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    xbox, pc, battlefield borderlands, halo!!!, cod and prettty much any game i can get my hands on
  1. what are you guys thoughts on horizon 2? ive played the first one but ive heard mixed things about the second one and wanted you guys opinion:)
  2. what would you make if you could make a game?
  3. anything really. rock, rap, DnB, dubstep, trance, etc, etc, if i like it i listen to it ahaha
  4. both really if its got good gameplay and an amazing story like borderlands 2 then yano i play it
  5. well my interests really are explained if you look at my gamercard on xbox. RPG, FPS, RTS, Racing 3rd person, fantesy, ect, ect....if i like it i play it basicly.
  6. need some new games to play guys ive got nothing to play! as this is one of the best gaming comunities in the world i thought this would be the best place to go too only have an xbox and pc atm!
  7. i agree with that mw3 campaign was insane, but tbh i still feel the best cod campaign was the first modern warfare with how realistic and true to life some of the missions were, like spooky
  8. true they do but most of them wont be able to keep the invasion up for long, all be it the fact of losses during the invasion plus them trying to keep everyone supplied and also trying to find the money to do it, it was a lot easier back then as it was all about might of force rather than money factor
  9. true but also thinking about it its also highly and i mean highly unlikely that russia, korea or and of the easten powers invading america as well
  10. haha Macdonalds wifi XD
  11. been playing ghost a while now but i used to hate it and think that mw3 was a lot better but now not so sure as ive gotten more into it im enjoying it more so what you guys think? is it still the bad game as many people have said or is it a good game as i think it is?
  12. so guys....was wondering whats your guys favorite survival game/game mode?
  13. welcome to the army! names ninjaZz hope you have fun make friends and see you on the field!
  14. for me it would be the original age of empires, just one of the best games ive ever played and helped me find other rts games too