1. I'm starting to feel like these "hype games" are trying to cater to a different type of gamer. Something tells me that some people want us replaced.
  2. I'm intrigued to life is feudal, but I have no plans of playing it anytime soon...
  3. keeping the smart pistol in, but NOT NERFED TO HELL!!!
  4. I bet porting avatars from destiny 1 would be sold as DLC...
  5. By CoD:AW you mean titans of fall:exosuit edition?
  6. Warlock, cause trench coats are awesome
  7. I wasn't let down, it was fun though.
  8. I have high hopes for legion...FINALLY I CAN KILL DRONES!!!!!
  9. Favorite class: The scout Favorite weapon: the stock scattergun favorite hat: the spiral sallet (not sure If I spelled it right)
  10. No it doesn't get repetitive, the maps may be the same, but the scenarios are generated.
  11. Can't tell if sarcastic.
  12. One and one only (Might get more down the road): Aegis Dynamics Avenger.
  13. I'm still angry about the damned allies (one of the 2 factions currently in the game) get crutches from RETO, while ze Germans (the other faction that I Always play on) gets smashed by these crutches. So I will not be playing that much
  14. meh. I think 8vs8 should have been the player count though....Atleast the AI Should be at a skilled level, Somewhere between Normal and pro.
  15. PS3...I ain't buying ps+ just to play multiplayer on the f**king ps4.
  16. Warframe PS4 player here!
  17. AK5C. nuff said.
  18. And train him in the ways of IM
  19. what is the point anyway. defibs are nerfed
  21. hmm not that I know of *suddenly remembers BFheroes/BP4F S**TSTORMS* Damn you EAsy! *shakes fist*
  22. *bump* This game needs to be HEARD PEOPLE.
  23. playing the wait game> being in a "private" group
  25. The starter LMG is very good but if want to be great on the battlefield, M249 is the way to go