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    Los Angeles, USA
  1. SN: Fruits Chinpo Samurai >2000 hours in the game, 4k mmr. US West based (GMT - 7) available in the evenings, sometimes earlier. can play whatever is required, but any of the solo lanes is preferred . As for heroes, well my roaming dk is legendary. http://www.dotabuff.com/players/102203426 Looking for chill people to play with, and maybe form a team for the mini tourney
  2. Brewmaster and Tusk are both awesome, but they're too wrapped up in themselves. Now this guy is a true Hero!
  3. Congratz will we see you guys in action soon?
  4. Uh-oh you said the C-word D:
  5. I want to win a game on batrider, current record 0-9
  6. Bringing this to the forums before even attempting to discuss it with the person in question here seems like an "unlikable dick" style move to me , were all members of the AJSA, we all have bad games, the fact that your ready to jump at the first opportunity to stir up shit is dissapointing :\. What makes it worse for me is that i know Yuzuki Eba, he is a stand up guy, he DOESN'T flame. You, I know nothing about other than this post, so i hope its understandable why i take this stance. Even though i wasnt there im 100% sure that what you described in your retelling of the story is not the truth, at least not the whole truth.Im gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and say this was a huge misunderstanding, which isn't unlikely to happen in a multicultural/national community.
  7. The troll is strong with this one xD
  8. Age of Mythology, the game that started it all for me
  9. Can you call us LmbrD or Lombard? my guys are really on my ass about this LGi business xD.
  10. I think giving people a heads up on the forums is an excellent idea